In the 23rd century, a penal colony in a distant galaxy falls into anarchy when an inmate loads a virus into the computer system. While cryonic suspension was used to control the most ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Timelock torrent reviews

PJ P (ca) wrote: I don(TM)t know about anyone else but I found the cycling motif clumsy and irritating. Although it(TM)s true that the killers of Reinhard Heydrich in Prague in1942 made off on bicycles but the images of the two main characters cycling to nowhere is strained, superfluous and, well, silly.Emil Vrbata is an obscure Czech radio announcer, while his wife Hana is a newly successful film actress, a rising star. The fact that Hana is Jewish is of no consequence until of course the day that the Wehrmacht occupied Prague her career is totally extinguished as if it had never been.Emil though rises to celebrity, with certain privileges if not immunities, and treads the careful line that keeps him in his job and provides promotion under the German occupation. His colleagues, and by implication, the authorities all pretend not to know that Hana is Jewish. The price of course is quite serious commitment to collaboration.Hana(TM)s life now is absolutely restricted and precarious, flimsily protected by Emil(TM)s usefulness and compliance. Hana reacts, not by keeping her head down, not by dutifully staying at home, but by having an affair with a photographer and taking greater and greater risks. This is bold stuff and it(TM)s Hana who is portrayed as the more sympathetic character.The end, predictably is tragic, and both main characters are finally, noble. A film which shines a light on what people are prepared to pay, and just how long its possible to pay it.

Dustin W (de) wrote: Pretty amazing movie.

Shane D (gb) wrote: Pre-governor-late-Arnie. This isn't the worst of his late 90's offerings by a long shot but the years haven't been kind to it. At the time I remember thinking its religious overtones were quite dark but through today's lens they are simply hamfisted. That being said, there are some nice moments and truth be told, it's always a treat to watch Arnie being Arnie.

Wendy M (us) wrote: A great watch on Father's Day, and now I'm starving!

Joe H (nl) wrote: Not bad, definitely worth a download

Mackenie S (ag) wrote: It was good. Bette Davis was of cource a bitch.

Courtney S (de) wrote: Huh...a ruse. Tod Browning, what a clever devil you are.

Michael D (de) wrote: One of my favourite stop motion these guys are the best! Great story and it is amazing they did stop motion for the whole thing. I don't know how they do it.

Nancy J (mx) wrote: This is a very touching and thought-provoking film. It was tense as the madman schemes his genius toward destruction. The children are adorable and you immediately connect with them. The cop/dad is so real. You know his angst and watch his struggle to soften his heart. Life can be ugly and hard but we can't allow that to destroy all that is good and faith-promoting. This movie is A Must See!

Arslan K (us) wrote: Este es una gran pelicula!