This Is Bulgaria

This Is Bulgaria


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:24 minutes
  • Release:1966
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:This Is Bulgaria 1966 full movies, This Is Bulgaria torrents movie

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Rohit R (br) wrote: I happen to agree with the general consensus on Aadukalam: Thumbs up. It is certainly worth the price of your ticket. Pettaikaaran and inspector Rathnaswamy are rivals in the cockfighting business. Pettaikaaran trains his roosters exclusively for tournaments. He has three accomplices in the business- Dorai, a bar owner who invests in Pettaikaaran's cocks, Karruppu who positions the cock before every battle and Ayug, the medic who helps the cocks rejuvenate so that they're back in action. When Rathnaswamy can take no more of the losing streak, he sends his men on a raid and arrests people involved. Pettaikaaran's men refuse to submit to the situation, so they hit back. A series of battles ensue and they finally settle on the ultimate cockfight tournament. While the story is hinged on the cockfighting business, the film examines the minds of the characters in it, through which it deals with dark themes such as power, jealousy, loyalty, greed and ego. The love affair between Karuppu and an Anglo-Indian girl works as breezy humour even at times where the film intends to be serious. Director Vetrimaaran has wrapped everything into a single unit with crisp direction. With Aadukalam, he surpasses Polladhavan, his debut film. Splendid acting by the cast is what the film mainly benefits from. The characters might not be complex, but they're credible. The music is a perfect fit, including the godfather soundtrack being played at regular intervals for which, credit hasn't been given. The film isn't without its share of flaws. Cockfights are more interesting than watching Dhanush bash up five guys. What the film lacks is in the aspect of storytelling. You get the arc of the story, but it is told rather plainly. The ending? It sucks. Don't let that stop you from watching it, it takes away little from the film. Kollywood gives us hope by opening 2011 with Aadukalam. Rating- 8/10

David B (ca) wrote: If your two lead characters are the most annoying and unlikable in the film, you are headed for disaster.

D M (de) wrote: The first live-action adaptation of Terry Pratchet's Discworld series. This follows the adventures of Death as he takes over for the Hogfather (and Santa Claus like entity) because Teatime is holding him hostage. Made for TV, but still pretty good. Cannot wait for the others to be put on DVD. Not a substitute for the books, though.

Andrew M (ag) wrote: Completely random and pointless, it has people being eaten. Later you find out why, but not really. I don't recall it making that much sense the first time I saw it, but then again, I probably wasn't paying much attention, because it just looked dumb.

Dana A (br) wrote: Look at Brendan Fraser doing something called "acting." Who knew he actually posessed this talent. This was a very entertaining, interesting and stylish film. Short, yet well layered with great character arcs. Mos Def proves himself again to be a great actor as the film is well cast. This was a very original, with multiple twists, turns, where you have to pay attention to even the smallest character. Really didn't expect to like this as much as I did. It was attention grabbing right from the beginning. Simply a well executed film that should have been seen by more people.

Lillian J (us) wrote: Nasty crazy gross movie, feel sorry for both girls.

James I (gb) wrote: much better then i had hoped. sweet story if a little predictable

Pei Yee W (mx) wrote: Francis O'Connor was the B-list actress as usual but Dabvid Wenham was gooood.

JOhn Paul C (au) wrote: Great romantic/comedy movie =)

Russell H (kr) wrote: pretty ok. wasn't funny enough for sure

Kimberley F (mx) wrote: This is absolutely awful. Despite having some top-class actors the whole filming, plot line and crudity of it just didn't do it for me. I wouldn't bother watching this film; your better off watching back to back episodes of cash in the attic. Why anyone wanted to be in this film beats me....

Julian H (gb) wrote: Not made like this anymore quite a film of the early 70s

Kyle R (ag) wrote: I went on a cruise the past week and i saw a bunch of movies on it, well not really but i saw some. Those above. I wont explain or review them though... but i did see I Heart Huckabees like 7 times, and I think its up there on my favorite movies list cause you understand it, and feel it more and more everytime.

Connor D (au) wrote: It was not a bad film, though it could have explored far more with the story and it seemed rushed in some parts. Plus, the commercialism and ludicrous marketing hurts it a bit.