This Is Not a Test

This Is Not a Test

A highway patrolman stops motorists on a highway after he hears news reports of a possible nuclear attack.

A highway patrolman stops motorists on a highway after he hears news reports of a possible nuclear attack. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tim V (kr) wrote: This would have been the first docudrama I would have given $12 to see. It captures a lot of the Hartnell you see in those original episodes and drops in brief vignettes of the technical and artistic elements that the show was responsible for developing. The impact of the show on society it's impression on children and the emotional impact on the actors is well displayed.

Eliabeth H (de) wrote: This film will open your eyes and confirm all the things you know in your gut about the cancer in the mainstream media/entertainment industry but are just too afraid to say. Try Occupying your mind!! Breitbart will be remembered as a revolutionary and a patriot!

Tessa R (au) wrote: this movie is sooooo slooooow. its only an hour and a half but it felt like a million years

Marianne L (de) wrote: Artig fjortisfilm ;)

Eau F (gb) wrote: ?????????????????? ???????????? ?????????????

Jasmine J (nl) wrote: waste of time & induces vomiting

david p (mx) wrote: one of my best films ever. am getting the dvd for christmas

Ben R (au) wrote: This was not a terrible Children Of The Corn Sequel and for a direct to video 90's could do alot worse. This also has the creepy demon kid from Demonic Toys as the Issac type character from the original.

Sherlock K (de) wrote: This is a really, really difficult one to rate. It should be 10 stars out of 5 for James Mason. And up to 3 for the whole rest of them...

Leon E (au) wrote: One of the finest Greek tragedies on film, from the maker of 'Zorba the Greek'. An exercise in subtle simplicity and authenticity, making it far superior to any star-driven, pimped out Hollywood loincloth-o-rama. This film has the depth and pacing, the grace and beauty, the power and intensity to leave me spellbound and speechless every time.

Susan C (ag) wrote: We give it 4 stars!We were surprised and really enjoyed this movie - the humor, the acting and of location. Thomas Haden Church made it great!

Nandan T (jp) wrote: Britain should be ashamed for what they did so such a great man. We owe a big debt to Alan Turing. This film does justice to his character. Highly Recommended!

Sherry M (au) wrote: This movie was really different. So different that I didn't completely understand it, but it was riveting. Kind of wish they would have stuck with what Tom Cruise's life would be like after being disfigured. Great use of music. Cruise fascinating once again.