This Man Is Dangerous

This Man Is Dangerous

Cheng Tzu-hao and Kao Ying-wei, both wooing the same girl Ah Tzu, are transferred to the same Action Squad to help crack a number of robberies committed by a notorious robber/killer Ku Lung from Shantung. They inadvertently offend their immediate superior Beast King, and land themselves in a tight spot…

Cheng Tzu-hao and Kao Ying-wei, are CID officers in Hong Kong that are transferred to the same action squad to help solve a number of robberies and murders committed by a notorious, vicious... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ipsita C (it) wrote: After a long time watched such a nice and clean movie. You can actually enjoy it with or without any company.. it will make u smile touch ur heart with the romance and the love beyond any reason. for nearly 2 hours the movie lets you free from the worries of the world and teaches you that life can be much more charming if led in a simple way. It teaches you Life might end but Love never does. It teaches you to smile at silliness wether it makes any sense or not does not matter what matters is that its funny.. i loved the movie. definitely I understand that may be this movie will not be a blockbuster at the box office because this movie is meant for love and happiness and not for any number games...

Per H (kr) wrote: En kvinna vaknar upp vide en flod ngonstans i Frankrike med utan minne och med ett rr p magen, hon tar sig efter mnga om och men till Danmark (hon r dansk) men hon r jagad av ngra mn och hon vet inte varfr. Detta r handlingen i denna danska kvinnliga Bourne aktiga film dr Tuva Novotny spelar kvinnan med utan minne, som ska frska pussla ihop sitt liv. Problemet med filmen r just Tuva som inte alls har nn action kaliber i sig och ser mest bara frvirrad och lost ut (mer n vad rollen krver) och jag retar mig p hennes plutande mun som hon ligger inne med hela tiden. Storyn knns igen frn andra liknande filmer men det r snyggt utfrd. Danmark var p 90 talet och strre delen av 2000-talet nummer ett bland nordiska lnder p att gra film, fan nstan allt dom slppte inom film och tv var det vrldsklass p, men dom sista ren har dansk film gtt lite p rutin och enligt min mening blivit omkrd av Norge som det mesta intressanta landet.

Arpita M (jp) wrote: From the Kashyap camp, the film is style over substance. Engaging and interesting nonetheless.

Thomas L (us) wrote: Pleasantly surprised by this, really enjoyed it a really fun movie,

Ellie T (fr) wrote: This was actually a pretty good movie. It was kinda weird cuz a lot of the places filmed were like where I live. Its weird to see that on the big screen. But definitely a good family film. Go Montana!

Cameron B (es) wrote: Hoped it would be really good, but it was really just alright

Christopher B (nl) wrote: I don't think I've ever laughed so hard. His definitely has lots of replay value. (I own it)

Brad S (jp) wrote: I put off watching this for 15yrs, but decided to finally try it as I love Barry Sonnefeld's "Get Shorty" and enjoyed the "Men in Black" series...but this film just misses on all levels. Talented cast including Smith, Kline, Hayek and Branagh are all wasted, none of the jokes are funny, and it's just plain ridiculous. I suspect the main culprit here is the script, nothing could save it. Skip this one!

Jordan B (ag) wrote: There are a couple scenes mid-way through the movie that are actually really interesting. Unfortunately it's not worth wading through the rest of the nearly unwatchable hour and a half.

Kirstie R (gb) wrote: It makes you realize how strong women on the frontier had to be and the terrible things they had to go through just to stay alive.

Michael H (ag) wrote: Jesse Ventura is his breakout role.... ok, maybe not. However this movie is a big tribute to Jack Kirby's New can you dig it? Boom tube this.

Nick S (us) wrote: Kicks ass in this movie. Pure and simple

Wes S (ca) wrote: Cheap, campy, but not too fun. The plot is dumb, the characters are silly looking, and the pacing is slow. Lots of pointless dialog and wasted scenes. The campy vehicles are fun to see, but their cheapness gets old.

Richard L (kr) wrote: Another typical 50's-60's sci-fi movie, with the usual title that doesn't fit the movie (no real teenagers actually...), the simple storyline that is coherent yet doesn't really makes sense when it matters, the bad acting (especially the aliens, who are portrayed as unemotional people speaking with overly dramatic voices), the sketchy special effects (the best example in this movie is the space monster, which is actually the shadow of a lobster, but the disintegrated people turning to plastic skeletons are also noteworthy), and, of course, the conservative values (subtle sexism, and some criticism to the alien society, which has elements of a nazi dictatorship).

Dean M (nl) wrote: Enjoyable action-packed and escapism with John Wayne, Lauren Bacall and assorted Chinese escaping down river to Hong Kong.

Walker F (ru) wrote: I guess you could say it "Blue" me away

Zinc Z (it) wrote: could have been good but falls way short.

Farah R (mx) wrote: A great build up of suspense to a massively satisfying conclusion. The Perfect Guy stars Michael Ealy as a psychopath, a very convincing and threatening one, who goes to great lengths to get back at the girl who dumped him. The concept of the film is not unique, but the execution is definitely worthy of praise as a very enjoyable thriller.

Teresa J (it) wrote: Well by the reviews i expected worse but i liked the movie it really took me back to think that there are certain things that i would definitely do again if i had the opportunity but this is not the case it was a movie and really enjoyed