In this episodic WW II drama, a Yugoslavian youth attempts to escape from German soldiers. In the first scene, he stands amongst a group of refugees waiting for a train. One man, with no identification papers is accused of a petty crime and the crowd insists that three soldiers arrest him. The youth tries to stop them all, but he fails and the man is executed. Soon afterward, his wife shows up and proves that he was indeed innocent. In the second episode, the youth participates in a resistance raid and ends up pursued into a swamp where he meets another fugitive. This man ends up sacrificing his life so that the youth can escape. The final story begins as the war ends. The youth has become an officer in the Yugoslav army and is being forced to deliver an order to execute all citizens who collaborated with the Germans. One of the traitors is a woman he cares for, but this doesn't stop him from obeying his commands.

Three stories are set at the beginning, middle and the end of WW2. In all three of them the hero of the movie must witness the death of people he likes. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Genaro M (mx) wrote: Awful. The same socialist themed everyone should get along as long as your not hurting anybody it's all good crap. Enough!

Jolene T (ru) wrote: this is a very interesting and witty movie, filled with humor. though not perfect, good enough to keep you entertained.

Shane M (us) wrote: This was very sad, and almost as good as Lincoln. What this tells me is "never give up on your dreams" and "don't let anything stop you from reaching your dreams". The way Brad felt when he felt when he was a kid is like my friend when he was younger.

David D (de) wrote: My obsession with weaves

TTT C (es) wrote: Here's another film rating.

Ryan D (es) wrote: This movie is totally 80's. Funny while touching some seriousness.

Josh S (jp) wrote: THIS MOVIE LOOKS AWESOME!!!!

Calyre Z (kr) wrote: "L'trangleur de Rillington Place"

Adrian B (de) wrote: In the days leading up to the Great Depression (1929), a young boy (Jan Handzlik, as an adult played by actor Roger Smith) is forced to move into his Auntie Mame's (Rosalind Russell) penthouse and grow up there. She loves the lavish style and is living off stock income until the crash on the markets occurs. In addition, the trustee (Fred Clark) for the father's inheritance arranges for the boy to be sent to a school away from his aunt, leaving her greatly disappointed. Surprisingly, this comedy is not as bad as others from the era, so it stands up slightly better thanks to Russell's performance and some good lines. Unfortunately, it has a major problem. There are too many depressing scenes, such as Mame's new husband (Forrest Tucker) falling to his death in the Alps in Switzerland as well as Mame's loneliness when her nephew is taken away. Those parts wreck a potentially good film and make sad, deteriorating the laughs I endured. Had those several scenes been cut, it may have stood a lot better. It would have also been shorter. Thankfully, not the most dated comedy of the era.

Dave B (gb) wrote: Actually not badly put together by Harlin and Viggo shows some pretty good chops. Solid gore effects reminiscent of Hellraiser.

Lane B (fr) wrote: The story focuses on the time period surrounding the making of "Psycho", which the studio refused to fund, and the Hitchcocks produced it themselves. Hopkins does an admirable job portraying the legendary director, but Helen Mirren is spotless as Alma, the overlooked wife. We could see the criticisms of the film, such as Scarlett Johansson. She is no Janet Leigh. We get a glimpse into the life of the film maker, but there's no new ground to be discovered. Overall, it was better than what some of the critics had stated. We certainly enjoyed the film.

Sheila C (ru) wrote: Pixie Hollow comes alive in this magically colorful fairy tale

Frank N (ru) wrote: The Hollywood Jacky-Chan-style play.

Doug Z (gb) wrote: If you're a Canadian going out of your way to make a movie centered around Canadian soldiers and their contribution to the war in Afghanistan, don't give one of your main characters a Brooklyn accent! An definitely do not have them saying "outstanding!" like they're US marines! >:(

Tracy E (de) wrote: I enjoyed John Travolta in this movie. It wasn't great, but much better than many movies.