Till We Meet Again

Till We Meet Again

Follows a couple through their completely different journeys in Thailand and simultaneously reveals their past in New York through flash backs.

Landing in the paradise of Thailand, cross cutting back to the main characters past life in New York, Erik ( Johan Matton) a young writer dependent on the love of his life Joanna (Linnea Larsdotter), argue and split up in the unfamiliar country of Thailand. We follow them on their separate journeys as Joanna meets up with her childhood friend David and Erik cross path with three backpackers Jamie, Cecile and Miranda. The journey takes unexpected consequences when temporary attraction, anxiety, loneliness and unfamiliar grounds forces Joanna and Erik to learn who they really are. Throughout their journey in Thailand we sporadically flashback into the beginning of Erik and Joanna's life in New York to learn who they are - each time we reveal a moment further back in time leading up to the first time they met. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brad S (gb) wrote: Beautifully subtle but powerful filmmaking. Incredible performances from the entire cast. I longed for more memories with Kai just like Richard and Junn.

Henrik B (ag) wrote: The movie is definitely one of the better animated interpretations of DC's Justice League. The bad guys are presented with some of the very best villains. The plot is well told and has a surprisingly deep history. The animations and voice acting is superb. I hope they make a sequel, it deserves it!Watch it if you like:The Avengers, The Dark Knight Returns, Batman Under The Red Hood

Knut F (kr) wrote: Some of the fight scenes was worth watchin..Rest of the movie was below average.

Aaron F (ag) wrote: A fascinting documentary about the 2nd golden age of Disney animation. Any Disney animation fan who grew up with these movies should definitely check this out.

Charles P (jp) wrote: The CGI overload makes the movie as much cartoon as live-action, stretched to 90 minutes of tedium.

Vincent T (fr) wrote: Un bon huit-clos avec une ambiance assez stressante du debut a la fin.

cli o (ca) wrote: no thanks not my thing

Scott R (ru) wrote: 49. Madonna: Truth or Dare

Philip Z (it) wrote: This film has a lot of problems least of which is the awe-inspiring musical score. I love the songs, the staging of the numbers, and the production design is truly a marvel. Unfortunately, the human element falls flat on its face. I hate the characters. Billy is a cantankerous, self-absorbed sonofabitch and his wife is a weakling who takes his guff with a smile. I wanted to smack sense into her, and I wanted to beat the stuffing out of Billy. It's giving absolutely nothing away that Billy dies in this movie, you know that within the first five minutes, but given the way that this man is, you're actually glad to see him die. You get the odd feeling that now Julie has a shot at true happiness because she's no longer dealing with the greasy louse who knocked her up. Then again, Julie seems to be the sort of woman who will make all sorts of excuses for her man's lousy treatment of her, she's nothing more than a victimized and battered housewife who has deluded herself into thinking that he doesn't really mean it. It'd be fine if this movie were actually saying something profound and meaningful about abusive marriages, but the filmmakers seem to be trying for another It's a Wonderful Life, a movie about magical realism and second chances. The problem is that since we hate Billy, we don't really want to see him get his wish, because we know in our guts that the people he left behind are better off without him.

Curtis H (ag) wrote: Another interesting and comedic performance by Danny Kaye. The ability to play such polar characters shows that he is one of the more amazing entertainment stars of all time. Great talent, fun story, a good movie.

Lee M (es) wrote: This is an exercise in style; part film noir, part pulp crime paperback with a strong foundation of Wuxia. In several ways it is an experimental movie, an auteur still in the process of defining his style.