They Came to Rob Las Vegas

They Came to Rob Las Vegas

one guy has the plan to rob a high security money transport

  • Category:Crime, Drama
  • Stars:Gary LockwoodElke SommerLee J. CobbJack Palance
  • Uploader:Fakinsai
  • Country:USA
  • Director:Antonio Isasi-Isasmendi
  • Writer:Antonio Isasi-Isasmendi (screenplay), Lluís Josep Comerón (screenplay), Jorge Illa (screenplay), Jo Eisinger (screenplay), Antonio Isasi-Isasmendi (dialogue), Lluís Josep Comerón (dialogue), Jorge Illa (dialogue), Jo Eisinger (dialogue), André Lay (novel)

A Las Vegas casino blackjack dealer plots a complex plan to rob an armored car with $7 million in casino cash while it's en route to Los Angeles. He gets help from
criminal associates of his late brother| who was killed in an unsuccessful robbery attempt| as well as his beautiful girlfriend| who is the personal secretary to the
corrupt owner of the casino. However| an ambitions investigator for the U.S. Treasury Department is also tracking the armored car| suspecting that it's being used to
launder unreported profits for organized crime. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jonathan B (ca) wrote: Winner of this year's Oscar for Best Live Action short. It's funny, cute and hard not to like, which isn't typical Academy material but it's pulled off quite well. It's also cool to see a college project get serious award recognition.

Sam M (ag) wrote: Not as strong as Depp's obvious classics, but only he and Liotta's performance are to be cared for.

Emily B (us) wrote: Predictable. The guy with the unibrow is always the killer.

Sean C (nl) wrote: A bit of a curiosity piece this one. Better made than I remember it being from viewing on Channel Four many years ago but still flatlines in terms of narrative, but then I doubt narrative was foremost on Jarman's mind when he made it.

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Mathieu C (ag) wrote: I must first off say that I have always been a huge fan of Preston Sturges and love every one of his films, except for The Great Moment which I just like. This film teaches us that if you are a crooked man then you will be brought down the moment you decide to go straight. The film is wonderfully witty and also a little touching. The film is essentially a political satire but has characters we laugh at and also find interesting

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