Three Strangers

Three Strangers

On the eve of the Chinese New Year, three strangers make a pact before a small statue of the Chinese goddess of Destiny. The strangers are Crystal Shackleford, married to a wealthy philanderer; Jerome Artbutny, an outwardly respectable judge; and Johnny West, a seedy sneak thief. The threesome agree to purchase a sweepstakes ticket and share whatever winnings might accrue.

Three strangers, each with a serious problem in their lives, share a sweepstakes ticket which they wished upon together before a Chinese idol. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Danielle F (fr) wrote: Understated, haunting and mystical...

Tnde V (jp) wrote: My most loved Alan is in it :)

Jerin P (it) wrote: Uneven, plodding story. The lead character is fascinating, in the same way car accidents are.

Nisrin A (fr) wrote: Don't ask why I've been watching so many Hindi films! Despite the obvious connotations to the Godfather, this movie has its own Aha moments. Very well adapted into Indian contexts, this movie isn't a sappy bollywood over the top flick as with most commercial films. The acting is bang on and the storyline can actually have you believing that these things exist the way it is portrayed. I recommend it.

Larissa S (us) wrote: Some funny parts..but STUPID overall

Adam W (ca) wrote: Some moments are cheesy and some things inaccurrate but I still love this film. It is well written and the action set pieces were just great. Tom Berenger was also fantastic.

Richard P (ca) wrote: Absolute rubbish! Didn't even bother watching it all.

Caesar B (jp) wrote: Bad film by a good director.

paul s (fr) wrote: Capturing a flavor of the decade prior (the 60's) this film is almost real to the point of surrealism, with a quirky story line brilliantly told through the eyes of a certifiable lunatic. Shout takes the unusual stance at starting from the ending, though we certainly don't know it at the time. From there we wander the grounds of a mental institution and witness a game of cricket between the "guests" and the staff. Scoring the game is newcomer Tim Curry (looking so very young!) and Alan Bates (who gives a truly haunting and commanding performace). Bates begins to tell a tale of a man (a young John Hurt) who is a guest at the asylum who has "lost his wife". From here the story unfolds, involving a married couple (Hurt and Susannah York) who take in a charismatic vagabond (Bates) who claims that he spent 18 years in the Australian outback with the aboriginies; learning, amongst other things, a shout that is deadly to all who hear it. He also apparantly learned some other magic from the Shaman, such as the ability to bind someone's heart by casting a spell over an item belonging to that person. What then ensues is like a drug infused dream where all appears normal, but then slightly out of step - just as the cricket game appears normal, but is fraying at the edges since it involves lunatics. The performances here are very good throughout, but the direction could have used a bit of tightening. There are some transcendant moments but others that seem trivial and unbelievable (odd considering that the entire premiss is pretty darned unbelievable). In the end you get an interesting period type piece (and by that I mean looking at the film in the time it was produced, not a Jayne Austin drawing room piece), that shows a director taking big chances and swinging for the fences, but too often missing the mark. I will say that Bates was riveting and the commanding presence that his charactor was supposed to portray. I can see a remake with Ian McShane.

Nate T (ag) wrote: "Brother-in-Lawford" (Peter Lawford), Jimmy Durante and Frank Sinatra in an agreeable time filler.

Anthony A (au) wrote: So boring I turned it off