The film is a tribute to the yesteryear actresses who had been graceful, popular figures in cinema during their younger age with patronage and later got completely disregarded by the industry, media and the masses alike. Ranjith has drawn inspiration from the life of many actresses but especially from the romantic link-up of the late actress Srividya with actor Kamal Haasan.

Film director Akbar, after his extremely successful first film, decides to base his second film on the life of a very popular yesteryear actress Malavika, whose present whereabouts are not known. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Thirakkatha torrent reviews

Tonya V (nl) wrote: Probably not as creepy as it could have been and the end kind of ruined the whole thing for me. It gets the extra 1/2 star just for having Danny Dyer in it!

Leon B (de) wrote: Review:I was expecting this movie to be really bad but it's actually watchable with some good action scenes. The storyline is about Seagal looking to revenge the death of his son after he gets mysteriously shot down on the streets of L.A. The cops try to make it look like a straight forward gang shooting, but Seagal isn't buying there story. He moves near to were the shooting took place and he delves into the underworld to try and work out why his son, who was also a police officer, was killed in cold blood. The storyline is basic and the movie did look quite cheap but it isn't that bad. There isn't any amazing twists but it's great watching Seagal kick butt without any damage to himself. Basically, it's what it says on the tin so it worth a watch if your into your mindless action movies. OK!Round-Up:This was made when Seagal was coming out with some decent movies but his career was on a downhill spiral. His coolness throughout the movie is classic Seagal, which we have all before and he seemed to actually move in his action scenes, which he is having problems with doing nowadays. I'm yet to see Seagal come up against a decent opponent who would give him a good fight but I still like watching him take down his enemies. Although the film went straight to DVD, it is better than his later work which are quite terrible.I recommend this movie to people who are into their action movies about Seagal seeking revenge after his son gets shot down in L.A. 3/10

Carlo B (us) wrote: great film for film snobs, if you want to torture them...

Greg W (ru) wrote: good period drama gr8 cast

ScubaSteve Walter M (br) wrote: Good cast but fails to come up with a good story to work on. What a waste.

Freddie K (kr) wrote: A feelgood, sometimes serious, and downright hilarious brit comedy. Pure gold in my book and a brilliant performance by both a young Nicholas Hoult and Hugh Grant

Toby C (es) wrote: Very well directed and shot movie with a stellar performance by Colin Farrell. Keeps you on the edge of your seat the whole way through.

Jenn M (kr) wrote: I didn't mind this shockingly. I liked the story but some of the graphics were pretty lame. But I was entertained and I did watch the whole thing so thats saying something

Harley S (de) wrote: ...Mmmm.... Horrifyingly good n_n

Grant K (jp) wrote: Even from an atheistic perspective this is a fascinating, completely entertaining thriller with an excellent cast. Taut, gripping and intelligent.

Stephen M (au) wrote: This movie is what one definately calls a sleeper. It is this little New York movie based on this little play that, according to the Internet Broadway Data Base and the Internet Off Broadway Data Base, didn't even play a major New York theater! The film was released during the same years as MOONSTRUCK and it sort of just got swept under the carpets. What MOONSTRUCK did for the Italian New York community, CROSSING DELANCEY seemed to be doing for the Jewish New York community. In short, it felt like a knock off, which is wasn't. I remember, vividly, going to see this film and thinking what a delightful movie this is; but people are going to think it has been made to capitalize on the MOONSTRUCK phenomenon (and MOONSTRUCK was a phenomenon - I remember; it was all anyone could talk about). I saw it, though, for what it was - and that isn't a knock off of anything. I couldn't believe how much I wanted this couple to get together. And I was very irritated by the snobbery of Isabelle and her isistence on pursuing the pretentious and pompous novelist instead of the earnest and sincere pickle man; yet she was likeable because you could see the struggle between her head and her heart. It is the kind of struggle that I would learn, later in my adulthood, many of us go through: choosing what feels right or what sounds right? I was also to learn just HOW much of a New York movie this was. When I saw DELANCEY I was living in Texas; and while I appreciated the New York scenery, I didn't know that every frame of the movie is spot on accurate. After moving to New York and seeing how the people live, seeing the people of the city (weirdos and all), I came to see that Joan Micklin Silver has presented the world with one of the most perfect representations of Manhatta. The was she shoots the people in the streets, the loneliness of the single woman (the scene with all the women in the deli getting dinner off of the hot/cold buffet is one of my favourites), the vast array of characters (the scene in the Gray's Papaya hot dog shop is not fiction, folks - it's reality!), the literati, the jewish community, even the claustrophic comfort of Bubbie's lower east side apartment. I wouldn't be surprised to find that Silver IS a New Yorker. I've lived here for 15 years and every time I watch this movie (and it's a lot), I am reminded of why I have to be here. Worth noting: the stunning but brief appearance of the absolutely irreplaceable Rosemary Harris. Long may she reign.

Andrea B (ag) wrote: Van is really good at bein a stinker! Judy's always good!

Ilsa L (ag) wrote: Anthony Mann delivers a great noir with his brilliant use of the New York City locations and a terrific car chase sequence while Farley Granger and Cathy O'Donnell are in top form in their respective roles.

Don S (jp) wrote: I'm a Mel Gibson fan. His views do not effect his acting ability. Braveheart and The Patriot are among my favorite movies. This is not as good as either of those, but I really enjoyed it. Gibson is looking for the murderer of his daughter and stumbles upon a politically charged mess. His character gets away with too much chicanery to be believable, but it worked for me. The ending was corny to the utmost conceivable degree. Still, very good.

Jake Z (mx) wrote: It's cruel, it's sad, it's unshakably powerful. One of Lars Von Trier's ultimate classics. Emily Watson may give one of the greatest performances in cinematic history, and of Lars Von Trier's colorful line up of strong female characters. And being among Charlotte Gainsbourg in Antichrist and Nymphomaniac, Bjork in Dancer in the Dark, Nicole Kidman in Dogville, that's really saying a lot. Even if I absolutely hate that final shot, this is still essential, soul obliterating, cinema.

Will L (au) wrote: There were MANY places where it could have been improved, but overall, it's a blast. Stallone's Director's Cut is much better.

Greg W (ru) wrote: director john woo's US film debut