The celebrated heart surgeon Dr. Vrain supports the research of the offbeat scientist Aldo Gehring, who is inventing an artificial heart. Dr. Vrain performs the first artificial human heart transplant against the advice of the Ethics Committee.

The celebrated heart surgeon Dr. Vrain supports the research of the offbeat scientist Aldo Gehring, who is inventing an artificial heart. Dr. Vrain performs the first artificial human heart... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Threshold torrent reviews

Jacob B (au) wrote: Though it can be seen by most as nothing but a Fast & Furious knockoff with characters that aren't quite as memorable as those in the F&F franchise, some gleefully loud, reckless and just plain nuts action/race sequences, a couple of cool-looking cars and a talented cast help make Need for Speed, at best, an average video game movie that ought to keep fans of the best-selling series of games from the minds of Electronic Arts diverted for nearly 2 hours.

Sharon P (ag) wrote: Enjoyable movie for a wet weekend with some popcorn.

Allan C (ag) wrote: Very dark comedy, maybe a bit too dark, but still fun. Also, I love Rose Byrne. Just putting that out there.

Jared R (nl) wrote: A pretty intense film that is really shallow on plot. But the action is fast and furious, even if some of it isnt historically accurate..

Eliabeth G (jp) wrote: Another 90 mins of my life I can never get back...

Leigh C (ca) wrote: brilliant brilliant brilliant short film. the children are amazing, as is the lead. simplistic, realistic, & poignant.

Adam D (ag) wrote: A good neo noir movie

Wahida K (gb) wrote: Winner of FilmFare Award for Best Actor:: Sanjeev Kumar. Memorable piece of tasty Cake!

Senor C (mx) wrote: Great debut for Kris Krisofferson as an ex con who must sell narc Gene Hackman's dope for him. A great cast w/ the addition of Karen Black & Harry Dean Stanton. It's pretty laid back as Krisofferson runs against the clock to unload the stash until Hackman really shows his lunatic fringe. An unrecognized film from the 70s that deserves a look; if only for the cast alone

Greg D (ag) wrote: All the right names are attached to While the City Sleeps. As the opening credits unfolded I noticed pleasant surprise after pleasant surprise. This film features a star studded cast including (in no particular order) Dana Andrews, Ida Lupino, Thomas Mitchell, George Sanders, John Drew Barrymore, Vincent Price, Rhonda Fleming, and Howard Duff, just to name a few. This cast portray characters in a movie that shines a light on some unattractive aspects of human nature. After the death of a rich entrepreneur named Amos Kyne, his top employees struggle for control in this Fritz Lang film filled with twists, and turns. Their goal is to impress Mr. Kyne's son, played by Vincent Price. Meanwhile, a brutal new serial killer is plaguing the city and they all want to dig up a scoop to secure some stature within the media empire. This film not only takes a haunting look at the mind of a serial killer but also portrays the cut throat nature of office politics, especially amongst newsmen. The real success of this film is the twists and turns and the backstabbing amongst all involved in Kyne's media empire including the women involved with those trying to climb the ladder to prestige and success. Fritz Lang doesn't pull punches as he depicts the lengths people are willing to go to further their career. The following line, spoken by one of the competitors, depicts just how low a man will go to get a little further ahead, "To get the job I'll stick a knife into anyone I have to." While the prominent members of Kyne's media empire figuratively stick knives into one another a disturbed serial killer is literally murdering woman after woman. The cutthroat world of business is more then adequately likened to the most disturbed criminals found in modern society. At times the story drags a little bit and considering the subject matter it isn't nearly as suspenseful and gritty as it could be. Watching these very human characters as they claw at the throats of those standing in their way is not only entertaining but results in a little introspection on just how far each and every one of us might go to get ahead.

Karl Edgar T (gb) wrote: when you can't give less than 5/5

Scott W (ag) wrote: Hilariously bad, but brilliant

Brooke (jp) wrote: LOVE THAT MOVIE it was a great movie i loved the first part