This Woman Is Dangerous

This Woman Is Dangerous

Elizabeth is losing her sight, so while her lover go into hiding, she checks in to the hospital for extensive surgery to recover her eyesight. There she is treated by a handsome young doctor, Ben Hellack (Dennis Morgan). As expected not only the doctor successfully open her eyes, he also opened her heart for him.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:100 minutes
  • Release:1952
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on novel,  

A tough lady gangster learns that she will be totally blind within a week. She seeks help from the one eye surgeon who may be able to save her sight. In the process, he also causes her to ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gabriel B (ag) wrote: "Paterson," a 2016 film by Jim I loved this flick. We watched it last night after flying home (we'd started it in Bali one night on my laptop, but the streaming kept stalling). It seems to move slowly throughout the the mundane life of a bus driver who is also, unknown to all but his wife, a brilliant poet. The juxtapositions in the film and themes of duality are rampant, poignant, and even fun to catch--by the midway point, I realized almost every scene and every image was part of this motif of contrast and juxtaposition. Well acted by Adam Driver (from "Rogue One," among other things). Highly recommended. Along Jarmusch's best, and that's high praise from me. In the sweeping view of this one man's daily life over a single, vital week, we are exposed to a visual parade of dualities and contrasts including: a virtual parade of twins and mirrors; an apartment with an artist's ever-changing (daily) black and white decor; a man playing chess with himself; a bit character who is an actor and whose every action seems motivated by his own sense of dramatic portrayal; intimations of danger that are not as dangerous as they seem; and surrounding all of this, the repetitions and variations of a work environment where the bus driver's daily routine is literally scheduled and mapped out--a same-old same-old world that is also unpredictable and occasional momentous. The poetry the bus driver writes and holds near (written by poet Ron Padget) is itself a revelation, mundane images that build to an introspective and deeply soulful crescendo, like water creeping toward the edge of Paterson's waterfall and then plunging into the chasm below.All this as we explore the soul of a simple man named Paterson who lives in Paterson NJ, a city known for little to most who live elsewhere, but whose residents deeply feel a connection to its little bits of fame--chiefly being home to William Carlos Williams and Lou Costello, both known for their use of words but for completely different reasons (yet another juxtaposition, here between love and deep thought and internal emotion on the one hand, and a lighthearted, humorous take on simple things in life on the other.) We hear briefly about Hurricane Carter too, heavyweight champ famously framed formurder in Paterson, a parable of a most and least powerful man. And BTW, I'm sure Jarmusch even took a note that he hired an actor named "Driver" to play his bus driver. Like I said, it's fun to try to catch all the allusions to contrast and duality and juxtaposition. In the end, Jarmusch is exploring the biggest contrast of all, the duality between our inner and outer selves--and the eternal conflict between what we reveal to others and what we treasure as our own, what we keep close, what make us whole and free and indeed unique. The film speaks deeply to those among us for whom creativity and artistry are a deep part of our selves, and more specifically to those who feel a compulsion to create but who do not harbor a need or even a willingness to share their creations with others. Another contrast here: What is artistry? Is it something we present to others, something that must be shared? Or is it rather something meaningful only to ourselves, a secret we carry to make us aware of our uniqueness and therefore we may be loathe to share, to let others into that part of our souls? And how well do we keep that secret?

Stephen H (au) wrote: Thunder Levin creates a movie like no other. An original storyline that depicts what life would be like if a solar flare caused radiation to every human being outdoors turning them into either a Mutant Zombie or a Mutant Vampire. The acting from the black guy is stunning as it seems like himself and the character he portrays seem to fuse into one breath taking human being. The timing (including the sex scene at the end) was impeccable. This movie will have you on your feet cheering as C. Thomas Howell, Tyshawn Bryant and their gang of outsiders tries to escape this horrible nightmare that is Mutant Vampire Zombies From The 'Hood!

Laura M (gb) wrote: Maybe more like a 2.75/5. It was so stereotypical that it was more like a comedy than a thriller to me, but at the same time that lack of seriousness is what made it entertaining.

Garrett C (gb) wrote: Not the worst film I've ever seen, but it gets impressively close. A film that would be completely dismissed if it had been made in the states or in the UK gets special attention and critical love simply because it depicts a city and culture not many people are familiar with. I felt like I was watching the Nordic equivalent of those junky truck stop DVD movies.

Mloy X (au) wrote: If nothing else, (and I cannot fathom anyone who wouldn't be moved by this movie) walk away with this profound line: "It's so much easier to be happy. It's so much easier to choose to love the things that you have, instead of always yearning for what you're missing, or what it is that you're imagining you're missing. It is so much more peaceful." ---Kate Gulden (Meryl Streep). This film was emotional and from the perspective of someone who lived with and lost a loved one to cancer, it rings uncomforatbly close to home but reminds me that I still have a lot of healing and living to do.

Jairo A (br) wrote: Once again Kevin finds himself without this family as he boards the wrong plane! This movie, like the first one, is a lot of fun but it's not as good as the first one. Macaulay Culkin's acting is really good and once again he punishes those annoying bad guys. This is another good watch during Christmas time! I also love the very Christmassy feel this movie has. 3.5/5 OR 7/10

Lucy A (br) wrote: Great character development throughout as well as great acting.

Fallon O (nl) wrote: A guy movie I actually want to see

Zoran S (jp) wrote: Eh, not much to say about this one.