This Is Not a Movie

This Is Not a Movie

Twisted, apocalyptic satire, THIS IS NOT A MOVIE envisions the end of the world through the bi-polar mind of a strung-out pop-culture addict. Starring Edward Furlong and Peter Coyote, with a jagged, atmospheric score from Slash.

Twisted, apocalyptic satire, THIS IS NOT A MOVIE envisions the end of the world through the bi-polar mind of a strung-out pop-culture addict. Starring Edward Furlong and Peter Coyote, with a jagged, atmospheric score from Slash. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sylvie F (kr) wrote: Inspiring, creative, touching. Sometimes the style is difficult to come to terms with, but the message is overwhelming. It make anyone realize we CAN do something worthwhile. We can help.

Anne R (gb) wrote: great feel good movie

Amber J (kr) wrote: Personally this is one of my favorite animated movies.

Kayla S (gb) wrote: every time I try to login it says its wrong

Thorsten S (nl) wrote: Stereotype and unconvincing main characters. Let's watcher hanging around till the very end.

Herschel C (ru) wrote: Ignore the tomatometer which I think we can all safely says lies somewhat if you look at the list of most of the greatest films. For those who enjoy such slices of generation x nostalgia and the earliest films of Linklater involves clever scriptwriting, with a real biting sense of humour throughout even if the subject matter does become a little serious. Some have called it pretentious, but in all fairness I personally believe that it accurately captures the dynamic of young interaction and confusion amid the responsibility of love. While the final third is perhaps a little flailing, becoming more plot driven (as strange as that probably sounds) the moments of pure interactions make you yearn for a similar kind of dynamic to be existent in your life and really make the film something of a wonderful find. How this hasn't transcended into cult status I'll never know. Plus if in any doubt, the Tarantino cameo is worth an entire film of it's own.P.s. I believe you shouldn't listen to the reviews made my actual critics on films like this, most are disliked for being too simplistic or not full of plot or spectacle and give it poor reviews because it isn't seen as the kind of bull which will win an Oscar. Most audience reviews give it a truly respectable score, and in such times probably give a much better viewpoint on the film. Probably have just wasted a lot of my time though, no one will read this.

Alana B (gb) wrote: more movie was cool

Ben R (us) wrote: Superbly cheesy early 80's Italian slasher! With really stupid yet entertaining characters, and one hell of a creepy soundtrack. Love that soundtrack!!!! That being said, there could have been 20 minutes of this chopped out to make it a more tight slasher. I could have done without the character development scenes of total idiots or long overdrawn sports sequences. This did however deliver some creepy gore scenes and stayed pretty much right on point except for a few off scenes.

Peter F (fr) wrote: It's not uncommon for renowned artists to construct a piece near the end of their life that culminates on their entire body of work, and either resounds as masterful or pretentious hogwash. Luis Buuel's final film, however, is far closer to the former, and may honesty be the perfect film that his whole career was striving towards. The film touches on all of his familiar themes (disdain for religion, sexual frustration, paranoia towards society), but they're tied together in a very cohesive manner, making for subtext that's deftly layered. Buuel's frequent leading man, Fernando Rey, gives another great performance here, but of even more note is the dual-casting of the character Conchita. Having Carole Bouquet and ngela Molina alternate scenes playing the film's female lead could have come off as confounding, but instead it's playful and often entrancing. Pardon the cliched phrase, but it's apropos for this film: Luis Buuel went out with a bang on this one.

Scott W (jp) wrote: Not seminal as Franois Truffaut's 400 Blows or Ken Loach's Kes, but still an underrated "troubled kid" movie.

Stella D (ru) wrote: much better than i was led to believe, certainly superior to hitchcock's 'jamaica inn' which i've never managed to finish

Bryan C (us) wrote: A bad premise made worse by a terrible script and even worse acting. I know some people love this movie, but I don't get it.Grade: D

Nigel C (mx) wrote: Too much extra material to be a true adaptation of The Hobbit but excellent entertainment and beautifully rendered as always.

Dimitri R (mx) wrote: I think you have to closely know these cultures to comprehend the humor. It's not for everyone.

Curtis B (jp) wrote: John Krasinski delivered. Period. Dominic Cooper was great, and Frankie Faison delivered an amazing scene that I'm sure will continue to haunt me for some time to come...

Bob M (ca) wrote: Laugh Riot! Stereotypical "dumb blonde", fails to use the brains God gave her, trusts a stranger in a foreign country to take her to an isolated beach, surf alone after the only other surfers left, stayed out on an unprotected beach, goes out to a whale carcass, and finds herself wondering why she has a problem with a shark. Sat there pulling for the shark! Takes a real flight of fantasy to buy into the ending. Only one negative, an ethnic slur used to describe a hangover that is presented as an internationally accepted term was unnecessary and added no value to the plot. All one can hope is if Nancy really becomes a doctor, she's never operating on you!