Three Texas Steers

Three Texas Steers

Nancy Evans, lovely circus owner, has a ranch that she's never visited, but for sentimental reasons won't sell to Mike Abbott. Her partners, secretly in league with Abbott, sabotage the circus to force Nancy to sell the ranch; instead, she goes there to live. Will her neighbors, the Three Mesquiteers, be a match for the secret swindlers? And what's so valuable about that run-down ranch anyway?

Nancy Evans, lovely circus owner, has a ranch that she's never visited, but for sentimental reasons won't sell to Mike Abbott. Her partners, secretly in league with Abbott, sabotage the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Marion Lisa R (gb) wrote: I worked in Make-up department and as "dangerous characters" extra. this movie was a blast and a half to make from my humble standpoint. Said standpoint usually being on a field somewhere either mixing blood or being covered in it. Absurdly funny it mocks its own genre.

Ian C (jp) wrote: Loved White in 'Black Dynamite' but overall not a fan. If this had of had Statham in it, then we would have had a masterpiece on our hands. In saying that MJW is one hard cunt as he hunts down the scum who left his social work sister for dead. Opening scene is quality, as is the Martin Riggs suicide antics during an armed robbery. The cops in this as prags and would never get a gig with 'Elite Squad'. Action throughout is nicely paced and that final fight scene is the fucking balls.

Bruce B (us) wrote: It's more of that peculiar French humor...remember how popular Jerry Lewis was in France??

Kurt B (br) wrote: Like Bonnie and Clyde. Except brothers. And without Serge.

Victor B (jp) wrote: Atleast its sort of Entertaining lol

Petros T (ca) wrote: Exactly as good as you'd expect: stylish, funny, action-packed (the chase, the explosions, the epic fist fight, the siege, the big shoot-out); great soundtrack, crisp dialogues, witty humour. You can't help but relish the way those elements of the textbook action thriller come together along with the more subversive moments. But above all the cast is flawless: Malkovich and Mirren especially are perfect and their chemistry with Willis and Freeman is radiant. Extra kudos for Parker and Dreyfuss.

Tonny M (nl) wrote: Muy bien hecho, y con un mensaje y una realidad!!!!

Thomas N (ag) wrote: By this time I was sick of Toho remaking the same three monsters King Ghidorah, Mothra, and Mechagodzilla. I love these monsters but I would have loved to have seen Varan, Titanosaurus, and even Gorosaurus sometime in the millennium series instead of the same three over and over again. In this one humans use the bones of the first Godzilla and build a Mechagodzilla around them. The Mechagodzilla which is referred to as Kiryu in this film remembers it was once Godzilla and goes on a rampage. Godzilla and Kiryu duke it out and even keep the battle going in its direct sequel Godzilla Tokyo S.O.S. I forgot to mention that most of the movies in the Millennium series were not connected and were reboots ignoring all in between and only being sequels directly to the first. This applies to Godzilla 2000, Godzilla Vs. Megaguirus, Godzilla, Mothra, And King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack, and Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla.

Todd S (fr) wrote: Long before Tyler Perry turned Alex Cross into an action star, the all-star detective was portrayed correctly by the legendary Morgan Freeman. While the first film, Kiss The Girls, was a huge success, it's sequel, Along Came A Spider was a bust, once again due to the fact that the strengths of the character were not utilized properly. The character of Alex Cross was created by Author, James Patterson, and has been responsible for over 20 best selling novels, because he's unlike any other cop in any other mystery series. Cross is a psychologist first, who gets inside the heads of killers. Once he knows what they're thinking and why they're acting the way they are, Cross is usually able to capture them. These stories make for terrific novels, but when transferred to the screen, producers felt that they lack the action movie goers crave. Despite a successful first appearance on screen, the producers felt that with more action and bullets, the sequel would do even better, they were wrong. When a Senator's daughter is abducted from an upscale private school, detectives are at a loss, but call Cross in when evidence and a ransom demand turn up at his house. Cross believes the criminal is using his admiration to cover up the real motives for this crime, and he needs to play into that role, in order to determine what those motives are. This was a terrific novel, but wasn't right for the screen, so much of the story was cut and replaced by the manhunt and police chases. These elements make for a more intense film, but don't do justice to the story. Alex Cross and his abilities are the story and are what make the series unique. Morgan Freeman returned hesitantly to do the sequel and he was right when he said he shouldn't have done it, mainly because it takes away from the brilliance of the first film. The producers of this movie even managed to screw up a terrific surprise ending and that really says it all. Along Came A Spider is not a bad film, it certainly has it's movements and a legendary star, but if you're a fan of the Alex Cross novels, expect to be disappointed.

Beaux C (gb) wrote: Great movie- unsatisfying ending.

Jayden C (kr) wrote: really goodmust see

Kari L (br) wrote: Possible to give negative stars?

Charles S (mx) wrote: Depressingly awesome

Adam W (ag) wrote: Fairly bland comedy where the lack of laughs is hidden behind 80's Nostalgia.

Brock L (au) wrote: What the crap this movie has a killer that's wait's all summer just to terrorize a couple of teens. Terrible movie, not scary at all, the movie is scary just coming out in theaters.

Robbie N (jp) wrote: A great film that pokes fun at the extreme competition and bitterness of politics. The comedy duo of Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis will make for some laughs. Despite this movie lacking any extremely memorable moments, it is sure to create lots of enjoyment for those just looking for a comedy.