Thunder Over Reno

Thunder Over Reno

Torn between big dreams and family loyalties, Butch joins Pete after an argument about his plans with his father. Now in Reno, Butch has his hands full with payoffs and various love interests. But Butch's toughest job might just be staying alive during the final Gold Air Race at 500mph, 50ft off the deck.

Torn between big dreams and family loyalties, Butch joins Pete after an argument about his plans with his father. Now in Reno, Butch has his hands full with payoffs and various love ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Marron G (ca) wrote: Inspiring movie based on true story

Richard Z (kr) wrote: very sexy movie. Acting isn't best at times. But still very sexy story.

Alex M (gb) wrote: my mom would like that

Luke M (nl) wrote: Though the franchise is a bit tired by this point, Gibson and Glover lead a great cast in a film full of pulse-pounding action spiced with hilarious comedy.

Ola G (mx) wrote: The battleship USS Missouri arrives at Pearl Harbor, where George H. W. Bush announces that the ship will be decommissioned in California, making the trip her final voyage. Casey Ryback (Steven Seagal), Chief Petty Officer assigned as a cook, prepares meals in celebration of the birthday of Captain Adams, against the orders of Commander Krill (Gary Busey), who is having food and entertainment brought by helicopter. Krill and other officers provoke a brawl with Ryback. Unable to imprison Ryback in the brig without clearance from the captain, Krill detains Ryback in a freezer and places a Marine, Private Nash, on guard. A helicopter lands on the ship's deck with a musical band, along with Playmate Jordan Tate (Erika Eleniak) and a group of caterers who are really a band of mercenaries led by ex-CIA operative William "Bill" Strannix (Tommy Lee Jones). Strannix' forces seize control of the ship with Krill's help. Several officers are killed, including Adams. Ryback hears the gunshots and begs Nash to free him, but Nash refuses, thinking it is fireworks. The surviving ship's company are imprisoned in the forecastle, except for some stragglers in unsecured areas. Strannix intends to sell the ship's Tomahawks by unloading them onto a submarine he previously stole from North Korea. Strannix and his men take over the ship's weapon systems, shooting down a jet sent to investigate, and plan on covering their escape by using missiles to obliterate tracking systems in Pearl Harbor. Krill realizes they forgot about Ryback and learns the kitchen is an unsecured area. Strannix sends two mercenaries to eliminate Ryback and Nash. Nash is killed, but Ryback eliminates the assassins and also creates a time bomb. Ryback contacts Admiral Bates at the Pentagon on satellite phone, whereupon the Navy plans to send a SEAL team to retake the ship. Krill discovers Ryback is not just a Chief Petty Officer but a former Navy SEAL with extensive training in anti-terrorism tactics. To keep the missile-theft plan in place, Krill activates the fire suppression system in the forecastle, leaving the crew members to drown. The terrorists expect that Ryback will try to save his colleagues, and set up an ambush...On its opening weekend, Under Siege made $15,760,003 from 2,042 theaters, with a $7,717 average. From there, it went on to make $83,563,139. Worldwide, it made $156,563,139. At the time, it was the most successful film ever that had not been screened for any critics prior to its release. Reviewers praised Tommy Lee Jones and Gary Busey's performances as the film's villains. This is one of the few Steven Seagal films to be certified fresh on Rotten Tomatoes, along with Executive Decision and Machete. It was also the only Seagal movie to receive an Academy Award nomination, earning two nominations for Best Sound Effects Editing (John Leveque and Bruce Stambler) and for Best Sound (Donald O. Mitchell, Frank A. Montao, Rick Hart and Scott D. Smith). However, it did not win in either category. Re-seeing "Under Siege" wasnt all that exciting I must say. Its a standard Steven Seagal vehicle with the exception that we see both Gary Busey and Tommy Lee Jones as the antagonists. The action is bloody and over the top, the acting is truly unbalanced and so is the direction from Andrew Davis (who normally can handle this sort of films), the plot is not very believable and the general vibe is just a poor mans 90s action flick. You just end up thinking that Erika Eleniaks presence is the only positive thing about "Under Siege" and not much else.

Senor C (ag) wrote: I had actually watched Future Force's sequel Future Zone before watching this one. That one was watchable but not really any good so it made me wonder why I was even getting involved in this first one. Then there is just a part of me that is glutton for punishment being a completest of actors that I like such as David Carradine. Surprisingly Future Force was actually better the Future Zone. Not by much but Carradine's character is a bit better because he's more of the lone wolf w/out a family let. I think it suits him more. Plus that glove is hilariously kick ass. That is what the Nintendo Power Glove should have looked like. The scene where Carradine uses it to beat the shit out of Robert Tessier is worth the price of admission alone

Alan P (de) wrote: Great flick how power is corrupted,

Tim M (us) wrote: Classic. Red paint, bad sound effects, it's got it all. Being split into four chapters is a nice touch.

Stephen S (kr) wrote: Arch Hall Jr. is sooooo dreamy. This is a very watchable and well paced little film. Surprise appearance by the versatile Cash Flagg (look it up, people!)

a (ru) wrote: One of the earliest westerns I like. I'm more of a spaghetti kind of guy.

Paul G (us) wrote: Cagneys most entertaining film in my opinion, and his best teaming with real life pal Pat O'Brien. Underrated director Michael Curtiz had it all in this picture, Cagneys electric personality, Pats warmth, the Dead End kids at the height of their powers, a great story and Ann Sheridan trading wisecrack for wisecrack with Cagney. Guaranteed to make anyone a Cagney fan on first viewing.

Jeff M (gb) wrote: I'll watch anything with either of them.

Floyd B (kr) wrote: how can u remake a classic? you can't! Brandon Lee made this movie. you just can't just mess with a classic and make it better