Three Cases of Murder

Three Cases of Murder

Three stories of murder and the supernatural: A museum worker is introduced to a world behind the pictures he sees every day. When two lifelong friends fall in love with the same woman and she is killed, they are obvious suspects. Is their friendship strong enough for them to alibi each other? When a young politician is hurt by the arrogant Secretary for Foreign Affairs Lord Mountdrago, he uses Mountdrago's dreams to get revenge.

Three stories of murder and the supernatural. In the first, a museum worker is introduced to a world behind the pictures he sees every day. Second, when two lifelong friends fall in love ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Philippe R (ru) wrote: Une touchante histoire, des amis, un manquant. Les promesses, les souvenirs... De beaux moments

Lily K (us) wrote: Juz because of Aaron Kwow I went in to see this movie... Not bad at all for a HK Production. Besides... Shu Qi is still very beautiful plus the new star Zhang JingChu (who also stars in Aftershock). The CG are at acceptable level... And some very impressive fighting scene too... even this is not an Jacky Chan movie!!!

PierreLuc G (us) wrote: Davantage une comdie de srie z qu'un vritable film d'horreur, il s'agit d'un amalgame particulirement exagr des plus grands clichs des slashers des annes 80. Le film lui-mme mriterait une bien meilleure note s'il n'tait pas aussi mal ralis. Les acteurs n'ont aucune crdibilit et l'apparition de Ron Jeremy n'amliore en rien la situation.

Richard I (es) wrote: A complex, involving, occasionally melodramatic tale of many things, but above all how we should deal with things going wrong.

Wayne S (it) wrote: A movie based on a japanese comics, a teenager who killed his parents, get into jail, become a gigolo and a boxer. For me, this is one of the Shawn Yue's great movie, he trying some character that far different with his previous movie. This ISN'T a good hero movie, or MARTIAL ART movie, director is trying to keep all the original plots from the comics. Francis Ng play well in this movie, and i think he can do more better. However, not bad for a HK movie.

Filippo V (it) wrote: Emozionante commedia dal tocco molto attuale con personaggi ben caratterizzati e una sceneggiatura fresca e giovane.

alex i (us) wrote: I wanted to like this. There were good performances all round but i just felt it really lacked tension for some reason. It was incredibly long and i personally feel it didnt have enough atmosphere to keep you hooked to a story that is very convoluted and doesnt really have any resolution.

Javier C (ag) wrote: waaaaaaaaaaay to cheesy and corny.

Kristina K (gb) wrote: Very awkward, very funny, very realistic.

Alex W (de) wrote: Good production value, which is unfortunately all that can be said for the film.

John B (fr) wrote: Beautiful little innocent love story with a very non innocent film title. Small town Sweden could be small town America with the boredom of youth taking up with exploration of relationships. Nice.

Archibald T (br) wrote: Before Memento and after The Usual Suspects, there was this movie. A well made psychological thriller about a rich boy who may have murdered a hooker. Two investigator's played by Penn and Rooker investigate in the case by holding sessions in a room with Tim Roth's character who also has some dirt on the two investigator's as well and one particular detective might also have something to do with the hooker's death. The camera work is excellent and the acting from Roth is awesome.

Saul D (jp) wrote: The movie is silly, the plot odd and ending (In my eyes) confusing and not even funny. Yet with these problems the subtle jokes, gags and one-liners are the pieces that hold the movie together very well. Most if not all the jokes will make you at least giggle. Is it a movie to take a little seriously, god no, if you did that you'd probably ruin the experience. This is a movie makes no sense but it is just funny as hell. The only really bad parts of this movie is mostly due to the ending, which is so bad it was like if Neil Simon wrote it in a day or less. It doesn't even get a laugh out of it which I think they were hoping for. To sum up, this movie is stupid, confusing and god damn hilarious!

TTT C (nl) wrote: (***): Thumbs Up This movie works so well because of a great performance by Christopher Lee. A solidly entertaining Hammer movie.

Karrar A (kr) wrote: i want to see it i love that movie

Johnny T (fr) wrote: My Big Fat Greek Wedding is a jubilant mix of laughter, longing, forgiveness, sacrifice, commitment and, above all, balancing family obligations against true love. Though it sometimes feels like a television sitcom, My Big Fat Greek Wedding is good-hearted, lovable, and delightfully eccentric, with a sharp script and lead performance from Nia Vardalos. Endearing eccentricities, such as Toula's father's improvisational Greek etymologies of words like "kimono" and his reliance on Windex for a range of external-use medicinal purposes, help humanize the characters. We're sitting around the storyteller as she tells us about her family and all their crazy personalities and relationships with each other. And we can smile knowingly because family dynamics are easily relatable. To their credit, Hanks and Wilson stuck to their guns, keeping Vardalos and her ethnicity in a film that is as much a triumph of the underdog and word-of-mouth as it is a box office success. With Corbett's laidback persona nicely countering Vardalos's authorial performance, the picture radiates a pure affability that's awfully attractive. My Big Fat Greek Wedding is a very slim movie that succeeds on its own modest terms without pretense or apology. An ugly duckling fairytale that is predictable and brimming with clichs - but so earnest, funny and joyful that it's a complete delight all the same.VERDICT: "High-Quality Stuff" - [Positive Reaction] This is a rating to a movie I view as very entertaining and well made, and definitely worth paying the full price at a theatre to see or own on DVD. It is not perfect, but it is definitely excellent. (Films that are rated 3.5 or 4 stars)