Till the Clouds Roll By

Till the Clouds Roll By

Light bio-pic of American Broadway pioneer Jerome Kern, featuring renditions of the famous songs from his musical plays by contemporary stage artists, including a condensed production of his most famous: 'Showboat'.

Light bio-pic of American Broadway pioneer Jerome Kern, featuring renditions of the famous songs from his musical plays by contemporary stage artists, including a condensed production of ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Till the Clouds Roll By torrent reviews

Matthew R (au) wrote: Very insightful but depressing documentary

Michael D (jp) wrote: interesting back story but portrayed in a rather boring manner

jay n (jp) wrote: Limp comedy but Barry Watson is an appealing performer so that helps .

Cassandra R (ru) wrote: It was a bit lengthy and by the end of it I was fast forwarding just so i could get to the end. I learned a lot about science while watching!

Eliabeth M (gb) wrote: ?DEATH IN GAZA? the documentary, is what Israel doesn?t want us to see., AND nothing has changed..., British journalist James Miller films the conflict. Children with stones again American money paid for Israeli weapons & tanks. The Palestinian don?t want to fight, they just want their lives back. James was only able to document the Palestinian side, the Israelis shot James Miller in the head, while he waved a white flag from the camp before he could tell their side of the full story. His camera crew was able to capture the death of Jmes Miller, let him not die in vain! PLEASE RENT, AND WATCH THE DOCUMENTARY, because nothing has changed!

Georgieboy M (jp) wrote: Not a big fan of Gael Garcia Bernal and Diego Luna, this has some good comic moments but not as good as i expected.

Beryl A (fr) wrote: This is a sad movie on another persons view on what happened in Rwanda. Everyone should watch it!!

Chris C (de) wrote: Predictability is inevitable in Hitch, but that point is irrelevant due to the charming and terrific performances delivered by Will Smith and Kevin James.

Chrissy G (es) wrote: Wicked movie about the harsh reality in Jamaica. One sick movie! (hard to understand if you don't know the 'language')

Leisha C (mx) wrote: Interesting story, that I knew nothing about until someone suggested I check this film out. Loved the way real footage of 'Pre' running was combined with Leto's Pre. I would've thought perhaps a little more time may have been spent on Munich, but obviously that was just a side note to the larger story of Pre. All in all, I Really enjoyed the film. Very interested to see how the story is portrayed in 'Without Limits'

Ashlee C (kr) wrote: Monks journey from Tibet to Seattle to look for a little boy named Jesse they believe to be a revered Buddhist Teacher Lama Dorje reincarnated. The little boy lives in an average Seattle family; his mother is a teacher and his father is an architect. The mother and father are unsure of the monks, especially since they want to take him back with him until the father experiences a personal tragedy. Jesse loves learning about the monks and the beginning of the movie tells and intertwines the story of Prince Siddhartha and how he reaches his enlightenment and how he becomes known as Buddha. It shows the signs that led him to become a great prophet, how he reaches the middle way and his battle with Mara the Tempter. At the end of the movie you learn that all of the children are in fact Lama Dorje Reincarnated; they just manifest different sects of his body. speech and mind. I found this movie to be very informative since the story line that is intertwined in it shows the life and times of Buddha. It Accurately portrays his birth, how he was destined for greatness and all the trials and personal journeys he went through to achieve enlightenment, so he could become "The Awakened one". Prince Siddhartha did live a very lavish lifestyle, surrounded in all the excess you could possibly want and this movie portrays that very well. I think watching Little Buddha was an excellent Visual Companion to CHAPTER 5 on Buddhism! It really helped me understand and appreciate his story even more.

Robert G (ru) wrote: All of the gags and jokes are either hit or miss. No in between.

Jacob S (fr) wrote: There was nothing that was actually scary about this but it was classified as a horror movie.