Timothy Tweedle the First Christmas Elf

Timothy Tweedle the First Christmas Elf


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Timothy Tweedle the First Christmas Elf torrent reviews

Charlie G (it) wrote: Starts out with computer viruses trying to kill people and the murder of all the top computer hackers that could kill it. Soon the world is turned upside down. Liked the ending.

Andrea F (fr) wrote: Muy a la Silent Hill, no logra convencer ni en actuaciones, ni en historia, y mucho menos en terror. Aburrida y desesperante. Buena locacin pero mal empleada.

Chad M (es) wrote: One of the most quotable films of all time.

Lamar W (ag) wrote: killed it took two weeks to finish good acting tho

Dean H (au) wrote: Quite enjoyable until the third act which was very predictable and underwhelming.

Danny C (ru) wrote: actually quite funny

Helen P (ag) wrote: "I read a book that was written in the 11th century. A man said that there was five steps toward making amends. The first involved acknowledging what you did. The second involved remorse. The third involved making right with your neighbor. Like if you stole his chicken, you'd have to go and bring him another. Only then were you able to go to step four, which was making it right with God. But it wasn't until step five that you could really get redeemed. It had to do with being at the same place and the same situation. That as it goes, you'd go and do something different. Only I can't bring Abner Easily back like he was some stolen chicken. Certainly made sure of that 23 years ago. And I don't believe in some God that's gonna open His arms to me even if I did. So there goes steps three and four. And as for step five, time makes sure we're never in the same place twice, no matter how much we wish it. Which is why, for me, I know I'll never be redeemed." This is yet another amazing Billy Bob Thornton film. I can understand some people don't like movies like this.. maybe it's a bit slow at times for some people, but I enjoy watching drama films like this. And this was very interesting to watch, believable and definitely worth seeing. In this film Billy Bob Thornton is Manuel Jordan, who has just been released from prison for murder. He finds the sister of the boy, seeking forgiveness, but it is harder than he thinks to come out and say it to her. He becomes involved with a preacher and his community house, helping a young girl who Manuel believes is throwing her life away drinking and dancing at the night club across the road. But beneath this unique story is some beautiful feel-good moments, as well as some situations no one would like to be in themselves. Billy Bob again delivered a stunning performance, I find it hard to imagine anyone else playing his character as well as he did. Morgan Freeman was also part of this outstanding cast, he was great for his role. Holly Hunter was also exceptional, as well as others like Kirsten Dunst. With a cast like this it's hard to imagine things to go wrong. I recommend everyone to see this and decide for themselves whether or not they enjoyed watching it. It's a brilliant movie, an amazing cast and a strong and memorable story.

Erin F (ca) wrote: Sad twisted film. Never heard of it before except I'm a die hard Megan Mullally fan. Amazing piece of work. Marc Forster is an amazing director.

Michelle C (ru) wrote: a very nice movie. i saw it when i was in HS, and i still watch it everytime i get the chance to.

Anthony I (au) wrote: They talk. No really, complete sentences.. delivered by Broadway actors. Hollywood: greed trumps dignity.

Kerry H (mx) wrote: Truely amazing film. Casting is perfect, storey line great. A truely remarkable film.

Jack C (mx) wrote: As beautifully crafted and hand-drawn, yet notably less family friendly than a given Studio Ghibli classic, Akira is a powerful tale of ultra-violent science fiction that isn't easily forgotten.

Mlissa A (it) wrote: Quand le film ne dure qu'une heure 15 et que jai quand mme fini par dormir le 3/4 du temps. Film de croyant bizarre...et la fin : Come on !

Chris D (fr) wrote: A very confused film. It didn't really know if it wanted to be an adult film or a children's movie. I personally thought it would have worked better as a children's film, just dropping the F word and sexual references and this would have been achieved.Very disappointing given all the Python's involved. I thought to myself half way through, I wish I could wave my hand and say this film had never been made.

Hey Sugar (it) wrote: I love scary movies. OOOOHH!

Paulina K (it) wrote: And now you be faithless ... :)