Til siste hinder

Til siste hinder


15-year-old Ida is a fashion blogger and city girl, and definitely unhappy about her mother's decision to move to a small farm in Northern Norway. Hating her new life from the first moment, she thinks the other girls are stupid to prefer horses to clothes and make-up. But a dramatic encounter with a horse called Kehilan changes everything. Suddenly Ida becomes eager to learn to ride, and then she discovers that the other girls are pretty OK. But upon discovering that Kehilan is soon to be sent to the slaughterhouse, a self-centred interest in clothes and fashion seems quite meaningless. But will Ida, against all odds, manage to save her horse? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Seth K (kr) wrote: Very good. Liked the SSJG form.

Fiona M S (mx) wrote: Typically canadian --> Great storyline, a bit shy on the acting. I wouldn't be surprised if an american production company bought the rights and made it a hot-shot movie, just like they did with 21 (The Last Casino was made first).

chad s (fr) wrote: Shows what firefighters really go thru, very good movie.

Easton D (jp) wrote: Andy Lau looked like he was having a good time in this one, a simpler effort from Johnnie To but he made it real enjoyable with good action scenes. Bravo.

Mike B (es) wrote: Enjoyable despite the cliches. One of Cruise's better performances.

Charles P (it) wrote: This beautifully adapted E.M. Forster tale churns with wrath, lust, greed and emotional hostility within characters that are conditioned to restrain themselves.

eliabeth b (ag) wrote: i really like it was werid to see jahn savage sing he has good voice i only seen him in dark angel !!! & it's was werid to see treat willams as berger singing i only seen him everwood & other movie but he has really good voice!! i reall like this musical it werid at one part when claude gets high but most part i love it think going buy it!!!

Kevin R (jp) wrote: They are your daggers. I've always belonged to him.Damien, the Antichrist, has been adopted and raised by his aunt and uncle, with his cousin, after the tragic death of his parents in the first film. He is raised in a fairly strict but loving/privileged environment and sent to military school. He does exceptionally well in class; but when kids push him, he pushes back...he's also not keen on those who think they know who he truly is..."It's a shame, getting hit by a truck on a deserted highway."Don Taylor, director of The Island of Dr. Moreau (1977), Broken Promises, The Final Countdown, Escape from the Planet of the Apes, and He's Not Your Son, delivers Damien: Omen II. The storyline for this picture is fairly straightforward but presented in some cool settings. The special effects were okay and felt very 80s. The acting was as you'd expect for the genre and the cast includes William Holden, Lance Henriksen, Robert Foxworth, Lee Grant, and Nicholas Pryor. "When you have a knife at your belly, you'll keep your hands by your side."I grabbed this off Netflix when I was in the mood for a horror movie. This was just okay but entertaining enough to want to see how the characters evolved and the ultimate conclusion. I will admit the conclusion is clever and surprising, but that doesn't make up for an overall mediocre picture. I recommend seeing this once if you're a fan of the genre or series, but I wouldn't go to out of my way to see if not."Were you showing off?""No, I just knew all of the answers."Grade: C

Adrian B (nl) wrote: This is a hard film to watch because you actually feel very, very sorry for Bette Davis' character in this case. She is a daignosed with a brain tumor, operated on, and it seems to be successful. But...the doctor lied and she only has months to live. How do you live life knowing that it will be shortened significantly? It is an incredibly difficult film, that was sadly released the same year as Gone With the Wind, The Wizard of Oz, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, Wuthering Heights, and Ninotchka. Sadly, its brilliance has fallen in the shadows of these other films. What a great film, and another one rejected from the 1001 Movies List. Humphrey Bogart's role is also pretty strong.

Will B (de) wrote: One of the greatest comedy/horror movies of the 90's. Even if you are scared of spiders, you need to check out this movie.

James D (ag) wrote: A vulgar, funny at times, but also an extremely smart romantic comedy. Judd Apatow's best film, and one of Seth Rogen's best performances. Knocked Up is a must see

Mehdi J B (kr) wrote: "Tu veux pas me chevaucher ? Non ca me fait mal ! Oui je sais que ca te fais mal mais essayons, attache-moi aussi. Tu veux pas me fouetter ?....." Euh.. c'est tout ? Ah non, et hop je te fracasse a coup de marteau ! waouw waouw waouw, tin tintin !

Scott R (de) wrote: It had some good ideas, but there were some painfully poorly directed moments.

Nick L (it) wrote: Outside the songs, a sword yielding scene, a shit pancake, and wolves, the movie felt long for 86 minutes. 6.5/10.