Time Pass

Time Pass

When Cupid strikes the very first time it sees no class or caste barrier. And though the path to reunite with a loved one seems arduous and almost impossible, it's this love which makes a person do good things. Love doesn't remain a Time Pass anymore.

Dagdu decides to make Prajakta his time pass ,but ends up falling in love with her. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Time Pass torrent reviews

Aaron S (nl) wrote: Decent movie. Lots of suspense, though fairly typical story line.

Alexander C (it) wrote: Could be worth a viewing, would like to see it sometime in the future.

Kenneth S (br) wrote: Hverken eller her...Dette er ikke noen storfilm, men jeg lo godt likevel.Kan sees, eller ikke.. samme det liksom

ireland (au) wrote: i loved this movie it was awesome

Arduna S (br) wrote: son ye-jin seems too young to be paired with bae yong-jun, but she still can endorse the chemistry between them. highly recommended for son ye-jin fans and korean love movie lover. if you don't like the slow plot then listen to the music done by wong soo-min, it's very beautiful soundtrack.

Greg W (ru) wrote: 2 sets of thieves match wits and skills all on a very long train ride

ahra a (gb) wrote: it is so good i love it

Daftkitty (us) wrote: Interesting snapshot from the life of a man who inspired an entire generation of writers.

John H (gb) wrote: the best football movie ever made. possibly the best sports movie ever. Nolte is supurb, as usual. Mac Davis dies a suprisingly supurb job, considering he is not a trained actor. the styles are dated, but the movie as a whole holds up.

Angie (br) wrote: I love this movie!!!