Time to Leave

Time to Leave

Romain, 31, a photographer, learns that a malignancy may kill him within a few months. Decisions: treatment? work? how to tell his lover and his family. He remembers the sea and himself as a child. He stares in the mirror. He's cruel: facing death, he pushes people away - what's the point? He visits his grandmother to tell her; on the way, he chats briefly with a waitress. He looks at old photos, visits a childhood tree house. He takes pictures. Returning from his grandmother's, he stops for food and sees the waitress, Jany, again. She makes a request. He returns to an empty flat - his lover has left. Can Jany's proposition give him a way to move past self-pity?

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:81 minutes
  • Release:2005
  • Language:French,English,German
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:paris france,   guilt,   dream,  

Romain is a very successful fashion photographer who's diagnosed with terminal cancer. He copes by being cruel and nasty to those he loves, until a visit with his grandmother changes his outlook. But, his boyfriend's moved out, now what? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Doctor S (kr) wrote: Attempting to copy the grittiness of scuzzy '70s exploitations Last House on the Left and I Spit On Your Grave, this is just plain nasty. The kind of movie that makes me feel sorry for some of the actresses involved and wanting to start a collection so they can hire better agents.

Nicci L (us) wrote: The movie was slow and thoughtful, but this often lent itself to boring and me wondering, "And the point is...?" You can read the synopsis yourself and determine if you are in the mood for a perfectly fine movie that is more of a pond than an ocean.

Terri H (nl) wrote: No thankyou - Not interested.

Mitchell M (ru) wrote: Clive Owen gives a strong performance, but "Closer" remains a forced, insufficient drama.

aashna t (au) wrote: I saw this movi a long time ago...But Amisha Patel did really well in Humraaz...

Chris N (it) wrote: Definitely not going to win any awards, but not horrible. Has all the staples of a good creature feature, even if the full shots of the monster are pretty horrible, the close ups and atmosphere aren't too bad and it is hilarious in parts

Dustin D (de) wrote: Hmmm Gay & Lesbian films are by far my least favorite genre, I'm not anti homosexuality however the films to me normally make gays seem JUST sexual. Yet like straight people (like myself) they love, and lust they're human after all. I enjoyed this film because it was intelligent enough to be dramatic, romantic, and extremely funny. This director is the Tim Burton of this genre, quirky, yet understandable characters, overall odd context in directing (but hey it works very well), and characters that make you believe. By far the only Gay/Lesbian film I enjoyed thus far, probably the only one I will enjoy for quite sometime. In two words I'd describe this film as "Instant Classic".

Matthew C (us) wrote: Most of the charm of the original is lost in this direct to video sequel.

David H (it) wrote: With a cast consisting of Bruce Campbell, David Carradine and M. Emmett Walsh, you'd figure it would be better.

Scott C (ru) wrote: Apparently the original script by the Wachowski Brothers was way better than the finished film.

Alex G (au) wrote: Couldn't understand the plot line

Josh S (ru) wrote: im glad im not the only person that really liked this movie after reading roger ebert's review(which made me like it even more.) when i walked out of the theatre i was like everyone else, that was one bizarre movie, but after a while i realized thats what i kind of liked about it. to me it felt kind of different. i liked the interesting risks it took. it felt somewhat original, which alex proyas is usually good at. anyway i could still see how people could hate it, its just im not in that group.

craig g (mx) wrote: I would not even claim to be a big metallica fan, but damn the audio tracks and live performances were awesome, turned me into a bigger fan. A bit over the top rock and roll, with the strange story playing in the background, I liked it, was engaged the whole time and didn't want the songs to end, well done.

Robert C (br) wrote: Wesley Snipes is a ex-soldier whose girl friends brother was killed in his division. Now by a very unfortunate case of mistaken identity... in which some secret government people inject poor old Wesley with a drug that makes him susceptible to anything they suggest... meanwhile real government officials are using him to trace the fake ones. No brainier action flick... with a lack of action. No martial arts again except one fifteen second fight in a coffee shop, as this is the first main bit of action in the whole movie it gets your hopes up for no reason. Few explosions and not enough shooting. Good scene with an old tanker hanging off a bridge with Wesley attached. However most of the movie is just Wesley believing things that aren't real and people talking about it. Not unstoppable... more like... shuffling with intent.

Sarfara A (ca) wrote: Drums Along the Mohawk produced by pioneer Darryl F. Zanuck, directed by John Ford (Stagecoach). Starring legendary Henry Fonda, legendary Claudette Colbert and Edna May Oliver (the standout in the film playing wealthy widow who owns vast farm), Ward Bond (The Searchers), Chief John Big Tree (the hilarious character - when all acted seriously), Russell Simpson. Film is based on the novel of same name by Walter D. Edmonds. This is first color film by John Ford, and so was for Claudette Colbert. Made over the budget of $2 million. Film was nominated for two Academy Awards, namely, Best Supporting Actress for Edna May Oliver, and Best Cinematography. Set in 1776 - during American Revolution on the Albany, New York frontier - Gilbert (Henry Fonda) and Lana (Claudette Colbert) are newlywed couple heading to start their new life at Deerfield at Mohawk Valley. But they are ambushed by Indians and British ; as their house is burnt to ashes. Fabulous photography as well as direction (John Ford) - Film begins mildly, and by caressing your brain with its simple and doable characters, all of whom gave their true dedication of acting (especially the Indian on-the-side-with-Americans / the priest / and other meadow-owners). I shall not tackle the matter of acting; as much as I would like to touch the subject of creating an atmosphere that was complete mastery - and all that credit goes to the crew involved in fabricating that small set-designing.

Kerry M (de) wrote: I liked it, goes to show that if you try hard, you will get :-)