Justin, a teenager boy, throws himself and everyone around him into chaos when he attempts to break free from his addiction to his thumb.

Justin throws himself and everyone around him into chaos when he attempts to break free from his addiction to his thumb. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Thumbsucker torrent reviews

M G (us) wrote: The movie was the start of my journey to a vegan lifestyle. If you like this movie, you might also be interested in: Vegucated, Food INC, Forks over Knives, Blackfish, Earthlings, Plantpure Nation.

Carlos M (jp) wrote: Although nothing special, this amusing sequel is deliciously colorful and deserves more praise for its relevant environmental message than any narrative merits, even if it has considerably less clichs than in the first movie and we get a handful of inspired moments.

Steve S (ca) wrote: an awful, deplorable piece of garbage. tries to be sort of a grindhouse anthology film and fails miserably. the two short films in this are just awful and the bookends on either are even worse, if that was at all possible. just avoid this one please.

Georgia P (ag) wrote: I love this film, but I think my best friend likes it more than me!

James T (nl) wrote: At first I didn't think I would like this film. I thought it was going to be a generic vampire film with poor effects. But once the first scene was over and the story starts I found myself actually paying attention. The plot is simple and calm so the low budget didn't get in the way or become too distracting. The actors themselves were still rather stiff though which lowered the atmosphere a bit but too much.The lot is this: a suave vampire has been captured and scientists examine him under tight security. The scientists force the vampire to undergo a series of experiments, some aggressive, to establish where myths end and reality starts. (Wasn't there a part a lot like this in the computer game Vampires: The Masquerade?)So for the majority of the film we watch the different experiments being performed. It asks the question: if vampires were real how would they work? and they have some rather creative explanations prepared. Ever wonder what happens to all that blood vampires drink? and whether vampires ever need to go to the toilet? Well they answer those questions in this film. There's a lot of medical talk as well so it would be interesting to see what someone with medical expertise would have to say about it. Every so often a philosophical speech is given about life, evil and the like. Then of course a darker plot than just experiments is unveiled.So I enjoyed this film and found the ideas in it to be original and entertaining. It is quite drawn out though especially when the scientists or police are talking amongst each other. Never the less it's still better than most low budget vampire films.

Donna L (de) wrote: The acting seemed a bit awkward, but otherwise a wonderful intriguing story.

Grant S (gb) wrote: Interesting, with mountains of potential, but ultimately disappointing. The movie was set up to be something very profound, but then drifted and failed to make a point. Still has enough coherent good ideas to be half-decent, but things could have been a whole lot better. The plot is where this lives and dies, and it is pretty convoluted. Kind of reminds me of Benjamin Button meets Inception, if directed by David Lynch (not that it is, it is just weird enough to be a David Lynch movie). The complexity turns out to be its downfall, as you get the feeling the writer had nowhere to go eventually. The script is too clever for its own good.Director Francis Ford Coppola must bear much of the blame, as he wrote the screenplay (adapted from Mircea Eliade's book), as well as directed the movie. Direction is good, but is hampered by the plot.Tim Roth puts in a solid performance in the lead role. Lesser-known Alexandra Maria Lara is good, and very beautiful, as the love interest.

Krisspics M (ca) wrote: A classic(horror)Teenage (road) Movie with a lot of metal song and... VampireIt's look a little bit like the one with Bon Jovi but funnier and cooler.Saddly the end is a little bit to easy.

Jussi M (us) wrote: Babysitter from hell!

Reece L (us) wrote: "Wake in Fright" is a straightforward, artful, and mesmerizing documentation of a man's descent into social and psychological ruin, the prim and pretty John's trip to a new town quickly turning into a nightmarish, booze-soaked trap from which he can't escape. It's a compelling almost-horror story and a classic of Australian cinema that slowly reveals the animalistic tendencies that lurk beneath our studied and performed exteriors.