A beautiful slim blonde named Maria is saved from the sea by some fishermen. They take her to their small village and quickly start lusting after her. This leads to infighting and soon all hell breaks loose.

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Thunderstorm torrent reviews

Luke S (es) wrote: It's great fun but I think it just took too long to do anything

Janani S (br) wrote: It is hard to Imagine war and after watching this movie, it has made it even worse. I want peace!

Viet D (mx) wrote: This film will pull at the heart strings. Good acting by leads. The pace and tone are appropriate though a couple of scenes can feel melodramatic. Overall, a very good serious film about the struggles of post-war Vietnam.

Jacob P (jp) wrote: Really not that great of a film. There were some pretty interesting parts here and there, but nothing big. The twist was pretty good, actually. But that's probably the only good thing about this film. Skip it.

Caitlin F (nl) wrote: This movie was exellent! Anthony Hopkins blew me away in this absolubley phenomenal performance in human history! An incredible love story and beautiful movie! Great acting from Anthony Hopkins and Debra Wing Brilliant!!!! :)

Pj P (kr) wrote: More happens in the first 5 minutes of this movie than in most entire movies! Great fun. This is my nomination for "Best Movie You Have Never Heard Of".

Russell H (jp) wrote: Pretty good despite Reeves's humorously bad acting. It's funny because it's not intentional.

Ben R (br) wrote: I didn't like this one as much as the other Capra movies I've seen. Glenn Ford's character was awesome, but the point of the movie seemed to be that poor people are beneath the dukes and politicians of the world. The happy ending was that they successfully tricked the duke into thinking that the mom was actually rich and had all sorts of "important" friends. I was especially sickened when the governor of New York showed up. A hush fell over the crowd and the sea of people parted so he could go shake the hand of the duke. If only I were as important as the governor. *retch*

Filipe C (it) wrote: Yojimbo has been hailed for its impeccable technical, moral and influential qualities. The strongest, however, is the quite avant garde critique on a transformative capitalistic society. Cinema is perspective and here Sanjuro is our center, our conscious, our outside look into a world dominated by greed. Once again, Kurosawa reveals to be a master of doing complex things in a very, very simple form.

Trey W (us) wrote: This movie version was nothing like the show. These guys don't even look like Michael and Linc - I think they are different actors altogether. What a letdown.

Ryan S (ag) wrote: I'm 42, this was in my era for great cult classics and I had never seen this movie. I decided to see what made it a cult hit and rented it, and found it to be sooo slow and uninteresting. Each scene took an eternity, I found myself dozing off occasionally.

Brett P (ru) wrote: Fantastic and witty and honest

Frances H (br) wrote: A visually stunning and well-acted movie that illustrates the Indian view of love in the 16th century.