Third World Cop

Third World Cop

Loose cannon cop Capone returns to his home town of Kingston to join a group of officers fighting organised crime in the area. On his first day he uncovers gun smuggling operation that may be connected with lead criminal Oney. However his old crew, led by Ratty, also are involved leading Capone to a choice between his job and his old crew.

Loose cannon cop Capone returns to his home town of Kingston to join a group of officers fighting organised crime in the area. On his first day he uncovers gun smuggling operation that may ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Niklas C (ca) wrote: En postmodern dystopi dr det r hgst oklart vad alla egentligen sysslar med; alltid fascinerande dock!

Mike B (ru) wrote: REALLY not good. Clueless and boring, with lots of helpful scene inserts to solve the non-existent mysteries and help us on our way. I lost interest in this as a real movie when Mandy Moore (see...fading already) decided to hump a cucumber. Skin-a-max, maybe. Real, uh, NO.

Sumit P (fr) wrote: omg..what i expect is just a timepass rom-com...but frankly speaking movie thrilled me to d bottom of my heart and mind..its fresh and brilliantly directed by is it for spell-bounded story and farhan akhtar ... :)

Jessica R (it) wrote: Bette Midler was great. In fact they were all fantastic. ColinFirth is so loveable.

Alex T (au) wrote: James Mason est la classe incarnee!

Glorimar S (fr) wrote: Love everything about this movie...

Leigh R (nl) wrote: Cute little movie with lots of heart. TOM ROCKS!!!

Jackson P (it) wrote: This film did many things right and doesn't deserve the hate it has gotten

Stefano I (de) wrote: assolutamente non male... intrigo ero-thril-susp...

Mark W (it) wrote: Who could have guessed that so soon after a decent relaunch a franchise could diminish so quickly again! Although, some elements of the movie were interesting, (particularly the science elements regarding manipulations of Godzilla's cells in creating biollante) the overall film was dull and even the monster battle failed to save it! I could have also done without some girl reading minds and predicting the future too...

Andrew C (nl) wrote: Woohoo! This was a fun one. Actually a pretty well done giant insect movie, especially one done before the 80's. If you like older movies or giant insects check it out. The good old days when rolling around in radiation automatically improved a species. YEAH making radiation fun!

John R (ru) wrote: 131130: 7th Bond Film. Had a hard time getting into this film. St.John, as Tiffany Case, and Lana Wood, as Plenty O'Toole helped. Mr. Wint and Mr. Kidd, the comedic hit team, added a little more. Overall, I just found myself uninspired and struggling to care. Perhaps I've just watched too many of these older Bond films in a row, this being the 7th. The minute this film began, I got my answer regarding the continuation of the Blofeld storyline. Should've known James Bond, even if he's a different Bond, would seek to make Blofeld accountable for what occurred in the last film, On Her Majesty's Secret Service.

Emil P (fr) wrote: This was lots of fun. Go see it.

Panta O (jp) wrote: This film reminded me on my high-school days when we were looking for crazy and shallow movies with lots of funny situations in impossible surrounding... and they will still remind us on someone while raising a middle finger to all the "traditional values" which everyone is preaching... The dysfunctional Burnett family - Bunnie, Jack and their twin 17 year olds Eric and Kelly - were perfect set up for that type of movies... especially when a freak accident leaves Bunnie with a case of amnesia! There are all kinds of twists in this comedy in which Burnetts get an unexpected second chance at happiness. We have a slew of past relationships, kids with guns, a suicidal lesbian teacher, a very zealous gun loving preacher, misinterpreted advances, corporate down-sizing, and one fateful squirrel... they together create enough mayhem to test the resolve, sanity and future of any family, and make you laugh - at least a little bit! Cast includes Hope Davis (Bunnie Burnett), Dermot Mulroney (Jack Burnett), Max Thieriot (Eric Burnett), Britt Robertson (Kelly Burnett), Chi McBride (Simon Krebs), Evan Ross (Josh Krebs), Keith Carradine (Reverend Diggs), Madeline Zima (Mitzy Steinbacher) but most of the time they could not show what are they capable of under the director Vivi Friedman's leadership.

Andy T (de) wrote: To Kill A Mockingbird is a faithful adaptation of Harper Lee's timeless novel about growing up inside this world, powered by Gregory Peck's great performance and the great courtroom sequence.