Tiden har inget namn

Tiden har inget namn


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:60 minutes
  • Release:1989
  • Language:Swedish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:farm,  

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Tiden har inget namn torrent reviews

Ale L (nl) wrote: It's "Rocky" for football. Yeah, screw you, critics! This delivers many amounts of heartfelt moments and inspiring acts that just want to make you get up and try again at what you're currently failing at!

Calvin R (fr) wrote: Dark Water, had a ok atmosphere, but no genuine scares. The performance was pretty bad, the story was bad with terrible execution, and the ending was terrible.

David V (ag) wrote: If you are going to watch a steven segal movie, this is definitely the one to watch.

Maria M (ag) wrote: One of my favorite movies of all time. Good for any age. I was happy with both the cast and how they portrayed their characters. I also would not have known it was a made for TV movie if I hadn't looked it up. Well made :)

Eber N (mx) wrote: It is an injustice that the study and its sponsors not to let Burton directed the third part of Batman, gave the work of producer without continuing with their vision and left direction in the hands of a clumsy son of a bitch Joel Schumacher, all in this garbage is disgusting: the script is idiot, Gotham went from being a retro-futuristic become a brothel metropolis, Robin is very old, Val Kilmer made the Dark Knight a tacky being and bisexual had no idea that is the character, sexually obsessed with Batman psychiatrist does not look anything or mythology of the caped crusader and Jim Carrey and Tommy Lee Jones go of painful villains-drag queens. The only thing salvageable are here songs of U2 and Seal the rest is disgusting.

Tommaso C (kr) wrote: Cheppalle di film, oh.

Guilherme C (au) wrote: Meio cinema artstico pra mim, mas no (C) de todo mal.

Marcos S (de) wrote: Awesome performance by Jennifer Connely and impressive Ben Kingsley, with a good debut by Perelman and one more great job from Roger Deakins. Great movie!

Randy P (it) wrote: It's aged a little so some of the acting is noticeably bad. But this is an entertaining movie none the less, with a soundtrack that is hard to forget.

Brad S (mx) wrote: Visually stunning and tonally interesting, but the story is so cryptic and unstructured that I just couldn't get connected to it in any substantial manner. It dances around its subtext in such a weird and taunting way. But the performances from the young cast are strong and feel authentic.