After being released from jail, Shyamu returns home to his village and his home to his mom, and blind sister, Radha. Shyamu and his mom try to get Radha married, but in vain, as no one ...

After being released from jail, Shyamu returns home to his village and his home to his mom, and blind sister, Radha. Shyamu and his mom try to get Radha married, but in vain, as no one ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Chris J (fr) wrote: Interesting idea. I would've done it differently.

David A (it) wrote: Not as good as the Ice Age series, but a reasonable way of spending 80 minutes on a wet afternoon.

Chris Z (nl) wrote: "When you see a picture, you don't see outside the frame." Errol Morris's laser-like focus was intriguing here. This is classic Morris, building a fascinating documentary out of pure interviews, with a mix of actual photos and re-enactment. But what's unique here is that this is less a documentary about Abu Ghraib or the broader story of 'enhanced interrogation' and torture: this is truly a documentary about photographs, and the story those photographs tell, and the bigger story that they hide. It's a movie that while you're watching, you bemoan the really narrow focus: it does not discuss any broader history really, gives no larger context, provides no discussion of the story's impact or what similar stories played out in many other prisons. But by the end, when you find is not a story about torture at all. It is a story about the reality and the hidden reality in a photograph, of the failures and weaknesses of photos themselves even as they provide profoundly crucial. Abu Ghraib wouldn't be seared in the world's imagination without these photographs. But by the same token, Errol Morris's argument is also devastating: these photographs and the story we imagine behind them is not revelatory at all, it is more cover-up and obfuscation than anything. The narrow scope of this film is equally as imprisoning as the photos: they are only a glimpse, and the stories we invent to fabricate a reality out of those photos are our own historical prison. Fascinating, and well-worth watching the extra features.

Michael T (de) wrote: If you can manage the almost-three hour running time, you may find this pensive documentary to your liking.

Sarah G (mx) wrote: Definitely not the worst romantic comedy out there but the dialogue can be annoying and the overall plot is nothing spectacular, just a slightly modified version of loads of other movies.

Patrick M (br) wrote: I believe my mother owns this movie on VHS and it is simply one of the most provocative films you'll ever see. It's amazing how two of my favorite top twenty at the time of this writing are made for tv movies, but this one was incredible. The movie is about the AIDS virus when it first hit, how it was first spread and all the lives that it affected. The cast is off the charts, famous people are in the double digits in this movie, not just one hit wonder actors.The movie dealing with AIDS does focus a lot on the subject of homosexuality of males, mainly because they believe that is how it first started. I think my interest in the movie is not just the drama of it, but I've always wanted to be an immunologist or someone that finds the cures for diseases. It's incredible how they mix in the political aspect of how the government and President then, Ronald Reagan would not even recognize the disease. They just kept ignoring it, thinking it would go away.Well it hasn't and many people in the world are suffering because of it. This is simply put a movie that will open your eyes, educate you as to what really happened, and it's something that stays with you. The song that is played at the end of the movie is a perfect song for your funeral to, since I recently took that quiz, it's by Elton John, it's called "The Last Song", and you should give it a listen as well. Combining it with the end of the movie, the information and scenes they show you while it plays will make practically anyone tear up.It's a perfect movie in my opinion.

Lee M (kr) wrote: Enthusiastic and sensitive, but what's missing is momentum, as the characters drift from scene to scene and the thriller plot elements are carefully set up, only to be ignored for long stretches.

Domonkos B (de) wrote: Wow. Gave me goose bumps at the end. Really-really good.

Gregory W (mx) wrote: ok romance movie as a worker falls for a co worker his junior.

Daniel P (us) wrote: Classic gender bending western, almost entirely set in one location, that balances thrills, camp and righteous anger brilliantly.

Sylvain L (gb) wrote: Je ne sais pas si c'est le sujet ou le jeu des comdiens qui m'a tu, mais j'ai assez dtest dans l'ensemble.

David B (au) wrote: more mushy than comedy

Connor S (de) wrote: A good movie that proves Weird Al can hold his own in the movie industry.

Jordon J (au) wrote: A bittersweet portrait of two people, who, in the process of helping their children choose a college, confront the emptiness of their respective marriages. I say RENT IT!!!