Throne of Blood

Throne of Blood

Mikio and Washizu are the commanders of the 1st and 2nd Fortress under a local lord, who reigns in the Spiders' Web Castle. After defeating the lord's enemies in battle, they visit the fortress. Washizu, driven by his wife, conspires and murders the lord, becoming lord of the castle. But his evil deeds come back to haunt him.

A war-hardened general, egged on by his ambitious wife, works to fulfill a prophecy that he would become lord of Spider's Web Castle. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David L (es) wrote: Incendies is such an overrated movie that isn't bad, but isn't particularly good either. It is such a basic story told in an ordinary way with totally underdeveloped characters and not a single plot point being remotely interesting. I was bored immensely by it and I have no interest in Vileneuve's work anymore after watching three of his biggest movies which were all to me a giant waste of time. Such an overrated, uninspired director.

Michael T (ag) wrote: Sometimes powerful retelling of the Rwandan genocide.

Mike C (it) wrote: This was on Oscar nominated documentary in 2002, and I think that just shows how far the genre has some since then. I fell asleep and didn't even finish this as it just became too tiresome to watch. The group exposed and questions posed are not uninteresting. Maybe it's just overwhelming to think about it all, or maybe it's just that every time a human group does anything, you wind up with some self-serving bullshit. The Weather Underground had lots of that.This was a group that took over the politically left student movement in the mid 60s, pushing the idea that being nonviolent was a way of supporting violence, particularly that committed at the time in Vietnam. I actually struggle with this idea a lot. MLK, I think, was the greatest American in history. Ghandi is another hero of mine. They both used nonviolence in the face of violence to solve their problems. But they also had cameras pointed at them. It was the exposure of violence against nonviolence that really saved the day. Getting your ass beat in a dark alley with no one watching will never change the world. So this group took it to the next level, bombing buildings, fighting cops, etc. Again, I struggle with this. The correct thing is to say it's wrong. Well, I didn't grow up in 1968 when Vietnam was going down. The current wars piss me off enough, so hard to say what I might have felt in that time. I generally fight back, and if I'm out protesting and a cop sprays me in the face or hits me, well it's probably game on. So while there are not emotions maybe as high now as they were then, we're again seeing this type of behavior from the government. Peaceful student protestors are being spray in the face and hit. It's unacceptable. Only this time, the American populace is too dumb to care so putting it on the news doesn't matter much. The generation in 1970 wasn't flooded in those images and they were shocking. Not so much the case in 2012.So bottom line, when you look at the history of this country, even as recent as 40 years ago or sometimes even last week, it's not the clean-cut, perfect thing we're supposed to say it is. It never was and probably never will be. But these groups can be pretty lame. Most times when human groups get involved, some level of self-interest gets in the way. These people were half nuts and probably hurt the cause. Then again, no one else was really taking up the cause. It's all very depressing when you realize you always have to have radical factions pulling at both ends to get the masses to meet in the middle. This documentary got me thinking about these things but otherwise was pretty boring.

Justina N (it) wrote: Very much crazy in a good sense, crazy as just nordic ppl can do. Love it!

Scott H (fr) wrote: A lot better than I could have imagined. While it really has no plot for the first hour, it's entertaining enough and funny enough to be watchable until the plot presents itself. Additionally, it has some poignant scenes and commentary. Good flick.

Tim M (nl) wrote: Gorgeous snowy landscapes abutting the sea. Mostly drama, little action. It's slow in parts, but quite impressive given when it came out.

Matt G (gb) wrote: A lamely generic screwball farce becomes a darkly intriguing comedic light-thriller. In the macabre "meet-the-parents" slapstick rom-com, Grant's aptitude for hilarious facial reactions is the star of the show. A nonchalant if somewhat over-long little gem.

Greg W (kr) wrote: well crafted and acted bio-pic from that magical year 1939.

Constantin R (nl) wrote: Yes, is a historical documantary but is to cold, even if this is the purpose. When I see the movie I cannot forget this is made in 1933. The style too rigid, becoming more a feature report than a documentary. What is interesting is the "social scream" which disturb you from your bourgeoisie life. The silent version is better! Is surrealistic, but with sound is not great, is just a classic...

Jurney R (br) wrote: It's a great movie to watch!!!

Sam M (mx) wrote: More nostalgic win. All the mob cliches and stereotype references are funny, and the writing is still strong. Forget about it.

Maximus G (ca) wrote: Really good, classic American film!

Jose Luis M (kr) wrote: Lo mejor de todo Carey Muligan, la banda sonora de David Byrne y el estilo visual de Oliver Stone.

Aaron C (fr) wrote: a picture of urban isolation and desolation, effectively portraying the individual challenges going through a sampling of diverse lonely folk passing each other on the subway / streets. makes me think twice about the lives and personal tragedies behind the folks we pass by every day.

Dathan R (nl) wrote: cheesy in some areas, too rushed in others. this is one of those films that in today's society we can all laugh at for its corniness, but also admire seeing as at the time, these effects did scare people back then, and this movie did help in inventing a legend. I had never seen Godzilla until I was 10 and even before that I knew who he was.for what ever reasons you want, for nostalgia, for thrills, for laughs, this movie is a pleasure to watch.