Three Smart Saps

Three Smart Saps

The stooges are engaged to the three daughters of a prison warden. When they learn that some crooks have taken over the prison and their prospective father-in-law has been locked up, they decide to go undercover to rescue him. The stooges sneak into the prison where they find a casino with a fancy party in progress. After swiping some formal attire, they crash the party and get candid camera evidence to expose the crooked goings-on. With the crooks behind bars once again, the stooges are able to get married and all ends well.

The stooges are engaged to the three daughters of a prison warden. When they learn that some crooks have taken over the prison and their prospective father-in-law has been locked up, they ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lauren B (ru) wrote: I certainly won't hide my affinity for Zach Braff. I've had a major crush on him since he first appeared on "Scrubs" and then had a full-on love affair with him when he made "Garden State" (which is still in my Top 10 favorite movies of all time). I was ecstatic that Braff was finally making a follow-up and had incredibly high hopes for "Wish I was Here." The problem is that while sentimental and on-point for thirtysomethings these days, I was a bit disappointed. The thing is, you can't make the same movie about being in your thirties that you made when you were in your twenties. And I certainly hope Zach Braff doesn't try to make this same movie when he's in his forties. That being said, I still enjoyed "Wish I Was Here." Probably the best part is the soundtrack. If there's one thing Braff does well, it's curating a music collection that enhances the story.

Janice G (mx) wrote: One word describes this movie: twisted.

ashish s (ag) wrote: Worst movie of the year award should go to this movie a total waste of time and money only good part about the movie is the song "Zor ka jhatka" and to watch that you dont need to go to theater just watch on any music channel,Screenplay of movie is disaster,apart from above mentioned song all other songs are forgetable,music of the songs don't go with the era.Avoid watching it.

Lariste K (mx) wrote: a TV-quality mix of sexy (sexist??) shots of a tightly clad woman, hyper-exaggerated editing and cheesy, simplistic action movie tropes. Should have been a music video, if the director had any talent.

monica f (nl) wrote: The more I watch Brazilian movies, the more I like them. I like the cinematography, always full of vivid colors and gorgeous landscapes. I like the stories of every day human struggle against an overwhelming and overpowering nature. I like the performances and the shine of hope that life can be a little bit better.

Lyla B (de) wrote: Not as bad as critics say, need to watch more than once to understand it.

Katrina B (mx) wrote: A great twist on the traditional King Lear story, and the actors were amazing.

John T (mx) wrote: The acting is horrible. The visuals of hell were pretty good, though. I did like how in the middle of hell where people are getting tortured in horrible ways a teenage girl is like, "this totally sucks. I'm cupped up all day. I'm bored and want to get out." - Total complete insensitivity. I don't know if I liked how the demons were following God's orders and were more religious than anyone. In the end, this movie was really really put together badly. The acting was what killed it. The rest of this movie was salvageable, but there was only one actor, the doctor, was even partially believable and his acting was very far from good. This could have been pretty bad ass. You can see from the hell scene that it didn't look bad at all. This had a lot of potential, but it came out looking cheap and unbelievable.

Scott M (nl) wrote: A movie about how your friends can really destroy your life. One of the better black gangster movies of the 90's. I love how the story starts with Tupac being a charismatic cut up but then he turns into a deadly thug. Very scary.

Bill B (jp) wrote: James Woods is at his scenery chewing best in this James Ellroy adaptation from James B. Harris, and he's the main reason to check it out, right down to the hilarious final line.Worth a rental.

Evan H (it) wrote: Fassbinder's last movie is an interesting movie. It has a pretty sexy gay sex scene in it, where Querelle takes it like a man! This movie has pretty good acting and direction. The sunsets in the background makeup for the slow bits!

Lucas B (nl) wrote: This movie shows people that if you work hard you should be fairly rewarded for it.

AT S (ca) wrote: Uh, I think I just watched a Paul Verhoeven film that I liked.

