Those Mad, Mad Moviemakers

Those Mad, Mad Moviemakers

Two young men wanting to make a porno movie raise money from their family and friends by claiming that they're making a religious film. Complications ensue when the porno is a hit.

Two young men wanting to make a porno movie raise money from their family and friends by claiming that they're making a religious film. Complications ensue when the
porno is a hit. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Casey P (de) wrote: good survival film....crazy scene at the end - not for the weary

Kim B (it) wrote: Even if it makes every teenage girl's dream come true, the cheesy ending was a little much and so was the villian. However, overall it was very well done and fans of the book will love it. I haven't read the books in years, but watching the movie brought back fond memories. The main actress did a great job as Georgia and had great funny, facial expressions. The movie was just as hilarious as the book and even if you don't read the book, I recommend it to most girls. The main character is very relatable, likeable, and goes thru most things teenage girls go thru. My teenage years were a lot like hers minus a lot of the good parts unfortunately, which is why I liked the books then and enjoy the movie now.

Meg K (mx) wrote: Might be bloody, but it looks interesting.

Hilary K (gb) wrote: it was ok. not really scary but it had a few creepy scenes and suspense.

AJ (it) wrote: janis. the band. buddy guy. the dead. all drunk & merry & jammin'. fuckin' gold.

Calum B (ca) wrote: Not very often are horror films so successful as to spawn a direct sequel starring the same high-profile cast as in it's predecessor (with the notable exception of Sarah Michelle Gellar), but "I Know What You Did Last Summer" was on it's time very popular as to become a franchise spanning two sequels, this being the most direct one.The film takes place one year after the events in the original, Julie James (Jennifer Love Hewitt)is now in college and has completely restored her life after the living hell she went through the last year being stalked and almost killed by a vengeful, murderous fisherman named Ben Willis (Muse Watson), whom was run over and left for dead by Julie and her friends.Julie and her best friend Karla (Brandy) decide it's time for Julie to start dating and erase her painful memories, to do so, they enter a radio contest and turn out winners of a trip to the Bahamas.Julie's former boyfriend Ray (Freddie Prinze Jr.) is attacked by the murderous fisherman and acknowledges Julie's danger, in order to protect her he escapes the hospital and embarks himself to the Bahamas.When at it's best, "I Still Know What You Did Last Summer" manages to pull off some scary scenes, but the problem lies in the clichs and the predictability of such scenes, and besides Julie and Ray's character, the other ones are forgettable at best (including Jack Black who appears as the "funny" dread-locked pothead and whom inevitably gets killed in a horrendous way) you can't help but to think the numerous other ways you would have acted if you were in the same situation (for example, an incident involving Julie being trapped inside a tanning bed and not one of the four people in the room thought of unplugging or turning off the machine, instead they break the expensive machine).The movie relies more in the gore than in the creativity of the scares, expect a lot of "mirror scenes" and the typical "the killer walks but manages to catch the teenagers who are running", besides a plot twist gets discovered in the end which not only isn't helpful, but manages to destroy the already damaged storyline.In the end "I Still Know What You Did Last Summer" is nothing more than your typical teenage slasher film, which despite stellar performances by Love Hewitt and Prinze Jr. and somewhat noticeable production values, never manages to impress or scare the audience.4 out of 10.

Rodney E (ca) wrote: A Tarantino ripoff that sucks balls. Peter Fonda with a voice box and a carzed Rory Cochrane barely make this watchable.

Shel O (nl) wrote: Sort of a topsy turvy family comedy...A lot of the plot was strained, and most of this movie is not worth remembering...

Kerry D (br) wrote: This is an amazingly romantic film. It is such a tear-jerker. Yes, the romance is historically inaccurate, but it makes such a beautiful and tragic story. Helena Bonham Carter is absolutely wonderful playing such a softly-spoken, sweet and timid yet headstrong character. Her character in this film has become my role model! She's absolutely divine.

Martin K (ag) wrote: Je suis bien embt, je ne vais pas balancer sur Pasolini mais bon, honnetement je suis ennuye pendant la majeure partie du film. Un peu comme le Satyricon de Fellini, on a affaire a des petits chapitres grivois et impertinents dans un decor historique en carton pate et avec des acteurs plus choisis pour leurs trognes improbables que pour leur talent. Le fond est bien la mais la forme ne suit pas et c'est bien dommage. La dernire scene en Enfer vaut certes son pesant de cacahouetes mais l'ensemble souffre trop d'avoir perdu de sa subversion au fil des ans pour qu'a la fin on n'ait pas l'impression d'avoir juste coche un film dans la liste du parfait cinephile, helas sans y avoir prit de plaisir.(volontairement sans accents)

Cory A (es) wrote: A Grindhouse movie that isn't that bad.

Patricia S (ca) wrote: A classic. The man with a thousand faces and a wonderful Louis de Funes who never gave up. Love it.

Aj V (es) wrote: This is a musical version of Ninotchka, and with a better cast, I enjoyed it. It's a lot funnier than the first movie too.

Spencer H (es) wrote: Hot Fuzz points out everything that's wrong with buddy cop movies in very funny ways, but in doing this it manages to be a great buddy cop movie itself.

Audrey D (gb) wrote: I was touched by this movie, just wonderful

Filippo V (it) wrote: Un'atmosfera tetra e cupa alla base di questo film firmato Tim Burton, con una trama intricata ma sempre coinvolgente. Lo stile unico di questo visionario regista evidente e non vedo l'ora di analizzare tutte le sue numerose opere.