Three Coins in the Fountain

Three Coins in the Fountain

American girls dream of finding romance in Rome, but there is none for secretaries, Anita tells her replacement at the USDA. But Maria soon meets Prince Dino de Cessi at a party at her boss's home who invites her to fly to Venice in his private plane. Frances, who has been in Rome for 15 years as the secretary of a successful American writer who talks a lot like George Bernard Shaw and is just as elusive as Professor Henry Higgins in "My Fair Lady," tells her at first to say "no" and then decides that together they can handle the man nicknamed the predatory prince. Coins tossed in the Trevi Fountain can indeed work magic.

American girls dream of finding romance in Rome, but there is none for secretaries, Anita tells her replacement at the USDA. But Maria soon meets Prince Dino de Cessi at a party at her ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alex W (kr) wrote: Some interesting stuff in here but not a ton you don't know if you follow the news. Sometimes the dated graphics feel a little cheep. heres to hoping the director doesn't get to say "i told you so" in a few years.

Andreas F (au) wrote: Hjspndt politisk politithriller, om korruptionen blandt brasiliansk politi og trdene til bde det politiske system, og de lokale mafiaagtige militiaer. Hvis den tegner et sandfrdigt billede er det skrmmende! Hjspndt og actionmttet fra start til slut.

Ian G (gb) wrote: An interesting little film that brings attention to it due to the involvement of television star Hugh Laurie in one of his first post House roles and family film director Andrew Adamson, tracking the story of a young girl Matilda and her story surrounding her escape from the civil war on her home island Bougainville, and how Hugh Lauries Watts began her teaching through Dickens Great Expectations which helped open her world and provide a means of figurative escape. Interesting blend of love of literature as well as real world politics and struggling with the various sides of the people we think we know.

Phil H (jp) wrote: Sounds epic and stars Jean Reno, I was expecting a rip roaring 'Leon' type gun flick but alas. The film isn't bad by any means but its rather slow with a lot of dialog, and with subs that can be a slog.The action kicks off straight away as we see Reno's character having a good time with his son only to be ambushed by his car and gunned down in brutal fashion reminiscent of Murphy's execution in 'Robocop'.After seeing this I was thinking, OK...let the blood splattering revenge commence. That is what the film is based around naturally, Reno's character getting revenge for his attack and uncovering who and why, which of course leads to the odd double cross.The whole film is really well made, looks good and classy but its pretty boring in all honesty. There is the odd violent flare which gets you excited, Reno taking out the odd bad guy in revenge, but its few and far between. A more sensible thriller instead of the larger than life kick ass revenge flick I hoped for.The ending is also rather uneventful to say the least. I felt somewhat disappointed by the end but appreciate the quality acting on show from Reno and other French actors, I think the films poster and title does mislead you a little.

Jamey W (gb) wrote: That was a really good movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Michael (br) wrote: Unbelievably deep performances from an all-star cast! I missed it in the theaters and only watched it because there was nothing else on. I really found a hidden gem with this intricate plot line. Very reminiscent of older films that provoke deep thought while providing an entertaining facade, which makes Mr. Brooks enjoyable on many levels. I've watched it many times, and it just keeps getting better!

Timothy M (jp) wrote: Every woman should be forced to watch this movie!! How the hell Hillary Swank (who I love) beat Imelda Staunton (Dolores Unbridge for Potter Fans) for the Oscar is beyond me. An absolutely brilliant performance!!!

Adam R (it) wrote: Von Trier moves from metaphysical to social concern, and unmasks the 'white savior' complex as using kindness to dehumanize.

Chris W (ag) wrote: For this feature, respected writer/director Spike Lee decided to make a satire concerns race in American culture, specifically television, and how racist imagery of the past still has an effect in the present day.The broad idea is a fine one, and this is a topic that should be addressed in a film. The major issue I have with this production is in its execution, and a lot of the choices Spike makes.The story concerns a well to do African American at a tv station who is fed up with his job, and decides to pitch a show idea so offensive, there's no way it will be accepted and air,, and he will be fired. It all backfires on him though, and the resulting fallout has a curious effect on him, the show's cast, other employees, and the viewing audience.The basic concept is nothugn really new, and the film owes a big debt to Network (which it makes great reference to). No, what bugs me is how the story is told. It is shot on video, giving it a documentary feel, which is okay, but it really makes everything look grainy and cheap, and the impact is lessened as a result. Also, to cause controversy, out Protagonist decides to have the program be a minstrel show set in a watermelon patch. I get the idea of satire, and purposely playing up buffonery, but come on, there's no way to incorrectly guess how something like this would be received. It's an out of touch and dated reference point, and sure, the film is probably eye opening for a number of people, but it seems like Lee misjudges how many people aren't already aware of the racial issues he brings up. Becuase it seems like he treats the viewers as totally ignorant, this is one of the most unsubtle, heavy handed, overbearing, and exhaustingly repetitive films out there.It's overlong, and the point gets hammered home really early on, so all the rest is just continual rehashing, and beating the message into people's heads with a sledgehammer. Yes, there are some really great points that are made, and there are some excellent sequences, but this is just way too overblown and tiresome. It's still a fascinating film, and will make you think, but this really needed to be written and edited a lot better. It does feature some really good performances however, even though Wayans and Rapaport do get a tad obnoxious at times. All in all, a noble effort, but a bit too flawed for me to really recommend. It does have a great set up though, so it's a shame that the execution isn't as strong or consistent.

Natalee K (ru) wrote: Now we're making up for lost time

Mark R (us) wrote: Some very interesting commentary on men, women, feminism and the relationships between all of the above.

Christian L (ag) wrote: Hold kft noget crap!!!

Tero H (br) wrote: Rarely a dull moment in this brutal and very un-PC revolution western. The ingredients for an excellent spaghetti are all there: Nero, Milian, Morricone, Corbucci... Even if none of them are at their best here, it is still a memorable movie.

James H (de) wrote: 62/100. Highly fictionalized account of the loves of Napoleon. Curious casting, particularly Marlon Brando as the famed emperor. It is a bit slow moving and too talky, but the production is exquisite. Fine art direction, costume design and cinematography. Decent score. Both the art direction and costumes received Academy Award nominations. Carolyn Jones is memorable in a small role. Jean Simmons is always a pleasure to watch.

Enna (us) wrote: A whimsical circus story from the 40's. Brilliant art and deeply emotional moments give it the status of a classic.

Ben J (nl) wrote: This is another one of Seagal's straight to video releases that is worth a look (like Urban Justice). There's a lack of voice-overs and Seagal seems to do a lot of his own fighting. The opening gun battle is also pretty cool.

John B (au) wrote: I liked it. It was a good story and well acted.