Harry W (ag) wrote: Winning Lee Marvin the Academy Award for Best Actor, Cat Ballou sounded like a western classic.Uncertain of what kind of Western to expect from Cat Ballou, the instant the Columbia Pictures logo turned into a gun-toting animation of Cat Ballou and the film kicked off with a jonty tune, I knew I was in for some kind of comedic venture Recognized as one of the first major western comedy films, Cat Ballou draws innovative credibility from its lighthearted nature and the presence of a female protagonist, even though the screen is stolen by Lee Marvin. Following the familiar story of war over ownership of land, Cat Ballou takes viewers on a journey through many familiar western plot points in a combination of comedy and drama. But even though Cat Ballou parodies western archetypes, it still finds itself succumbing to relying on the same plot structure it parodies and therefore has to embrace many of the dramatic plot dynamics that come with it. The story is mainly a parody of Shane (1953) with a much more comic oriented tone, but the jokes seem to drop in and out at random times. If Cat Ballou isn't joking about the western genre, its getting too caught up in taking itself seriously to grasp the innovation that it clearly aspires to. The limited number of stylish moments in Cat Ballou may have been far more refreshing back in the day of its original release, but by today's standards it seems like Cat Ballou hasn't survived the battle of age well enough to stand up any more. I'm not saying that it's a bad film, it's just not the western masterpiece I was expecting. Frankly, the main problem is the fact that the story takes itself too seriously and goes in all kinds of directions in an attempt to be both a western comedy and a character piece. Alas, it never chooses a consistent path and then just it finally begins to settle in on something the film is suddenly over and leaves a questionable feeling on audiences. By the end of it I hardly knew how I felt about Cat Ballou, but I largely got the impression that I was waiting for something which never ended up happening.Even though Cat Ballou adheres to many familiar western plot points, its intentions to divert them into a comic narrative leads it to leave certain things out. Unfortunately, among them is all that much of an action spectacle. The stylistic value of Cat Ballou is sourced from the slapstick gags which prove to be gleefully comedic when they decide to grace the screen, but they prove to be very sporadic in actuality as the charms of the actors are given greater reliance to supply the laughter. As much as they help, the general style of Cat Ballou is not utilized enough to provide consistent laughs in this day and age. There is no denying the colourful appeal that comes with the extensive production and costume designs as well as the fact that it is all captured with steady cinematography, but altogether it is never sufficiently utilized to make use of the spending behind Cat Ballou and that is simply a real shame.However, the musical score in Cat Ballou is definitely brilliant. Rather than the typical sweeping western style, Cat Ballou makes use of lighthearted country themes largely dominated by the use of a Banjo which keeps the experience easy-going. The musical talents of Nat King Cole and Stubby Kaye are delightful as is the enjoyable way they sing directly to the audience. Their supporting effort in Cat Ballou is an essential part of the fun. Above all, the cast of Cat Ballou is the main reason to see the film in the first place.Lee Marvin's Academy Award winning lead performance is certainly a charming effort. Though Cat Ballou strangely oscillates between the comedy and drama themes, Lee Marvin's gruff nature manages to succeed in crafting both a legitimate cowboy of vigilance and a parody of one at the same time. Instead of commanding the other characters he just lets loose and stumbles across the set which is a distinctive contrast to what you would expect from a man like him. This ensures that he is easily capable of varying between the more serious moments of the film and its overall comic tone at the same time, keeping up with its odd mood changes and capitalizing on them as a chance to show off his versatility as an actor. Going from a goofball one minute to a fearless gunslinger the next, Lee Marvin is able to use his natural persona to capture a cowboy feeling every second he is on screen. Regardless of which state of mind he is in or which of the two characters he is playing, Lee Marvin manages to bring sufficient charm and dramatic strength to the role with some comic undertones that highlight him as the best aspect of the film, and its a strong boost to his ever growing credibility.Jane Fonda makes a strong lead in the titular role. Catherine "Cat" Ballou has elements of a silly blonde stereotype to her, but she has a deep burning dramatic passion in pursuit of justice without going overboard. This capitalizes on Jane Fonda's intrinsic spirit and status as an anti-establishment iconoclast, and her dramatic spirit is dedicated yet light enough not to hit viewers over the head with a political agenda. Jane Fonda has the charismatic passion to be a powerful leading cowgirl yet the genuine humanity to carry the role with human emotion and vulnerability, making it a spectacle for her many talents as an actress. Jane Fonda takes on the most commanding role of Cat Ballou with intrinsic passion.Tom Nardini also remains memorable, maintaining the looks of a young Charles Bronson and a lighthearted likable spirit.Cat Ballou gains a lot of credibility from the powerful leading performances of Lee Marvin and Jane Fonda, but its inability to settle on being a legitimate western film or a parody of one leaves it as an odd hybrid of comedy and drama without much of a spectacle to anchor it.

Citien P (kr) wrote: Okay, but weak for a Marx Brothers film.

Nicola W (gb) wrote: Slow start but got better as it went along. I finally know how Captain America was created. Great ending!

Ben L (nl) wrote: Delivery Man is the story of a loser who can't seem to get his life together. When his girlfriend announces that she is pregnant, she doubts that he has the ability to buckle down and be a father. Meanwhile he learns that 20 years ago, when he donated sperm a ton of times to make money, his sperm was used to create more than 500 children and a ton of them decide to sue the sperm bank to get his name. This leads him on an undercover journey to find out who these kids are and, while he tries to improve their lives, they also improve his. What surprised me about this movie was that it was very light on humor. There were certain moments and even entire scenes that were clearly constructed for laughs, but only a few of them were really effective. Most of the good laughs came from Chris Pratt, and his humorous relationship with his kids. I wish Cobie Smulders was given some funny lines to work with, because I know she can pull that stuff off, but she was the super-serious girlfriend that's almost a buzzkill. I could take the lack of laugh-out-loud humor because the story had a strange endearing quality to it. Watching this man trying to be a guardian angel to all these kids was so delightful.The flaw in Delivery Man is Vince Vaughn. He is absolutely dreadful, and threatens to suck every ounce of joy out of the film. He appears bored for most of the film, and seems to have no comedic timing or delivery at all. The story that his character is involved in helps to elevate him slightly above total suckage, but only slightly. It took me forever to start sympathizing with his character simply because he's so unlikable. I swear, with nothing more than a recast of the lead, this might have been a hit film. Anyone with even a modicum of charm would work, and it doesn't help having Chris Pratt standing right next to him for most of the movie showing how it's done. The only other problem I had with Delivery Man was it felt like they added one too many points of conflict. Having 100+ kids looking for you seems strong enough, so I don't know why we needed the main character to have life-threatening gambling debts. He was enough of a loser without that added in. Still that's a minor nitpick in a film that was built on a solid foundation of story. If not for one majorly awful casting choice, I think Delivery Man could be a really solid film. As it stands I still enjoyed it but I think it's much harder to recommend unless you have a tolerance for Vince Vaughn.