A banker strikes up a sadomasochistic relationship with a mistress.

A banker strikes up a sadomasochistic relationship with a mistress. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jimmy D (fr) wrote: Nothing great. Good performances and great biographical story to tell but the movie never hit it's stride. Very underwhelming.

Marcelo P (es) wrote: Excelente pelcula, muy real y excelentemente ambientada!

Paige N (ru) wrote: 1 of my Top 10 Favorite Movies.

Joel P (ca) wrote: This movie does not go ANYWHERE, but in fucking circles. I was just waiting til the kid could just talk normally, but it never happened. It was hard to watch and there was no pay off. The sound track was pretty bomb though. Violent Femmes!!

David T (ca) wrote: una cosa rara, de historias unidas en torno al juego, a las apuestas, y al dao que puede hacer la ludopatia en una familia normal. Muchos personajes, rollo estilo coral Robert Altman, pero con un desarrollo simplon y predecible. Se ve, uno piensa un poco en no jugar ni al poker por facebook, y a los 3 dias no te acueras ni del titulo de la peli...

Jordan L (fr) wrote: Good idea but there was way too much stupidity. I'm sure that this will actually happen if God doesn't smite everything by then.

Melissa T (kr) wrote: I absolutely loved this movie. It's one I knew I would like even before I watched it, and found it perhaps even better than I expected. Wonderfully directed, acted, and written (with a completely unexpected ending) this was 100% overlooked in the United States and deserves much more attention and respect...

Kage N (jp) wrote: Okay, this I have to see. Horror schlock that hardly takes itself seriously... honestly, that's what I like about some horror movies (like those released by Troma).

Jonathan P (au) wrote: Eye of the Cat is an old horror movie that appears to have two different versions. The one I saw only really has one cat but I have read other reviews that mention multiple cats...either war it is the same movie just different releases. Eye of the Cat has its moments but it never takes hold of any and runs with them. The acting is cheesy beyond belief and the conclusion of the movie is baffling and hard to understand. All said not a waste of time and good for a late night bored out of your mind flick but nothing more.

Julia L (it) wrote: the jackal is the scariest one!!!

Nate 2 (ca) wrote: Very brief and very funny with some great characters and one of Woody's best, also some very nice black and white photography.

Inta K (fr) wrote: alright, not too bad

Zach M (au) wrote: This was an alright vampire flick. It was trying to be cool and hip by changing some of the lore.It started off great with Izabella Miko doing a shower scene trying to clean off blood and showing she has a great body.After that it goes downhill and doesn't have much more to it other than a quick look at some brief boobs and a whole wack load of Troma posters.