This Gun for Hire

This Gun for Hire

Hit man Philip Raven, who's kind to children and cats, kills a blackmailer and is paid off by traitor Willard Gates in "hot" money. Meanwhile, pert entertainer Ellen Graham, girlfriend of police Lieut. Crane (who's after Raven) is enlisted by a Senate committee to help investigate Gates. Raven, seeking Gates for revenge, meets Ellen on the train; their relationship gradually evolves from that of killer and potential victim to an uneasy alliance against a common enemy.

When hired killer Philip Raven shoots a blackmailer and his beautiful female companion dead, he's is paid off in marked bills by his treasonous employer who is working with foreign spies. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Trevor F (ru) wrote: critics are morons. this is a great movie. watch it and enjoy it.

Mallory A (ca) wrote: A significant yet likely forgettable attempt by Burns, yet again, to be Woody Allen.

Hayden H (ru) wrote: While it's basically going through the motions, PJ&TSOM is fun and definitely a movie for fans of the amazing books that deserve soooo much better. But hey! I was just hoping it'll follow the books and be better than Lighting Bolt Thief. Sooo... I'm satisfied "B" is my final grade

Dorian G (mx) wrote: Wow. Liberace was an interesting man. Michael Douglas, Matt Damon, Dan Ackroyd, and Rob Lowe are nearly unrecognizable as their characters, the performances are superb. Plenty of sex, and not the type you normally see in mainstream media, so beware if that's not your thing. But this is an excellently acted tale of excess and celebrity.Watched February 13, 2015 at home on DVD (lent to me by Robin Lipton from the NEB), Josh watched a bit of the second half with me.

Darren M (it) wrote: sooo disappointing after a reasonable start. not the worst movie ever its just too made for tv feely

David J (fr) wrote: Terrifying in an epic way, Ladder 49 endured a bit of cheese sprinkled in the script to deliver an effective, if not overtly dramatic experience.

Nicolas E (ru) wrote: hmm, it has cool actors, but lacks of depth.

Brenda Z (ca) wrote: Awwwwwwwwww what a movie. I wish I could have a husband like Rohit :-(

Matt B (nl) wrote: This movie was horrible. It was so horrible in fact, that I went out of my way to let others know (and I haven't seen it in 6 years?)

Shawn W (es) wrote: A musician and his skateboarding pals attempt to rescue his girlfriend and put a stop to a brainwashing pirate tv station from Hell. Only positive I can give this one is they did a decent job with obvious budget limitations. In skateboarding lingo, watching this was like getting schralped.

Will R (de) wrote: Demme's films are so misunderstood.

Liy D (es) wrote: There are so many stereotypes, so much lame dialogue, and a lot of confusion at how everyone can be killed so easily. But seriously a surfboard switch blade?

Velen W (br) wrote: The movie Little Buddha follows the journey of Lama Norbu, a lama at the Taro monastery in Bhutan through his journey of finding the reincarnation of his teacher, Lama Dorje, who passed away 9 years ago in the city of Seattle. After years and years of searching, Lama Norbu arrived at the Konrad household and informed Lisa Konrad, that Jesse, her 7 years old son, may be the reincarnation of Lama Dorje. At first, Jesse's parents were although interested by the idea and respectful especially Dean who sees about Lama Dorje's religion, they were quite doubtful, but after the death of Dean's close friend, Evan, everything changed, their way of seeing things changed and of course their view on Buddhism changed as well. Believing that reincarnation is actually possible gave them a sense of hope and helped them recover from their loss. There was another storyline about the story with a retelling of the life of Prince Siddhartha, who grew up to become the Buddha. Based on the Buddhist faith, little Buddha is a blend of the Eastern and Western culture. It contrasts the difference in the lifestyle and belief of the East and West. Yet it also brings the 2 sides of the world together in some way. Bertolucci brought color to Buddhism, which can often be a bland topic to make a movie about by telling it in a modern society while hatching the origin, traditions and the 'informational' parts of Buddhism in the film. By doing so, Bertolucci brought the viewers a good amount of information while not losing their attention like many other movies on this topic does. Little Buddha has elements of liberation within it, transforming and relating Buddhism to each and every one of us and our modern world without losing the essense of Buddhism and introducing the audience to the fundamental core for example the idea of reincarnation and the origin of Buddhism.However, some parts of the film did seem a little superficial at times, some parts of the film simply was not very articulate. For example they way they located the Konrad family. In the movie, Lama Norbu's student dreamed that Lama Dorje led him to the Konrad house, which is somewhat of an absurd reason to believe that Jesse is the reincarnation of Lama Dorje.Over all, I liked the movie, despite the fact that I found some parts a little bizarre, I would give it a 8 out of 10. It opened up a new horizon for me in terms of my knowledge and thinking on Buddhism, so if you would like to learn more about Buddhism but would also like it to relate to our modern life, the movie 'little Buddha' is a great choice.

Caroline T (nl) wrote: A simple movie full of kissing and undressing of liam hemsworth

AudreyKim H (au) wrote: I like Fred Astaire. I like Paulette Goddard. I like Artie Shaw's music. It would stand to reason that I liked this movie, but to tell the truth, I was disappointed. The story was rather unbelievable (Astaire and Burgess Meredith play college students), predictable, and unoriginal. When it tried to be funny, it didn't really work. However, it wasn't too unbearable; it was even entertaining at parts, but it definitely was not a high point for Astaire or Goddard.