Think Like A Man

Think Like A Man

The balance of power in four couples’ relationships is upset when the women start using the advice in Steve Harvey’s book, Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man, to get more of what they want from their men. When the men realize that the women have gotten a hold of their relationship “playbook,” they decide that the best defense is a good offense and come up with a plan to use this information to their advantage.

"Think Like A Man" is the journey of four women who seek to understand what men think. They is almost desperate until reading a book teaching thoroughly heart, thoughts and ways to conquer men. They turn to apply the instructions in the book, and all four men are extremely surprised and excited to see the change from their girlfriends. But ironically, when these guys discover what their girlfriends deal with them so long is only the words of the book, they become angry and seek to retaliate the female group. A war between two factions begins… . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kimmi P (nl) wrote: Shraddha Kapooor is a phenomenal actor! She delivers the message with an impact!

Greg W (kr) wrote: written by lillian hellman and reteams davis with her 'jezebel' director another southern gothic tale

Gregory S (kr) wrote: if you like Gabriel Iglesias, and Jim Gaffigan You'll like this.

Ashwin H (mx) wrote: Boring...Very predictable...

Nicholas D (jp) wrote: Very intense and creepy- I found the film well done in every department, even if the film is a bit cliche. I found myself at the edge of my seat the entire film.

Eva B (de) wrote: I'm pretty sure a middle aged man who has a fixation with school girls actually made this movie. He didn't do a very good job.

Christian H (es) wrote: Ei Akin parhaimpia tuotoksia mutta kuitenkin oikein mukaansa tempaava tarina joka on pakko katsastaa loppuun asti. Outinen sek Vnnen ovat jlleen kerran oikein hyvi

Grant S (ca) wrote: Half-decent attempt at the classic story. Fairly intense and edgy. Missed a few opportunities though and ended up looking like an average horror movie in the end.Decent performances.

Andrew M (mx) wrote: Stupid but full of nudity. I enjoyed it.

Omega T (br) wrote: pretty absurd but fun to watch, didn't understand how the midget connected to the story, did he come from a midget planet?

Michael J (jp) wrote: It's the only child-rapist gets murdered in prison movie with a "Welcome Back Kotter" aesthetic that has ever been made, and that alone carves it a place in cinematic history.

Jo Y (mx) wrote: So thats why they look so bad!

CJ C (au) wrote: I still have a major crush on SPoitier after seeing this flick & TO SIR WITH LOVE.

Greg N (mx) wrote: Almost like Magic Mike XXL, but with harrowing gambling addictions instead of motivational dance routines.

Patrick W (kr) wrote: Very smartly written. Is essentially the "Animal House" for a new generation. Excellent and absolutely hilarious coming of age film about a group of high school friends that make a pact to lose their virginity by high school senior prom night. It is pretty relatable to many high schoolers that fondly (or not fondly) remember the awkward years in high school. This film launched quite a few careers. Gags were very well placed and didn't seem like they were forced upon the audience.