Time for Revenge

Time for Revenge

A union organizing demolition worker and a friend of his decide to blackmail the corrupt company they work for setting up a fake accident. Because of a miscalculation the friend dies, but he sticks with the plan and demands a big sum of money as indemnity. When the company refuses to pay, determined to prove the worker is lying, he is forced to make a tragic decision in order to win.

A union organizing demolition worker and a friend of his decide to blackmail the corrupt company they work for setting up a fake accident. Because of a miscalculation the friend dies, but ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jacob B (ru) wrote: Franco was fantastic and intimidating. But this is just another Jason Statham smack-and-attack the audience is getting tired of seeing.

Joshua D (de) wrote: A heart-warming classic.

Stephanie Z (it) wrote: maybe one boring night

Ren S (au) wrote: Bad = 2/5 While not completely terrible, it definitely doesn't stand up well to it's predecessors.

Rachael H (es) wrote: Slightly predictable but a touching and heartwarming film :)

Kenny N (ru) wrote: Absolutely awful. Avoid if you love your family.

Lucia B (it) wrote: Festival de Cine Frances "Les avant-premieres"

Rich H (us) wrote: Unwatchable. The worst movie I've ever seen.

Kory20 N (au) wrote: Requiem for a Dream is a great look into addiction and what drugs can do to people. It is hard to watch at times, but worth the watch.

Shane D (jp) wrote: Has anybody seen Richie?!? Probably a close tie between this and Hard To Kill for the ultimate Seagal flick, this is not the worst thing, especially if you are tuning in for the laffs. Seagal putting on the heavy Italian accent and kicking in heads is pretty much all you get here. A ridiculously over the top and seemingly purpose-free bad guy and plenty of heads being smashed through plates of glass, all you should need and/or want really.

Sean G (ca) wrote: A disjointed and flat script made passable by two of Hollywood's most charismatic.

visitorQ S (au) wrote: Wie geht es whrend eines nuklearen Krieges zu und wie geht es danach weiter? Geht es danach berhaupt noch weiter? Der Film Threads lsst diese (vorerst noch fiktive) ultimative Katastrophe zu und zeigt ohne Erbarmen was uns erwarten knnte. Der Film geht dabei sehr clever vor und ist wie gesagt knppelhart und erzeugt mein Zuschauer ein ganz unbehagliches Gefhl. Ich bin von dieser kleinen TV Produktion ehrlich gesagt schwer begeistert. Ich bin noch ganz fertig und wei gar nicht was ich schreiben soll... Heftig. 4/5

V M (ca) wrote: Rajesh khanna is the real superstar of india, no actor can be compared with his acting till today. He is greatest of all

Cliff M (kr) wrote: Eastwood is at his best here, in this clever true to life prison escape drama.

Matt C (br) wrote: Not really deserving of it's cult classic horror status for me. Granted I lost interest about 20 minutes in and therefore at times had kind of lost the plot as to what was going on, but let's be honest that's not exactly a ringing endorsement is it? Supposedly one of the defining Zombie horror films...not really though is it.

Elton C (ca) wrote: Don't judge till you watch the trailer!

The Movie W (au) wrote: Eastwood is an American mercenary on his way to meet with Mexican rebels when he stumbles across Maclaine, a nun, being attacked by three bandits. Upon rescuing her he discovers she has valuable information about the French garrison he is due to attack and so reluctantly lets her tag along. This is probably the most European western not made by or starring any Europeans. It's Mexican locations and supporting cast lend it a sweaty Spaghetti vibe, as does Ennio Morricone's wonderful score and the casting of Eastwood. He plays another variation on "The Man With No Name" except here we do learn his name, Hogan. The Euro westerns often dabbled in left-wing politics, something their American counterparts rarely did, certainly not at surface level. Here the cause is the Mexican Juarista's struggle against the would-be colonising French. Eastwood's anti-hero is only interested in one cause, "the Hogan cause", so with a capitalist mercenary aiding the Juaristas, audiences of either political persuasion can get on board. Eastwood has often acknowledged Siegel's influence on his own directing career and there aren't many better tutors. He's one of those directors who doesn't get enough credit, probably because his career evolved at the wrong time, too late to be considered a "classic" film-maker like Hawks or Ford, too early to be placed alongside "mavericks" like Peckinpah and Hellman. But for me he's a perfect combination of both schools. He has that Old Hollywood knack of being able to produce incredibly subtle camera moves that draw attention to the story, not the camera. One such brilliant example is when Eastwood and Maclaine arrive at a small village, the camera sweeping under a bridge to gradually reveal a busy market, it's paper-mache colors a stunning contrast to the rugged land we've travelled thus far. At the same time he can portray grit and realism as well as any young seventies rebel, "Dirty Harry" a prime example of this. His movies also span a range of genres as varied as Billy Wilder. It's hard to believe this movie is from the man who gave us the original "Invasion Of The Bodysnatchers". Liz Taylor was originally due to play Maclaine's role which would have made it a very different and much less involving movie. MacLaine is excellent here and her casting creates a steamy sexual tension which wouldn't have been convincing between Eastwood and Taylor. Somewhat lost in the transition between Old Hollywood and New, "Two Mules" is a movie well worth rediscovering.