Throne of Elves

Throne of Elves

In the mythical Elven world of Altera, an epic battle unfolds between the beautiful Princess Liya and the Dark Elf Elena, who has gained possession of a jewel so powerful it allows its holder complete authority over all Alterans. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Patrick S (ca) wrote: Not bad better than expected. It was funny and awesome! Not as lame as I thought way better than Man with the Iron Fists. Can't wait for Tai Chi Hero

Ricardo G (kr) wrote: Moraleja de la pelcula (s es de esas)... el uso irresponsable de drogas farmacuticas es la ruta para la madurez, la paz domstica y la felicidad profesional. Si slo el humor y la pelcula fueran menos convencionales.

Tia L (mx) wrote: One of our favorites. It's quiet, and awkward, and genius.

Dustin G (jp) wrote: awful. gets one star for casting wes studi.

Grant T (kr) wrote: Simply spectacular! I am an avid hockey fan so this makes it even more special. Kurt Russell was astounding as he legendary Herb Brooks

Timothy J (it) wrote: I remember seeing this at the drive-in and being a little disappointed.

Michael A (ca) wrote: Entomologist Paul Le Mat and Tabloid Reporter Nancy Allen stumble on a 4 decade the 1950's aliens came to earth and took over a small town,and will do anything to protect themselves from the outside world....interesting little 80's sci-fi flick is a throw back to those of the 50's..the only downside is the Aliens nor the humans are very interesting so we don't really care what happens to any of them..but the special effects are Top Notch specially for back then.

Matthew M (it) wrote: I really enjoy this film. I love Paul Verhoeven's work and this one is a fun movie. It seems like something is always happening and the characters are different and experience many different situations. It does have some explicit sexual scenes but it makes for a unique experience for me. I just feel that it is well made and presents a lot of avenues that life can take us.

Matthew M (kr) wrote: Sexploitation/Revengesploitation the Japanese way, and let's face it, no one can hate this movie, no matter how hard they try. Its gratuitous nudity, stylized violence, horribly expository dialogue, non-sensical plot elements (why exactly DOES Christina suddenly decide to abandon Shunoske, who's just fallen off a train, and become Kawakura's whip-wielding dominatrix/dungeon-master for forty seconds before leaving to back to him?) and over-the-top photography is done so lovingly, with such reverence for movie-making and movie-watching, that it's not just forgiveable, but in fact laudable.

Matt H (jp) wrote: A legitimate contender for the title of worst movie ever, but worth a watch if you have a good sense of humour. The acting is terrible, the plot makes zero sense (a lot of it revolves around Arch Hall Junior wandering around the desert alone shouting "Roxy!") and there's enough terrible guitar playing to make anyone with eardrums reach for the mute button. Despite all that, it's freakin' hilarious in a way that Richard Kiel wearing little more than a fur towel never, ever should be!

Gregg D (it) wrote: Strong performances and the backdrop of the Trevi fountain are wonderful. However, this movie is an ultimate chick-flick film.

Becca B (gb) wrote: I thought the movie was pretty good. I definitely think there is a gender bias in the ratings for this film. Queen Latifah and Jimmy Fallon have good chemistry and they both are entertaining to watch and the car chases were fun and the slapstick comedy as well as the plot on how they caught the robbers. Maybe some male reviewers did not like the fact that the movie was more centered around women than men. I have found that on this site that movies that focus more on women than men are not rated as highly. At any rate, this movie was entering and enjoyable to watch. I would recommend it to anyone who doesn't have a problem with women being protagonists in a movie instead of arm candy or mother nurturers (madonna/whore roles)

Marcos A (us) wrote: the movie was great come on it was a movie that was never thought of before so whats the problem with it nothing because the villian leader truck scared the hell out of me as a kid and stephen king was right i going to scare the hell out of you and it was awesome