This Changed Earth

This Changed Earth

Blending genres and employing a unique anthology structure This Changed Earth comprises several stories themed with obsession & transgression. A man imprisoned by his own vices. The search for a cursed movie. Drug induced hallucinations...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:102 minutes
  • Release:2011
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:surrealism,   murder,   drugs,  

Blending genres and employing a unique anthology structure This Changed Earth comprises several stories themed with obsession & transgression. A man imprisoned by his own vices. The search for a cursed movie. Drug induced hallucinations... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Giana G (ag) wrote: - if you think our society is messed up & corrupted, you haven't seen anything... To know that this happened in real life, to real children, in modern times is appalling. I'm in utter shock after watching this.

Mihkel R (br) wrote: Vga below average ja mu ootused olid nii krged. Muidugi eesti filmide viga on alati see, et sa tead kiki nitlejaid ja neil oma mingi taak eelmistest filmidest vi gossip kolumnidest vi muidu. No kes eestlastest suutis Tolki tsiselt vtta? This had better be nada!

Erno K (ag) wrote: I must really be getting old, because I can easily appreciate a thoughtful, character-driven movie more than an action extravaganza where a ton of shit blows up. Don't get me wrong, sometimes shit has to be blown sky high just to see the beautiful flames, preferably in slow motion. This movie is all about subtlety, and I like that. There is a lot of thought-provoking stuff here. It's all about the "system" that is pretty fucked up, and this film certainly won't alleviate any fears someone might have considering said system. It's a corrupt world out there. But at least good actors inhabit it, like the ones in this movie. Okay, I'm too tired to make any sense, better cut this review short. This film is like a big flashing neon sign saying: do not get into politics, there be evil afoot there. Shit, I already knew that.

Jennie R (ca) wrote: Really interesting documentary. It was amusing and entertaining as well as informative. While the old guys that made the film still had their sleeze appeal, it did not come across as sleezy or exploitive. Rather, it opened up a window to a moment in the past that is not a common topic of history or American film. I am sure that once you start to watch this movie, you will have a hard time turning it off.

AussieJBL (br) wrote: No one makes movies as good as Australians

Christina G (gb) wrote: The strong subtle performances and quiet manner in which the film tackles the subject of bigotry, elevate what could have been a tedious way to spend time into an engaging, thought provoking and emotional experience. The performances are solid throughout and the time period vividly comes alive before our eyes due to some wonderful direction, costuming and set design. Overall it's a truly wonderful movie.

Eric On His Fantasy Quest V (es) wrote: This time, Jack And The Beanstalk is no fairy tale. It's for real, and I enjoyed this miniseries. Jack's descendant works it way backward to the story of the original young man behind the beanstalk. Because the first Jack used that towering vine to steal a giant's magic goose and harp, an entire world was reduced to poverty and a bloodline was cursed: all Robinson men die in their 40s, and the modern-day Jack is around that age. Fortunately, Ondine helps Jack recover the stolen items and solve both problems. Starring the great performances of Matthew Modine, Mia Sara, Vanessa Redgrave, and Jon Voight.

Jennifer T (ru) wrote: Boring even with the famous actors. Pass.

Claire T (ru) wrote: loved it, I thought this film was good, it was better than what I thought Sam Rockwell was good in the movie,Mischa Barton was good in the movie, she was also in the six sense she starred has Kyra Collins, the girl who visted cole, who threw up in his bedroom and said I'm feeling much better now

