Thunder Run

Thunder Run

A vicious band of nuclear terrorists is threatening America's atomic weapons research. Truck jockey Charlie Morrison (Forrest Tucker) volunteers for a last-ditch, suicide scheme to lure them into a trap, baited with a vital shipment of bomb-grade plutonium. Soon, Charlie's high-balling it down a remote desert road with a small army of lethally equipped bandits zeroing in on him. Charlie's secret weapon? "Big Thunder", a 65-foot, 18-wheeled war wagon of merciless high-tech destruction!

Charlie, a Korean War veteran, is driving a truck which is transporting plutonium from Nevada to Arizona. But there are a bunch of terrorists who want to steal the stuff... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Johnny M (ag) wrote: Requiem for a Dream: Drugs as Mysterious Skin: Pedophilia

Aamir K (kr) wrote: Good Family Drama but No An Award Wining 1

Colin G (ca) wrote: Basically a rewrite of Jaws with a Megalodon eating stupid tourists. It's one of those films that is so bad that it's actually good. The effects are awful and as usual feature far too many stock footage clips of real sharks to make it realisitic. I would have liked to have given this more stars but even John Barrowman's acting is poor in this one.

super c (it) wrote: This movie is a ridiculous, goofy movie. People that followed tom green will find this movie to be hilarious. If you don't know who Tom Green is or haven't adapted to his off the wall mindless sense of humor you will hate this movie. I find this to be the very best of Tom Green and this is something that you have to learn to appreciate like a fine wine. I rank this movie so high because it made me laugh maybe more then any other movie i have ever seen. Its so ridiculous but it is one you will either love or hate it. In terms of a mindless movie it is the very best in its class of mindless movies, it had creativity and you can tell though seemingly random it was alot of writing and thought that went into the movie that is best worded as Tom Green humor. Best mindless movie of the century. But in terms of acting or depth or choreography this is not that type of movie, its brilliant with its absurdity and really gives you an a great abstraction of the humor of Tom Green perfectly. You either have to watch it alot to pick up on it or had followed Tom Green, or just already have a weird sense of humor like someone who enjoys AdultSwim and Toonsuim people like love this movie Otherwise its not for you I also love that it makes pretentious up nose snobby people are freaking out over silly scenes, it literally makes me love the movie that much more. People that prob love 50 shades of gray and other chick flicks will prob have their heads exploded. And believe me heads are exploding this is awesome!!!!

Brandon T (ca) wrote: A fun film that all Batman fans without a stick up their backside can enjoy

Ola G (kr) wrote: Jenny (Linda Carol) ends up at a reform school after becoming mixed up in a shoot out. She and the other newly arrived girls are immediately confronted with Charlie Chambliss (Wendy O. Williams) who is the de facto leader of the school and has an exceedingly close relationship with the head of the ward, Edna (Pat Ast). Charlie and her circle are given special privileges by Edna and it is suggested that Charlie and Edna enjoy a more intimate relationship. Charlie runs a secret society of girls who are loyal to her and to whom she offers protection. The two main new girls break several of Edna's rules and are punished decisively for their infractions. Will Jenny and the other girls manage to survive the hardship behind bars? The film is a satire of the women in prison film genre and deliberately implements many of the tropes commonly found in such films. Such scenes include nude shower scenes, fight scenes, and a suggested romantic relationship between one of the inmates and the head matron. Set in a correctional facility for young female offenders, "Reform School Girls" is technically a women in prison movie, but this mid 80s effort from trash director Tom DeSimone is designed to be "fun" rather than offensive. Everything is done in a very campy fashion with tongue firmly in cheek. The big-breasted women saunter round their dorm in sexy underwear, the nastier inmates and members of staff are grotesque caricatures, the dialogue is deliberately tasteless ('I thought I smelled fish'), and the plot is about as cheesy as it could get. "Reform School Girls" was hardly intended to be taken that seriously, but its still a bit too campy for my taste. The scantily clad Wendy O. Williams (R.I.P.), lead singer of punk/rock group The Plasmatics back then, is the scary highlight of the movie.

Gerard M (us) wrote: For the video nasty nostalgia watch it.

Tom S (ag) wrote: A truly brilliantly acted, authentic story about how dangerous it was to think your mind, where being yourself could get you killed. Painful and brilliant.

James M (br) wrote: I wrote this in a film forum: I finally got around to seeing Soy Cuba and it really is a Russian film more than a Cuban one. It has all the Soviet stamps on it, amazing formal elements that are brave and ambitious while riding a narrative that is didactic and loaded. The first act does a great job of personifying the country into a single character in Maria and her story is metaphorically informative of the land, but also in a much more subtle, believable way than the rest of the movie. The remainder of the film becomes increasingly decadent and heavy handed, propagandistic, and we are unable to find that same reserve for a single, emboying protagonist. The formal elements also start to lose meaning, as Dutch angles and "from below" shots become more and more frequent without seemingly serving a purpose.I still like the film as a whole, and I would go so far as to say that the first act of the film is so incredible that it's a must see for any film fan. I suggest you guys youtube the introduction to the movie, as the cinematography and tracking of the long shots are simply astounding.__________________

Tucker W (kr) wrote: Boring, bad acting, horrible plot. Sorry but this is awful.

Odysseus H (es) wrote: do i need to give a reason?

Clint S (au) wrote: Have a beer, or twelve, and you should be alright with this one. Unless... You're TAKEN.I've said the word "cliche" during my lifetime. Never has a word been so fitting, and yet so unfitting at the same time. Taken has an undeniably ability to entertain. Liam Neeson plays a ex-government agent, now hyped bodyguard, who's daughter is kidnapped. He then proceeds to break many people, on his way to try and get his daughter back. I'm trying hard to hold back the laughter when talking about this. Let me break this down. For a film that is supposed to be an action-thriller, it is cluttered with quite decent humour. If they embraced how daft parts of this film are, I may have liked it more. You want a cerebral film? Don't watch this. You want a film with great dialogue? Don't watch this. You want a cliched action film? Well, here it is.The only performance that I think I can muster a mention for here is that of Liam Neeson. I don't think I have ever seen such comedic prowess in any being. He puts on showcase his best Bale-era Batman vocal impression. I mean he has a lot to thank for the writing, but his delivery of these lines is exceptional. Delivery in that cliched, deadpan, yet over-the-top manner equals absolutely hilarity, and is very well-placed in a film about his daughter being kidnapped from across the planet. Oh wait... This film isn't a comedy? That's a shame. Every other cliched character is played as just that in this film. Everyone is so serious in this film, and it really is hard to not bust a gut whilst watching. Every performance is so right yet so wrong, in a film that is so right, yet so wrong. These performances are not good, but they are fitting.I didn't expect such a film. It is great in its total blindness to how humorous it is. Roughly ninety minutes long, it never gets boring. It is a crime that such a script was ever written, but with such script I think they did the best they could have done. You are so taken out of this film by almost every element of it, that it somehow has you fully intrigued. It really is one of those "it's that bad, that it is good moments". There are absolutely no surprises in this film. You could map this film out with just the short premise. I cannot bring myself to think awful things of this film, because it did entertain me so very much. To finalize, go into this one without expectations. Never has an action-thriller been so non-thrilling, and so funny. I, personally give this film plaudits for being something that I never thought it could be. If you somehow make the mistake of thinking that this film will be a smart, enthralling action-thriller. Run. Run as fast as you can away from this film. However, if you're expectation is to have a laugh, then this film will deliver on that front. If you are a little more impressed by mindless action, give it a watch too. It isn't actually that bad. Honestly. I think.