Time to Love

Time to Love

A poor painter falls in love with a photograph of a woman while at work in one of the massive villas on Istanbul's Princes' Islands.

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Justin S (br) wrote: Grossly overrated; do tricks just to join the eye? FBI agent was fifth member all along

Koheem C (nl) wrote: my favourite korean idol...


Ashley H (mx) wrote: I kept noticing two things about this movie - besides being incredibly great beyond its being dated: character and sculpting of the scenes. The actors were able to portray men of character so well that you can see it a mile away. It was good to see after so many years of the new breed of pale Hollywood male stars. The movie was amazing visually. Sam Peckinpah was a master at his craft utilizing every bit of the screen's area. After a while, the movie seems to weaken in its plot. Scenes seem to be thrown together and it takes a weird turn. The writing is disjointed. My guess is that someone else took over the direction of this movie.

Witt R (au) wrote: Definitely one of the better Kevin Smith movies, only slightly below Mallrats in my book. Great comedic take on Catholic mythology that entertains from start to finish. Surprisingly, one of Affleck's better performances. Great fun that will surely put a smile on anyone's face.

Nicolas B (au) wrote: Why exactly was this so successful?

Eleanor R (gb) wrote: A story about a young girl, Nim, who inhabits an isolated island with her father, Jack, a marine biologist. Nim starts to communicate with a reclusive author of her favorite action/adventure series, "Alex Rover," via e-mail. One fateful night Jack decides to sail out to sea in hopes of discovering a new species; an unexpected storm strikes, leaving him stranded. Nim is left all alone on the island, having her own adventure. Getting in way over her head, Nim pleads with Alex Rover to come rescue her. Little does she know that Alex needs a rescuing of her own.

Corey L (jp) wrote: This is a pretty funny movie. The families love for money over family is definitely taken to the extreme.