Tierra de pasiones

Tierra de pasiones

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David M (es) wrote: Most low-budget, straight-to-DVD horror flicks like this are either really fun or boring as hell. But occasionally, like this film, they sort of get lost somewhere in the mix. This movie had the perfect freaky set-up to be awesome with all the key horror ingredients; blood, carnage, large body count & violence with dark humour mixed throughout, however the overall feel of the movie was almost overbearing & at times stupidly irritating - especially in its second half. Plus it has one of those 'did it happen, or not' endings that makes you wanna smash your TV in a fit of rage. Or was that the point?

Joseph W (ca) wrote: This movie was not designed to be an A list movie, this movie was designed to be a B or a C movie at best and it delivers, like the first movie it has an overly ridiculous plot that is akin to a wiley cayote plot , cheesy story lines, outrages cosstumes, but this is what makes the whole movie worth while/

Javier T (jp) wrote: Unexpectedly good fun, excellent, a really good enjoyable film!

Joel V (jp) wrote: This was a very well done flick. I was actually surprised how well its done and the time they must have put into it. That crazy bird thing is my favorite.

John M (de) wrote: Fascinating how the first film presented the case upfront but since public awareness has grown since then, this film is more objective in that in the end it is a film about the quest for justice and truth. it's certainly engaging to follow how the verdict has affected those involed with the trial. and by bringing on actual experts onto the defense team it, once again, shows how insipid the Arkansas court system is.

Anna Q (mx) wrote: It made me almost want to go for soccer. Almost. But that was mostly in hopes that Jonathan Brandis would come along.

Yr E (it) wrote: International action-thriller from French cinema.Lino Ventura and Jean Gabin's performances shadow Alain Delon's. Powerful casting. Good story, good development. I only knew Verneuil's "25th Hour" before seeing this. An underrated director who was born in Turkey.

Savannah H (jp) wrote: The cast is some of the best of what young hollywood has to offer but it still feels forced.