This Property Is Condemned

This Property Is Condemned

A railroad official, Owen Legate comes to Dodson, Mississippi to shut down much of the town's railway (town's main income). Owen unexpectedly finds love with Dodson's flirt and main attraction, Alva Starr. Alva and Owen then try to escape Alva's mother's (Hazel) clutches and the town's revenge.

A railroad official, Owen Legate comes to Dodson, Mississippi to shut down much of the town's railway (town's main income). Owen unexpectedly finds love with Dodson's flirt and main ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sri S (de) wrote: Hadd kardi yaar woh hi ghispeeti script. woh hi purana background music. woh hi purana dard. woh hi purana bhagwan se jhagda kuch naya hai toh chakke banne ki tarkeeb. meri maano mat jana paise barbaad hai

Jamie C (br) wrote: By far the best in the series, I was never keen on watching these but eventually I did and even though I thought the others were average they never made me look forward to watching anymore and now the series is over i'm wanting more, The fight scene at the end was by far the best plus it's never as soppy or has any cheesy one liners what make you cringe, Don't understand why they had a child with a CGI face for the first half of the film, The ending will be a kick in the teeth to some but I really enjoyed it and I thought i'd be the last person to ever say that.

Robert N (kr) wrote: Brilliantly funny movie but the feminists wouldn't like it. Probably why it gets a lower rating on here. Also takes a good jab at the fake media world. Worth watching.

Bill T (ru) wrote: Out of a lot of Iraq documentaries this one is most memorable.

Eliabeth K (nl) wrote: I love their play!! I love how they have both vitamin c and sisco and both WERE very famous and then went downhill..

Harry W (it) wrote: Clockers opens in the iconic Spike Lee style with images portraying murdered African-Americans and other violent pictures thrust into the viewer's face along with rich music, and so the atmosphere is instantly set.Soon however, Clockers becomes a thing of my disinterest. Mainly, the story being told in Clockers makes use of a large quantity of repetitive dynamics without sufficient direction in the story which leads it into plenty of territory that has already been treaded into many times before in Spike Lee films and various others, and so the creativity of Spike Lee as a director isn't enhanced which makes it feel like a routine story.Clockers mainly failed to captivate my interest because the story didn't suck me in. It was just a cohort of random characters at various locations which never seemed that key to the story and seemed to deviate from the plotline so much that it eventually becomes forgotten about. And the entire cast was decent, but there were so many characters that I were forgetting which ones had done what or how they played a role in the story, and basically where was just no character involved in the murder which I felt like I could care about until the final climax of the story where everything got crammed into a brief period and the entire rest of the story seemed obsolete in determining the answers to the many questions asked because it was summed up in a scene involving three essential characters: The Investigator, The Murderer and the man who caused the murder. Since only 3 characters were eventually important to the story, spending about 2 hours figuring out the importance that all the other characters played made things tedious and resulted in the viewing pleasure from Clockers or the understanding of the titular term minimal.On the plus side, the story was tied together by Harvey Keitel's fine performance since he captures the role of a dedicated police officer with an angry tendency to act with crude language well. It displays the sides he's known for, since he plays a sympathetic, conflicted and heroic character like his role in Thelma & Louise as well as using the language and tone of voice of a thug as a front to display his imperfections. Although his role wasn't so big, when he had the screen he took it by storm and gave one of his finest performances in years.Plus, as usual with a Spike Lee film the script is good, and this time since it was adapted from a Richard Price novel with the work of him as Spike Lee, it shows that Spike Lee knows how to ensure his adaptation is true to the story and combine his natural talent for screenwriting into it all very finely.Plus, the climax of the story was a powerful one and featured strong messages as about juvenile delinquency and the role models they follow after, and amongst that was themes of brotherhood. The drama in that scene and what followed was strongly compelling, and its a shame the story took so long to get to that.So parts of Clockers were good, but waiting for them was not and there was little to compel me to try and do so except for Harvey Keitel's performance.

Michael P (gb) wrote: Was hoping a movie with Judge Reinhold, Nicolas Cage and Marisa Tomei would be better...

Paul N (de) wrote: Pretty good, often gritty and definitely groundbreaking late-60s crime story, particularly in regard to its subject matter (homosexuals and police discrimination against, police corruption, sexual frankness, psychotherapy, etc). This feels all over like a project which was initiated or, at the very least, shepherded by the often-socially-conscious Sinatra, who gives a great performance. Sure, there's some cornball sixties flourishes here and there, but, considering the time, a fairly interesting piece and a time capsule of sort.

Tom D (us) wrote: Pam Grier is great in the title role in this movie. Grier has great charisma and she is a joy to watch here. The plot is nothing spectacular and the script is average but it is a well made revenge movie. If you are a Pam Grier fan then you should definitely check out this movie.

Jon P (ca) wrote: Daring auteur Werner Herzog provides viewers with a perturbing portal into a world of giggling revolt and anarchic dwarves in this bizarre snapshot of pint-sized prison. The film's screeching soundtrack and bleak black-and-white gel well with the director's translucent toying with meaning yet, much like the hotwired car, constantly circling the institution grounds, Herzog's film never ceases to chase its own tail.

Jim P (us) wrote: Albert Finney is excellent!

Craig Dylan W (au) wrote: A really great film. Themes are timeless, characters genuine, well written and well directed. I highly recommend it.

Russ V (de) wrote: I Spit On Your Grave is not for everyone. Your average movie-goer will probably not like it at all, nor will it please casual horror fans. It certainly isn't your average scary movie, as it aims at being disturbing over deliver scares, which it does quite well. I Spit On Your Grave is a good horror film, but should probably only be watched by hardcore horror fans, and for anyone who knows the premise and thinks it could make for a good horror flick would probably be better off watching the 2010 remake.

Gareth D (jp) wrote: Reminds me a little of Safe House, but well not as good. I had high hopes with Samuel being in it. It's rather contrived and well ridiculous in places.

Philip E (ag) wrote: Was younger and working at a restaurant when I saw this and that made this movie a lot of fun.

Brendan N (gb) wrote: A few giant laughs but not the comedy film it should've been. The talent was there to create a film that could've acted like a modern spinal tap film. Not without flaws, this could be another cult film over time, I was never a huge Spinal Tap fan until the 3rd showing on Tv. I'll revisit this film down the track sometime.