They're a Weird Mob

They're a Weird Mob

Nino Culotta is an Italian immigrant, newly arrived in Australia. Much of the story is taken up with Nino's attempts to understand the aspirational values and social rituals of everyday urban Australians of the 1950's and 60's, and assimilate.

Nino Culotta is an Italian immigrant who arrived in Australia with the promise of a job as a journalist on his cousin's magazine, only to find that when he gets there the magazine's folded,... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Russell G (br) wrote: I am not sure how this franchise keeps going, but it does. After five movies of steadily diminishing returns, the series hit rock bottom with its self-referencing parody approach. The character needed retired or rebooted. Without going for a complete re-boot, this movie removes the humor and gets back to the original tone. It is the darkest, most suspenseful, and serious movie in series since the first movie. Although it is not apparent until late in the movie, the story connects with the first movie in a surprisingly nice way. It wisely chooses to overlook all that came in between. The infamous Chucky doll shows up on what seems to a random doorstep of a disabled woman in wheelchair and her mother. As expected, there is an unexplained murder occurring in their house brining the relatives of the girl and her mother home for support. The sister of the young woman in the wheelchair has selfish motives for returning home. This subplot is an attempt to add drama, but it requires better characters to work. There is now a full family saying in a historic large house with the killer doll, including a little girl. As things unfold, we discover that this is not a random occurrence with Chuckey arriving at this particular house and this family. It all sounds good, but the acting and exaggerated characters and low-level acting are terrible. The dysfunctional in-family relationship could be interesting on its own, but it only serves as a framework to set up Chucky's killing. It is not terrifying, but it does have some style and story. With better acting, this could have been a complete turnaround for the series, but it settles for middling results.

Emily A (kr) wrote: Really odd blend of doing some things really well and other things horribly. Some characters were profound and interesting, others shallow and unrealistic. The editing was a joke, the melodrama is consistently too much, and Lucy Liu has one good scene.

Lisa M (de) wrote: Saw it at Sundance and totally wasted my time.

Nishit K (au) wrote: probably one of the most under-rated movies of all time, 99 has a good story which keeps you engaged well enough for good couple of hours. A bit of fiction and bit of reality, the director should be given kudos for making in some manner an intelligent film.

(es) wrote: CAST: Shawn Hatosy, D.J. Qualls, Ann Dowd, Tom Bower, Cameron Richardson, Georgia Mae Lively, Nikkie Reed DIRECTED BY: Zackary Adler SUMMARY: Brian, who has moved away from his family and kept his distance for the past several years, is reluctantly returning for Thanksgiving despite having an unresolved conflict with his father, Frank. Frank feels he has failed as a father, having lost the ability to connect with his maturing children. The rest of the family includes mother Dottie who holds the reins of the family beneath the surface, brother Kenny who is a twenty-something that has not yet found his path, sister Erin who is struggling to find herself after a painful divorce, and Erin's young daughter Maddy, truly wise beyond her years. MY THOUGHTS: "Indie Comedy Drama that takes some time to really get rolling as you get to know the characters, and then gets really interesting. I personally liked Kenny. He really brings the laughs. Well I find him funny and most relatable since that is the kind of things I do in my family. I kid the most and make a joke out of every situation. It is a film some can relate to including myself. Some parents really don't know how to make the transition from being a parent to a child to being the parent to an adult. Good story. If you have the patience for the slow start it gives." (DONKEYBALL HAS TO BE THE BEST REDNECK GAME EVER....LOL..)

Andi M (fr) wrote: excellent indie low budget film.

