This Is Who I Am

This Is Who I Am

Nick Romano is a young Italian American fighting his own personal demons. He's got a chip on his shoulder and a lot to prove. Teamed with his crazy but always loyal partner Carlo, the two ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:85 minutes
  • Release:2010
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:italian,   new york,   sex,  

Nick Romano is a young Italian American fighting his own personal demons. He's got a chip on his shoulder and a lot to prove. Teamed with his crazy but always loyal partner Carlo, the two ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Patrick C (au) wrote: Pretty darn good for a low budget "zombie" flick. Parts of it are ripped off from Romero's "Dead" series but then again what zombie movie doesn't do so. Ken Edwards makes a good bad ass leader type who don't take no mess from the losers he is stuck trying to protect. I hope to see him in more films. Don't expect too much from this movie but if you like low budget, this one stays within its means. Well done!

Ryan D (mx) wrote: I hate these movies when they try to have a big twist in the end. I don't even get what happened or why who did what and what for.

Nathaniel B (kr) wrote: Very good movie, mostly for how well it ties in with the first. As a prequel there will undoubtedly be references or aspects alluding to what happens later in the timeline, in the previous movie. In this prequel, these are all very well done, making this one of the best prequel movies I have ever seen. The fact that this movie focuses on the more minor characters from the first one, and more on the overall story than specific people makes this a different film than Infernal Affairs, and a little bit less intriguing because it lacks the same character development than the first one thrived on, but this is still an interesting, exciting film to watch and I recommend it for any and all who have seen the first one.

John W (nl) wrote: I liked it! there isn't anything new here and it has some overly convenient plot intersections and stereotype heavy characters, but I liked it all the same. Didn't try to be more than it was - good, Saturday afternoon, "B" Sci-Fi.

Simon G (de) wrote: great cast, great acting!

Jonathan B (ca) wrote: Forgotten how much I love this film. Bloody lovelies!

darryl c (it) wrote: guinevere turner is a one luscious actress, as she displays in this film and the next on my list. but this film was lensed on the north side of chicago and it will always be high on my list for giving some light to chicago's lesbian scene.

Richard P (gb) wrote: One of Hill's better solo performance. The special effects are definitely very poor by today's standards and is not as great as I remember it to be when I was younger.

Jamie D (ca) wrote: Still entertaining, but not as good as the original, Beneath is still a decent movie

Frances H (nl) wrote: Although the plot seems interesting in the beginning, as the movie goes further the plot becomes murky and so does the cinematography.

Thomas D (fr) wrote: With all its colorful and dazzling visual and audio flare, Amadeus is one for the ages. But I never really connected to the characters, and that's where it fails for me.Winning 8 Oscars in 1985 and numerous other accolades, it's safe to say Amadeus is one of the more beloved films of the 80's. It also comes from the great director behind One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, Miles Forman. But what Amadeus lacks is subtly. I understand a film about grand-scale music and opera's needs to have a unique identity, but I found Tom Hulce's eccentric title role-performance to lack the human touch.Of course, Amadeus isn't strictly about Mozart himself, it deals with his "rivalry" with Italian composer, Antonio Salieri and the various trials and tribulations of Mozart's wish to display his talents to the world and particularly, the Roman Emperor. These events are told in flashbacks by Salieri as he was recently committed to an Insane Asylum after attempted suicide. As far as we know, most of the events of the film are highly fictionalized or exaggerated. Normally, I don't mind such a choice in storytelling, but it seemed to bother me this time around.What didn't bother me, however, was the performance of F. Murray Abraham as Salieri. Covering decades, Abraham brings a totally different vibe to both the old and younger versions of Salieri, and both work extremely well. It's also worth noting that his character isn't all that likable on paper, but he brings the grounded humanity, especially in his jealousy for Mozart, that's missing from the rest of the film.Another thing Amadeus has going for it is the glorious music used and conducted for the film. Surely, most of the tunes are genius-ly written by the original composers, but the overall sound quality and editing is brilliant. Putting character dialogue aside, merely listening to this film is a joy.I may be in the minority here, but to me, a film must do more than just sound great, it has to move me emotionally in one way or another. The made up story has its fascinating moments, but it gets old after a while. As does the over-the-top performance from Hulce. Sure, a wonderful soundtrack and Abraham's performance are impressive, but it's not enough to get this to a positive review for me.+Abraham+Music-Hulce-Characters lack humanity-A tad long5.8/10

Alleli A (br) wrote: While it may be really hard to understand, I'm intrigued by the aspects they used. The concept is very original and the execution could've been better.

Phyllis G (es) wrote: You have to really like down home family oriented movies for this one....but i it was right up my alley....still its kind of one of those "once is enough" type movies.

Yash B (ca) wrote: A fun movie that I enjoyed when I was younger. It was something that was pretty edgy when I was younger and I just felt really cool watching it. It's a clever take on the spy movie genre that has more of a nostalgia factor for me.