They Still Call Me Bruce

They Still Call Me Bruce

Bruce Won arrives in America in search of an American G.I. who saved his life in the Korean War. He meets an orphan boy and together they land themselves in a string of outrageous situations. This high-strung farce culminates when a case of mistaken identity leads a gang of thugs to think Bruce is a karate master. They arrange a nationally-televised match which pits our hero against a monstrous brute, and Bruce is beaten to a bloody pulp...

A Korean man comes to America to thank the American GI who saved his life, but instead winds up running a struggling karate studio. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tracy F (fr) wrote: Cute, somewhat inspiring movie. Love me some a Parker Posey!

Jonathan G (gb) wrote: Despite only one swordplay scene, this is a solid samurai movie although the pacing is a bit slow. It felt pretty realistic with a nice attention to detail.

Chase M (jp) wrote: Great acting, ok dialogue and actually good direction from Redford

Jin L (kr) wrote: To continue with my obsession of knitting, this surreal story of loss and salvation is visually wonderful to watch if you like Gilliam and Juenet.

Don M (ag) wrote: Wry, droll relationship comedy effectively skewers the modern Korean male, but like many of Hong Sang-Soo's films, it plays a little bit 'off' to me and, rather than building, gets stuck in repetitiion.

Alec B (de) wrote: The ending feels a little too abrupt and the Eva Mendes character isn't well defined. However, visually the film is often mesmerizing (the car chase and the final gunfight are both beautiful and frightening) and I like how Gray sets up several different potentially cliched Cop film scenarios, only to knock them down.

Ricky P (it) wrote: Click is a mildly funny and heartbreaking Adam Sandler flick with charming performances

Laras (ag) wrote: funny indian romantic movie

Christopher H (mx) wrote: I'm not exaggerating when I say, this movie is probably one of the absolute best movies of all time. The dialogue, the background music, the butt clenching suspense is really well-done. The combination of all the things you can hear or see adds to the suspense that really made my heart beat and almost made me look away. It also had a good plot and mystery too that just made me marvel and savor this film as long as it was still running. This is probably one of my favorite thrill rides ever.

Jeremy D (mx) wrote: Why is a British filmmaker remaking a Japanese classic? It shouldn't be remade in the first place, but it would be in safer hands with Takashi Miike, or another great contemporary Japanese director.

Jordan H (kr) wrote: Saw this movie on TV late one night, and being one of the first movies to take a serious look at going to the moon, it attempts to be as authentic as possible. Obviously this attempted authenticity is somewhat flawed as a result of this movie being made in 1950, some 19 years before the first lunar landing actually occurred, but in the movie's defense, science fiction isn't exactly based on current events.Super cheese, but somehow classic in a way. "General, the next time you tell me you can get to the Moon, I'll believe you!" pretty much sums it up.

Hannah D (jp) wrote: Virtually every song in this is so catchy and the dance routines are fantastic! The actual plotline doesn't really matter at all, not that it's bad.

Joey M (es) wrote: I thought it was funny, but kinda slow at times...

William L (fr) wrote: 5 stars (Masterpiece): The most fluid musical film comedy ever made, with the combination of lyrics, music, sound effects, and cinematography just perfect. Mamoulian expertly directs a relatively thin story and makes every scene memorable (and subversive); filled with numerous inventive ideas that showed great potential for how sound films can be made. A landmark movie musical and one that all serious moviegoers should see.

Cha J (gb) wrote: It seems slow and awkward, but there is something brilliant lurking throughout this movie... And it wears many disguises.