This Man Must Die

This Man Must Die

When his young son is killed in a hit and run accident, Charles Thenier resolves to hunt down and murder the killer. By chance, Thenier makes the acquaintance of an actress, Helène Lanson, who was in the car at the time of the accident. He then meets Helène’s brother-in-law, Paul Decourt, a truly horrible individual.

Single father obsessed with murdering the hit&run driver who killed his only child, poses as a screenwriter to get close to an actress who was in the death car. He feels fully prepared to ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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This Man Must Die torrent reviews

Ro D (ag) wrote: me rei mucho con esta peli jeje pueas mala mal no es

Deen L (ca) wrote: Misunderstood masterpiece.

Diego F (kr) wrote: Filme quase perfeito ( em questes biogrficas )

Arnaud L (br) wrote: Une trs bonne parodie des films de SF...

Kevin J (mx) wrote: This one is an alright little film. Kevin Spacey is phenomenal here and the satire element is very good (though not very funny, as I barely laughed here). The general story is alright as well, but the dark tonal shifts and the ending are very disappointing and leave me wondering what this one would have been like if it had not gone down that route. If they focused more on the lighter (though belittling) elements, the film would have been far better. But, as it stands, the film is fine and is a good portrayal of life in the film industry and is quite enjoyable. The length is perfect and the writing is very strong throughout, so I cannot be too mad at this one.

Mike W (mx) wrote: This movie is very adventurous!

John O (br) wrote: First-class documentary on the Gallipoli campaign, told not just from the Allied but also the Turkish point of view. Plenty of fascinating archival photos and footage, and informative talking heads. But what brings the documentary alive - renders it quite haunting - are the soldiers' letters home, from which numerous extracts are read. The final letter, from a Turkish officer to his parents when he understands that very, very probably he is going to die, is almost unbearably poignant.