Tiger Heart

Tiger Heart

A teen martial arts expert takes on a bunch of thugs who are forcing a community to sell their property in order to build a mall.

A teen martial arts expert and his martial arts class take on a bunch of thugs headed by a devious real estate developer who is forcing a community to sell out their property so he can ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tyler P (ru) wrote: Pas gnial mais regardable au vu d'un scnario plutt correcte.

Steven C (mx) wrote: I really liked this movie! Great recommendation by Jason

Raji K (ru) wrote: Campos directs Afterschool which depicts a shy kid going through a post traumatic event in which he was the first to witness two of his classmates die in front of his eyes. Brilliantly directed in voyeuristic manner, Afterschool is almost like a documentary of the real events happening at a small private school. Most will find this movie off putting, and perhaps boring, but this is a clever and original movie that is well worth watching.

JA C (mx) wrote: makes me appreciate Bob Marley even more. now I understand the motive and passion behind reggae and Rastafarianism.

Nefeli M (it) wrote: As lame as it gets. Go sharks!!!

Bilal S (au) wrote: Quite nonsense movie but great action!

Aimee M (mx) wrote: A beautiful looking film. It certainly lived up to its "atmospheric" tag. However, it was also frustratingly slow. It was a torture sitting through it.

Andruw F (mx) wrote: One of my favorite Christopher Nolan movies, despite a jumbled tone and messy writing and directing that make the movie feel like multiple different types all in one. But the two main characters are great, the performances are just as good, and the actors really looked right for their roles. The score is also really good! It's Nolan's first movie, and it doesn't suck, which is good!

WS W (jp) wrote: KST in her blossomy years.This film, directed & starring the late Prince, was kinda messy however.

Beto l (nl) wrote: Greatest PACHUCO movie

Adam C (ca) wrote: A flat and cheap follow up to a superior film. It has none of the emotion or skill of the original. It looks much cheaper and drags for a majority of the time.

Bridget K (ru) wrote: Amazing film. Still have "Forgotten Man" stuck in my head a week later...