Bookkeeper Jacob newest client is the talented and flamboyant actress Anne. They first meet each other on her houseboat, the morning after the premiere of Anne's new theatrical play. Jacob soon discovers that Anne has made a mess of her personal finances and that she has several debts. She may even have to sell her houseboat. Anne gets into a blind panic as she definitely has no intention to sell the boat where she has so many memories. Jacob becomes fascinated about Anne's world and is not concerned anymore with his own personal life and wife. Anne is trying to get money and is convinced that Jacob can save her financial mess. Despite Anne's plans and efforts, the boat must be sold by auction. During the evening of the auction, Anne has organized a big good-bye dinner and has invited all her colleagues and friend on the boat. When Jacob is about to inform Anne about how he wants to save Anne's houseboat (he has bought it himself for her), she comes up with a totally different plan..

Bookkeeper Jacob newest client is the talented and flamboyant actress Anne. They first meet each other on her houseboat, the morning after the premiere of Anne's new theatrical play. Jacob ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brian R (ag) wrote: Atom Egoyan is a master at telling non linear stories and this one is fascinating since he is able to tell a great film set around an exotic strip club.

Julianne S (ru) wrote: Although the movie is quite messy, the rest is okay. It simply could have been better.

Martin Y (es) wrote: A great demonstration of how the scientific establishment seek to stifle any dissent to the consensus belief in evolution. This attitude led to the Royal Society forcing Michael Reiss to resign although he hadn't done anything wrong.

Dax S (jp) wrote: Not my favourite movie, but it wasn't bad.

Jonathan B (ru) wrote: Still holds up quite well, especially the performances, even if the ending remains too neat and cutesy.

theresa a (us) wrote: it was really good the first half; but they rushed the second half

Charlie W (ag) wrote: Don't Why The Critics Loved It But It Was Alright

Cameron A (mx) wrote: "Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith", while improving upon its predecessor, is not a great film. It gives us considerably more action, respectively, but the performances (apart from McGregor and McDiarmid) are weak and ill-given. The story lacks interesting plot, and up until the end of the movie there wasn't much to keep the audience interested.

Ken S (de) wrote: Any movie with completely different short stories shoved together is never going to be 100% great. They are almost always a mixed bag. "New York Stories" features three films from three acclaimed directors, all with stores based in New York. New York itself doesn't really play all that important a part in any of the stories. Scorsese's "Life Lessons" is a decent short film, but it isn't something I'd rate amongst the guys best works. Coppola's "Life Without Zoe" is often regarded as the worst segment...and it is. It has terrible acting(fronted by a terrible child actress), and a story that is hard to sit through...you can't relate to any of it in any way. Woody Allen's "Oedipus Wrecks" is the final segment, and it is very Woody Allen. Filled with his neurotic sense of humor. He plays the same character he always plays, a neurotic New Yorker, this time a man who is tortured by his mother and her behavior. It is, like Scorsese's entry, decent...but don't expect it to be anything too special. So you may enjoy the films from Scorsese or Allen, but the Coppola film is just as bad as everyone claims (luckily it is also the shortest segment). Mixed bag, but probably worth a look for fans of their directors behind this...maybe not Coppola fans.

Philip S (es) wrote: Bugs Bunny, and his fellow Looney Tunes cohorts are among the most well known and beloved of all the characters in television history. There is no denying that. But while there's no denying the respectability of Looney Tunes, the sucess of the Looney Tunes "movies" can be argued. One of the prime examples of that lies in "The Looney, Looney, Looney Bugs Bunny Movie". This compilation of classic Warner Brothers cartoons is little more than that; thus making it far less enjoyable than it could have been. What the "movie" tries to do is tie a bunch of classic Warner Brothers cartoons in with three eras of American history, in hopes of making some sort of connection. While the cartoons may tie in to the eras in question, the three acts themselves have absolutely nothing to do with each another. They're just three separate acts. Thus, there's no real story. The "story" itself isn't the only problem with this "movie". The trio of added shorts to the bonus features offers very little to enhance the overall viewing expeience. The shorts are much more modern than the ones presented as part of any of the three acts. Much like how modern Disney movies are nothing like the classics, or the new Garfield Show is nothing like "Garfield and Friends", the modern Looney Tunes cartoons simply don't compare to the originals. Nor will they ever compare. "The Looney Looney Looney Bugs Bunny Movie" isn't the worst venture that Warner Brothers has ever done with the Looney Tunes characters. that dishonor goes to the short lived "Loonatics" cartoon from the now defunct KidsWB network. And while the "movie" presents some great classic Looney tunes cartoons, anyone who owns any of the Looney Tunes Golden Collections--or other releases--will have little to no use for this poor excuse for a movie.

Pedro C (ru) wrote: Not recommended.David Lynch was caught in its web.In other words, Lynch making ... Lynch.A solipsism that only the most pseudo intellectual fans can truly love.Other self-plagiarism:Tarantino doing Tarantino in his "Death Proof" or Scorsese making Scorsese in his "Wolf of wall street".The greatest Lynch's films feature a curse that resembles much whatthe illustrious music critic Ricardo Salo once said about the first two discs of PERE UBU: "unrepeatable music, beauty in the chaos that its authors will never approach but only imitate a very pale form"I hope I'm wrong, I hope that Lynch is capable of reinventing himself...we'll see.Pay attention to all different genres of cinema and cinematic styles that Lynch has ever experienced. Amazing!But ... truth be told, this "inland empire" and "death proof" films are "dead end"(both formal and in terms of history) ...they bring nothing new and the old is spent itself ...If you want to see David Lynch in his best i advise "Eraserhead", "Blue Velve" or "Wild at Hear"

Andrew L (fr) wrote: Brilliant adaptation, but the cardboard acting seriously hinders it.