Caesar M (mx) wrote: The first Police Story was the film that launch Jackie Chan into super stardom showcasing his stunt-work and martial skills. Police Story 2 on the other hand focuses more on Chan acting abilities which helps this deviating sequel overcome it hiccups.Police Story 2 follows villain Mr. Ku plan of vengeance through a series of bombs that have been set off in Hong Kong, so its up to Jackie and his regulars to investigate. This entry in the Police Story series goes into a more serious tone over it predecessor which is wear most of it problems lies. Chan character has less emphasis on comedy and instead is given a more dramatic focus. A swift of tone for Chan character is both good and bad. Good for it develops Chan character as an intelligent hardworking, but selfish and flawed police officer. Bad for it drastically eliminates much needed humor to prevent this film from taking itself to serious to enjoy. The plot in general is average as best. It's simple and straightforward as an action movie can get. It contains the usual damsel in distress for Chan to save and a lack strong villains. What helps keeps the movie exciting are the stakes our main character always something to lose all the time. Our main hero is not invincible giving it more tension. The fight scenes in Police Story 2 though less from the first entry are well choreograph. One fight scene in particular being when Chan fights dozen of goons in a playground and improvises with the environment to his advantage. Jackie Chan delivers one of his best performances here showcasing more of his acting chops over his kung-fu. Chan knows how to portrays his character and contains the charisma to his character worth cheering for. The supporting cast as well, except the actors who portrayed the villains could have been better. The villains lack presence and is overall a hard sell to the audiences. Nevertheless despite it's sift of tone Police Story 2 packs enough excitement and action as one would expect from a good Chan film.Police Story 2 fails to live up to it predecessor standards, but is an enjoyable sequel. Police Story 2 is more driven by plot and is more focus on Chan's acting chops makes this a film worth viewing for any action fan or viewer in general.

Morpheus O (kr) wrote: A rather interesting cast with a very oddball storyline! I didn't see the whole movie so I can't give it an honest rating but, since what I did see of it was on the run-of-the-mill network TV where all of the good parts get cut out, then the only option for me is to search for it online and hope to catch it.Looks to be more of a gem with a sizable amount of dud potential.

Dave G (jp) wrote: Retro tv at its best..

Damir A (us) wrote: Like its also notorious counterpart Cannibal Holocaust, Cannibal Ferox is rather tame by today's standards. Unlike Cannibal Holocaust it's merely an average flick.

Destiny L (ru) wrote: Hmm maybe marvel could have did a good job? Just saying

Allan C (us) wrote: I think there was potential in this teen horror/comedy, which is somewhat of a mashup of "The Hands of Orlac" and "Evil Dead 2" but dressed up as a teen sex comedy. Devon Sawa's hands become possessed by a killer and he (or the hands) kills his parents and best friends, one of whom is played by Seth Green. His stoner buddies then are resurrected as stoner zombies. Sawa is also trying to woo a teenage Jessica Alba while at the same time not letting his possessed hands killer her. I do think this film could have worked if the filmmakers were as clever as Sam Raimi (this film was from the director of "Leprechaun 2"), but they instead this film is really just any other bland teen comedy with horror elements thrown in. I will give Sawa credit for some good physical comedy, ALA Bruce Campbell with his possessed hand in "Evil Dead 2," but that alone can't carry a film. This was an early film role for Jessica Alba. Also look for Vivica A. Fox, Fred Willard, Sean Whalen and Kyle Gass, but don't go out of your way to watch this one.

Samuel J (br) wrote: Poorly executed yet still one of Sandler's funnier movies ( based on the wide array of poor movie choices he makes, this wasn't as bad as his more modern ones; Jack and Jill, Grown Ups, and etc. ), and has a rather interesting plot with some jokes that hit the mark quite well. Also glad to see the main character as a softie with a dream not involving conflict to further the plot of the film. However, obviously someone went wrong with about 90% of the choice of actors to hire for this movie, and some of the scenes are just way to weird... Also none of these racist stereotypes are subtle, they are all extremely overplayed. Half the movie is wasted on Zohans hair fetish ( yes they force you to see him fuck hair, because if you don't you won't understand the rest of what is going on and the movie will only be 20 mins long ). You are also obligated to sit through the agonizing jokes that don't hit. We see this kind spirited man scare the shit out of a 5 year old as he sharts in the hands of a girl cutting his hair, fuck the mother of someone who takes him in, also im high on caffine right now so i do not know where this is going but it is 2.5 stars which is the best imma give any adam sandler movie that isn't happy gilmore or the wedding singer