Freya McAllister suddenly starts hearing voices in her head on the night of her High School Prom. One night Dr Michael Welles arrives telling Freya that she isn't crazy but that her voices are the thoughts of everyone around her. He teaches her to turn her telepathic powers into a powerful gift. What he doesn't say is that he works for the National Security Agency...

Freya McAllister suddenly starts hearing voices in her head on the night of her High School Prom. From then on her future ends and she is diagnosed as a violent schizophrenic and committed ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Antti Q (ca) wrote: "I can't believe it's not ghibli."

Michael K (au) wrote: Just some cheap entertainment...

Rebecca H (kr) wrote: I thought this movie was great. The typical boy meets girl love story. Who doesnt love them. lol. The music was also great in this movie. I never really liked ashley simpsons music but the song she sings on here i thought was a really good one. I would definitely reccomend my freinds watching this , it was terrific

Francisco M (ag) wrote: Wow! This one is a surprise! A underrated classic horror movie in my opinion. At some points it gets a little boring, but it's so interesting and original that in the end you want more.

Julian B (jp) wrote: Bill Plympton is the shit!

bjesna b (ca) wrote: dead lesbian society... if this lovely story doesn't make you horny, ur playing for other team pal, you know...

Doctor S (fr) wrote: Moody, mysterious, and measured thriller shot in beautiful black & white except for a pivotal sequence inside "the Castle." Soderbergh's best film is quite unlike any other in dropping Jeremy Irons, utterly convincing as Franz Kafka circa 1919 Prague, amidst a very Kafkaesque series of encounters. The insurance clerk's appointed assistants are two of the funniest oddball characters in film history. I last watched this 15 years ago until tonight and was completely reaffirmed why this remains one of my favorites of the 1990s.

Phil H (gb) wrote: Another film for Aykroyd in 88 only this time in my humble opinion its a weak one with a very silly B-movie type premise and a poor performance from the over hyped (at the time) Basinger. Even Aykroyd can't save this very average film with his usual zany comedy and fast quips, the effects are really dated and I don't think event that good for its time whilst the comedy is lacking, all the film does really is show how poor an actress Basinger is. Look out for a very young Seth Green and of course Alyson Hannigan.

Tim G (kr) wrote: I fell asleep. Some may say Man in the Gray Flannel Suit is boring, but this is worse.

Irene M (ru) wrote: Another excellent movie from Tom Hanks. Resonates especially now; the theme reminds one that 'rule of law' is what defines us as Americans.