Time of Peace

Time of Peace

Segismundo (Tony Ramos) is a former political police officer of Getúlio Vargas' government, who used to torture prisoners. In April 1945, he is the chief of the Immigration Office in Rio de...

Rio de Janeiro, April 18, 1945. Brazil's foreign policy aligns closely with that of the United States and opens a brief period of democratic rule after the end of World War 2... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Misty D (nl) wrote: This movie started out strange. About half way through I began to like the direction it was going. However, by the end of the movie it bece strange again. It was a very different perspective on human behavior and societies attraction to famous people. Even at times believable. By the end it just seemed to fizzle.

Jonathan W (es) wrote: The great thing here is the message and some parts of the story. But I think many things happens to fast and the story has som weak parts too!!

Nathanael L (it) wrote: Fun and entertaining movie, but needed some help on some minor plot elements, not bad but not spectacular, I praise the action and the script was okay, but overall still worth your while to go see.

Alan P (it) wrote: Stephen King's novel is slimmed down and diluted to make it more watchable, and is more sci-fi than thriller or horror.

Caden S (kr) wrote: A good movie with lots of hilarious remarks but is simply crude. One of the crudest movies I've ever seen with poop jokes, fart jokes, and every kind of different crude jokes. But it is a good sequel true to it first.

Christina L (de) wrote: This movie was wonderfully cheesy. I liked it. Though i do it it was about thirty minutes to long.

Dave R (kr) wrote: this wasn't a theatrical release so i was afraid it was going to be a lame tv movie - sorry, i can't abide wiseguys that don't swear! but it was done by hbo - home of the sopranos (and if you know the show look for familiar faces)- and i gotta say they did a pretty good job with it. to succeed biopics have to strike a good balance of what to include and what to exclude and sometimes you get uneven results. i think they struck a good balance here.

Efrn C (it) wrote: Intense, gothic and atmospheric.

Fit K (kr) wrote: il film molto bello, felliniano nei deliri, i sogni onirici, le apparizioni e tutto cio' che in qualche modo circense.non ho ben capito dove vuole andare a parare, la narrazione un po' vaga in certe situazioni e anche la spiegazione finale un po' cos..in ogni caso ci sono alcune scene storiche e alcuni discorsi fenomenali.colonna sonora di nino rota, stupenda..

Blake P (au) wrote: A documentary style/courtroom thriller "Compulsion" has the perfect story to use, but it doesn't know where to go with it. Filmed at a time where Orson Welles' career was lagging, with quite a few flops under his belt, the film appears to be a showcase for the filmmaker-- unfortunately, his excellent performance is left until the last few minutes of the film-- until then, we're left with many different components. Some are delicious, while others taste awful. Based on the famous Loeb and Leopold trial, the year is 1924-- two gay students, the sadistic Artie Straus (Bradford Dillman) and the submissive, arrogant Judd Steiner (Dean Stockwell), both as ferociously intelligent as they are sick-minded, decide to experience everything a human can: but murder is on the mind. The two decide to commit the perfect kill, simply for the thrill of it. They end up butchering a young teenager, and for a while it works out-- but eventually Judd's demeanor cracks, and his alibi doesn't quite match. And neither does Artie's. This leads to a brutal trial, and the two are defended by the brilliant Jonathan Wilk (Orson Welles). "Compulsion" succeeds to be compelling in its storytelling, but as a movie, it is almost never entertaining. The problem is the two protagonists, so snobby and downright evil, are easy to hate-- and when they get caught for their crime, we're happy. I don't know if this was intentional, but the first hour feels wasted because we're witnesses to these to cruel thugs lies and cheats. Stockwell and Dillman both deliver excellent performances, but there isn't a second of the film where we emphasize with them. And unfortunately, female lead Diane Varsi is very bland, and in the end, the only character we actually care about is Welles' Jonathan Wilk-- and he's hardly even in it. "Compulsion" is stylish, but it's too uneven. Is it a crime thriller or a courtroom drama? It doesn't really know.

Zach M (de) wrote: A very forgettable sci-fi that has a very good cast.

Bruno V (jp) wrote: Seen enough of this so-cold found footage kinda movies....kids with there stoopid camera's ! Story different but still sucks . Not Scary

Jamie C (ca) wrote: After Simon Pegg became a worldwide known actor he didn't really do many British films so this was a nice little suprise, Ok yeah it's silly and rushed but it's pretty good and funny with a simple plot and an easily likeable cast, The film itself felt like a family film but it has small bits of adult humour so not really a family film, It's easy to watch and enjoy but nothing memorable but it's nice to see Simon Pegg doing a British film again.

Sean H (br) wrote: Would have enjoyed more if they didn't make Stallone the equivalent of Dewey from Scary Movie, most of the film.