George C (ca) wrote: Director Jeff Lau, who brought us Chow Sing Chi's impressive Chinese Odyssey saga, and many, many other exciting action comedies, delivers an updated version of the aforementioned Monkey King tale.And yet again, strange as it may seem... it works.And I do want to focus on the word 'strange'.Anyone who isn't used to the weird and wonderful world of HK cinema will think that both their eyes and mind has just been raped after their first viewing of A Chinese Tall Story. And I don't mean that in a bad way!As much as I think this is possibly one of the strangest adaptations of the Monkey King, wait - this is the strangest adaptation of that very famous story - it is also one of the most entertaining, marred only just, by some OTT moments and Jeff Lau's usual fault of trying to cram too much into one show. But hey, you get over it.As a film maker, I do appreciate the amount of work that goes into a film, and this one deserves to be seen at least for what went into it.The handsome Nicholas Tse plays Prince Tripitaka, who has to rescue the Monkey King and his other friends after they get captured by an army of giant insects (no, really). Along the way, he meets a mixture of characters who all play a 'who's who' of those you'd recognise from the superb Dragon Ball Z series - including the criminally underused Yuen Wah as the Turtle King. Classic Shaw Brothers stars Gordon Lui and Kara Hui co-star in non-action roles, but all in all, there is plenty here to let that all pass.Check it out - I guarantee you'll not have seen anything like it...

Kenny N (fr) wrote: No stars. Every Mary Kate and Ashley production earns no stars. Largely because these two cannot act. (Or should I say "could not." They retired from acting to focus on fashion. Great news for Dads who have to take tween girls to movies everywhere!)

Robin P (jp) wrote: I thought it was a good story but at times it was a little obvious it was a low budget movie. Kevin Sorbo was good as the preacher turned bounty hunter and it was fun seeing Cynthia Watros from LOST.

Andrew S (nl) wrote: A very clever mockumentary of the fictional Leonard Zelig "the human chameleon." Allen like his later features The Purple Rose of Cairo (1985), Bullets over Broadway (1992), and Midnight in Paris (2011) really shows to his audience his love for the 1920 to 1940 era. His lead character Zelig is likable, Mia Farrow appealing yet since it is a mockumentary fairly muted and the lighthearted but psychoanalytic tone of the film is just right. First time rating: 8.3/10

Anthony J (ru) wrote: I saw it when it first came out in 1971. Would love to see it again, but it can only be purchased in the UK in a region 2 DVD format. Why won't Warner Bros release the full uncensored version in this country?

Urban H (es) wrote: Der letzte Auftritt von Christopher Lee als Dracula. Immer wieder groes Kino. :-)

Wes T (nl) wrote: Ousmane's disgust for then-modern Senegal's government is wielded much better here than in Xala. Everything about this film comes to together, though at times it feels like it rambles from point to point.

Jacquie P (jp) wrote: I can imagine that in 1961 this would have not been a particularly popular film. It was forward thinking for it's time and was made years before the feminist movement got off the ground. And culturally we only now-50 years later-are exploring acceptance of the older woman-younger man dynamic. Its asks the viewer the women have the right to conduct themselves the same way men have since the dawn of time? Also it addresses emotional/ psychological issues of aging and relationships in a very real way.In spite of flawed performances, i found myself gripped, angst ridden, angry at the heroine's philandering significant other and at one point uttering a "hell no!" after a particularly ugly argument. Ingrid bergman played her role perfectly as a successful businesswoman living and working in Paris. Anthony Perkins, while adorable, played his role a the infatuated son of a wealthy client to the point of overplaying. He did make the relationship dynamic believable to some well as possible given the script - i did find myself wondering what she saw in him. Yves Montand was also perfect--mature, and believable in his flawed love and miserably tortured in the company of his younger women except for the sex part. And i would be remiss in not mentioning thatr there was one scene where a young Diahan Carol lit up---no torched the screen!Recommended for teen object lessons, those interested in the history od feminism, and people who understand that happily ever after is a myth.

Matthew H (nl) wrote: Great little comedy mixed with some inventive action scenes. Genuine laughs. The cast is hilarious with stand out performances from Danny McBride & Michael Pena. Watch it!

Iak H (jp) wrote: Paul Thomas Anderson's weakest film as of date, but it's not bad. With great performances by Joaquin Phoenix, Josh Brolin and many others. My only problem is that it has forgettable and dull story.