Three Loan Wolves

Three Loan Wolves

Told in flash back, the stooges tell their son how he came to have three fathers. The stooges, owners of a pawn shop, owed money to the gashouse protection society, a bunch of loan sharks. To complicate matters, a lady leaves a baby in the shop as part of a plan to sell a phony diamond and the stooges wind up caring for the kid. The stooges manage to defeat the crooks and when they finish telling the story, the kid goes off to find his real mother.

Told in flash back, the stooges tell their son how he came to have three fathers. The stooges, owners of a pawn shop, owed money to the gashouse protection society, a bunch of loan sharks. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michael M (us) wrote: Song and dance movies aren't really my thing but I guess this wasn't as bad as I anticipated it would be.

Shelly I (ru) wrote: Better than expected. Funny, touching, and highly enjoyable.

WS W (fr) wrote: Surprisingly a decent & substantial one from the same genre. Confusing editing sometimes. Would be better if diluting or even wiping the gay element out since parenthood is the main theme after all. Good performance of the ensemble cast, especially the 2 leading actors- Paul Preiss & Bart Fletcher.

Calum F (ag) wrote: This is another great Steven Seagal direct to DVD film. This 1 is sure better than all the other crappy Films he has made like attack force submerged out of reach and flight of fury.

Ian H (us) wrote: Miyazaki's weirdest, most insane movie. Also maybe Miyazaki's most beautifully animated movie. And yet this one slots in next to Porco Rosso at the bottom of my Miyazaki faves in that it's fun and it's a great movie but just didn't connect the way the way his movies usually (read: almost always) connect. I do love that they obviously tried to reel in the Finding Nemo crowd with the borderline facsimile poster and DVD art when this movie might disturb some of the more square parents out there.

Marvin R (ag) wrote: KICKAAAASS: You have 2 speak spanish though, unless u get it with subtitles. QUE CHIMB'E PELICULA. Mejor dicho ud. se entretiene sabroso

Michaellyn R (jp) wrote: You most definetely need to smoke something in order to really enjoy this movie seriously!

Stephen C (es) wrote: As a follow up to his documentary on American Cinema this four hour Journey through Italian Cinema is a wonderful watch. Scorsese picks the films he saw on TV as a child and focuses on the great directors such as Fellini,Visconti,Rosellini and De Sica. With clips fron well known and some less well known films Scorsese shows us how these films even in bad prints shaped His movies. Scorsese makes a great tutor as his voice over is never boring or jarring and his passion for these movies shines through. One wonders if Marty should do more of these docs as they are always interesting and never dull

Ryan V (jp) wrote: Jackie Chan plays a perverted private eye who follows a runaway heiress to a cruise ship that's subsequently hijacked by terrorists. This leads to balletic martial arts fights, sound effects lifted straight out of Looney Tunes, and numerous examples of beautiful women firing guns in revealing clothing. City Hunter is best-known to American audiences for the scene where Jackie Chan gets slapped into an arcade console and gets warped into both the costumes and abilities of various characters from the Street Fighter series. Other than that weird outlier, this movie is a goofy mess that nonetheless provides ample opportunity for its star to characteristically split the difference between Bruce Lee and Buster Keaton. Few would accuse City Hunter of being transcendent, but it's a fun slice of schlocky action cheese if one happens to be in the mood for it.

Mad M (fr) wrote: Decent nostalgic 90s movie.

Grayson W (us) wrote: A fun movie that expects you to believe Jon Cryer is a 35 year old stock broker. This is one year after his highschooler role as Ducky in Pretty in Pink...

Jacob K (nl) wrote: Really good thriller movie. Also a tragically accurate snapshot of racial tensions in early-70s upper Manhattan. Everyone delivers stellar acting performances, especially Yaphet Kotto (whom I love from his days on "Homicide"). Some want to label it as blaxploitation, but I think its too broad for that though there are elements of that genre in the movie.

Amy G (fr) wrote: It's like a tribute to all things Fargo.

Patrick L (ag) wrote: Muppets From Space is a movie that features Gonzo along with Kermit and the others and focuses on Gonzo's lack of knowledge about where he is from and that he is so different from the others. He finds out he is from another planet and his people come to Earth to take him home but he chooses to stay while a human who is obsessed with discovering aliens is taken to Gonzo's planet. 8/10.