Timecop: The Berlin Decision

Timecop: The Berlin Decision

Twenty years after a set of events, the TEC (Time Enforcement Commission), the agency that makes sure that no one travels into the past without permission and changes history, is still ...

Twenty years after a set of events, the TEC (Time Enforcement Commission), the agency that makes sure that no one travels into the past without permission and changes history, is still ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jana A (it) wrote: A beautifully crafted film. The perfect representation of the struggles and redemptions facing everyone interconnected in the coming of age of a person. Excellent portrayal by Annette Benning.

Nathan P (jp) wrote: A better than average undercover film strengthened by the true story it was based on. Resisted smuttiness with the lead characters to produce a character that had values which is so rare in modern movies. A good watch.

Kelly F (es) wrote: Liked it! Love cuba.reminded me of a james bond movie

luis q (de) wrote: "Apoco no es una de esas cosas por las cuales vale la pena vivir?"

Guye J (nl) wrote: This 2001 sci-fi horror sequel was a little different but good! Instead of having giant cockroaches going around killing people, this movie only focus on one giant cockroach that love and wanted to mate with a human being. You can tell by watching this movie that these giant cockroaches are getting smarter as years go on to the point that they starting to feel and think like humans.

Joel A (jp) wrote: The forgettable depression era action film staring Bruce Willis, many say this film is an American Version of Yojimbo but regardless this is an ordinary film.Yes it has a lot of action but the story is a little dull it don't matter how cool Bruce Willis is if the script sucks it won't happen on screen.It's a watchable film but nothing memorable best thing about it would Christopher Walken. Over the top action & far from compelling story, approach with caution.

Faley A (it) wrote: After watching Ardilla roja, La (1993), Stanley Kubrick advised Steven Spielberg to hire Medem to direct "The Mask of Zorro" (1998). Spielberg contacted Medem but the Spanish filmmaker rejected the job and preferred to keep working in more personal projects.(IMDB)..... now u can easily understand his caliber, quality and self confidence !!

DC F (ag) wrote: Pretty stupid. About a furry mute chick that gets gently raped and then goes out on a mission to rid the world of all men. Bad acting and awkwardly slow moments.

Stuart K (ru) wrote: Directed by Sidney Poitier, who had moved from acting into directing during the 1970's, and found success with Uptown Saturday Night (1974) and Let's Do It Again (1975), he took up this comedy written Bruce Jay Friedman (Splash (1984)), and reunited the comedy duo from Silver Streak (1976), who had sparked off each other well. It was a good choice, and it makes for a daft and engaging buddy-buddy film. In New York, store detective Skip Donahue (Gene Wilder) and waiter/aspiring actor Harry Monroe (Richard Pryor) are fired from their jobs for various incidents. Skip is an aspiring writer, and suggests he and Harry move on out to Hollywood to find fame. Along the way, their van breaks down in Arizona, so they take a job promoting a bank, however they get framed for a bank robbery they didn't commit, and they're sentenced to 125 years in jail. They struggle to adapt to jail life, and they try to act insane to get transferred, but that doesn't work. However, when Skip passes a test on a mechanical bull, he's entered into a prison rodeo, and Skip and Harry plan an escape. It's a daft comedy, but Wilder and Pryor were at the height of their fame at the time, and they're a brilliant double act. It's a product of it's time, but it struck a chord with cinema audiences, and it became the third highest grossing film of 1980. But, it would be another 9 years before Wilder and Pryor teamed up again.

Sowmya A (au) wrote: An original of the movie Public Enemies! Great great vision !

D M (ca) wrote: A pair of brothers who witness their serial-killing uncle's death by police when they were just kids, dig up his body years later. They now own a 50s-style diner which serves vegetarian and health food. Upon their now resurrected uncle's (well his brain and eyes in a jar) advice, they decide serve an an ancient Luminarian feast which consists of eating humans in order to bring back the goddess Shitar. This tries so hard to be funny, but is about as effective as any Troma feature. Grossness for grossness' sake; there are so many better of this style (see my list and reviews). Skip it.

Alfredo S (mx) wrote: At least the name of the movie is fitting

Kristin L (ca) wrote: the script is cool & Jason & Paul are fairly awesome. production spent too much time on several, uber stupidities. edited version could get more **... :)

AnneJulie L (ca) wrote: Funny and refreshing movie about the importance of friendship and about the difficulty to grow up and become an adult. The actors deliver heartwarming performances.

Richard G (nl) wrote: one of my favorite movies of all time