Ti sposo ma non troppo

Ti sposo ma non troppo

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Michael R (kr) wrote: Bud Bundy has taken a turn for the worse...

aaron a (br) wrote: Synopsis: A surprising documentary tale of heroism amid tragedy in New Orleans, where a wannabe rapper and her husband brave the floodwaters of Hurricane Katrina to rescue their neighbors. The film is a powerful first-hand account of the events leading up to, during, and after the hurricane Katrina disaster. As a tale of heroism during natural disasters, the film works charmingly well; as we are right in the middle of the storm with it's survivors' amazing footage. As a tale of the physical, mental and spiritual destruction that succeeds a natural disaster, the film works as equally well, as we follow one family through the most difficult times of their lives, it's heartbreaking and somehow uplifting at the same time. However, as a political statement on the realities of the bureaucratic ideals of New Orleans, Trouble The Water is an important film. Why is it that during one of the most tragic natural disasters in the history of the United States, an American citizen is treated like an unwelcome guest, or that a tourist attraction is cleaned up and rebuilt so that the wealthy can relax, while at the same time impoverished homeowners' neighborhoods are left to rot and fade from memory. It's priorities such as these that need a remedy. Trouble The Water is a powerful document of heroism and bureaucratic injustice, thats neither preachy nor unnecessarily depressing.

Josh B (ag) wrote: How has Cuba Gooding Jr., managed to parlay his Academy Award into shitty movie after shitty movie? Add 'Boat Trip' to the list of shitty movies. Formulaic plot and bad jokes.

Natalie P (es) wrote: This movie is so funny. Its a coming of age movie and the family is so orginal and funny you just grow to love them. I never get sick of this movie. Its great to this day. If you havent seen it then you missing a winner. Dont pass this movie up!

Frances H (es) wrote: Cute Disney family film.

Tucker S (it) wrote: Critics don't know what they are talking about. This is a classic Jim Carrey movie. It's almost perfect. And this audience score concerns me. I know many people who love it

Darell R (it) wrote: Not one for the kids, features brief frontal nudity, and the one and only big movie role played by Wendy O-Williams.

Unknown (kr) wrote: Great, I only enjoy it more than the more-famous 'The King and I' b/c the storyline is much more in-depth.

Shane H (us) wrote: Good interesting simple entertainment .

Chris C (gb) wrote: Funny, charming and heartfelt, Dan In Real Life's sentimental value is heightened by a touching narrative and fine performances by Steve Carell and Juliette Binoche.

Eugen S (it) wrote: Brought tears to my eyes.

Wesley H (mx) wrote: Tarzan is one of the last few 2-d animated films from Disney. Watching it makes me wish there were more of them today in our CGI saturated movies.

Rosie T (br) wrote: A classic which I lovee :)